Five Cows Birthday


Five Cows
Five Cows Resto and Ice Cream Bar, 4th Floor Trinoma

We decided to take a day off on my birthday and spend it with the family in Trinoma. I was dying to try the ice cream concoctions in Five Cows, one of the hottest restaurants in Trinoma. Despite our earlier Trinoma misadventures, Trinoma is starting to show that it has more to offer even for people who live in Makati or Manila. It was now pleasant to shop around after 3 months of operation and the parking is still confusing but the security guards are more helpful.

We celebrated my birthday in La Maison, a French Casual Dining Restaurant originally based in Cebu and enjoyed the desserts at Five Cows Resto and Ice Cream Bar. On hindsight, we should have eaten our main course in Five Cows to avoid the disappointing lunch at La Maison. After lunch, we treated Aidan to a Time Zone entertainment where he rode a horse, plane, train, mini ferris wheel, and various cars. We also did a little bit of shopping for a white chic polo which I wore for the Olay White Radiance Launch last night at Decagon.

Thanks for all those who greeted via text and email! It actually sucks to be 33 and realize that I’m getting old. I just realized it when I attended the Olay white radiance event and most of the girls who attended are in the 18-20 age range.

La Maison
La Maison is french for “home” and it is setup as a brasserie style restaurant and cafe. It is owned by couple Ray Francis Alcoseba and Marissa Panganiban with Robert Lilja as their chef partner. They served French inspired dishes that caters to the Filipino taste, which is why it is a bit heavy on the sauces. The Trinoma branch is their first branch outside Cebu. They became a hit in Ayala Center Cebu and in their original location in JY Square Mall in Lahug, Cebu.

La Maison Menu
Appetizers and Salad
Soups and Chowders
Barkada Family Meals
Imported Steaks
Barkada Pasta
La Maison Gourmet Sandwiches
Main Entrees
Gourmet Lunch Bento

La Maison
Barkada Ribs Large (P425). Perfectly grilled Pork Ribs in Barbecue Sauce with Honey Chili Sauce.

We tried the Salmon and Mango Salad, the Pepper Steak and the Barkada Ribs. The latter one is the only one that deserves a photo because it offers a good value for your money. Although it is far from Tony Roma’s ribs, the extra sauce compensates for its lack of tastiness of the meat. It was quite a struggle to slice the meat off the bones but since it is big, it is enough to satisfy our craving for this ribs.

Aidan @ Trinoma
Before heading off to Five Cows, we stopped for an Aidan photo shoot in Trinoma’s garden fountains.

Five Cows
Five cows is a dessert heaven and modern interiors enhances the taste of the ice cream (somehow). I like the use of naked incandescent bulbs and bleached type of furniture (or de stressed furntinures? not sure how they call it ) . You’ll be amazed at the wide assortment of desserts that it offers. It is called Five Cows because there are five partners and they offer menu items like steak and ice cream which comes from cow’s meat and milk.

Main Menu
Appetizers, Soup of the Day, and Salad
Panini/ sandwiches, Pizza
Main Course and Steak

Dessert Menu
Marble Slab Conconctions
Old Time Favorites and by the scoop
Urban Treats (modern desserts)
Ice Cream Cakes
Ice Cream Cakes Part 2
Guilt Free Desserts, Floats, Milkshakes, Drinks

Five Cows

This place is Kids friendly with plenty of high chairs and toys to entertain the kids so that they don’t roam around the restaurant. How I wish all restaurants are like this. All the place is bloggers friendly with FREE wi-fi — yahoo!

Five Cows
Ferrero Crunch Supreme (P155). The Most Talked About Creation! Classic vanilla ice cream mixed with crunchy bits & our very own conconction of choco hazelnut filling. Definitely a must try for those who enjoy a truly amazing chocolatey experience!

This is the best seller of the house and I loved it. Although, Rache did not like it because she was expecting that it contains actual Ferrero Rocher.

Five Cows
Rocky Almond Bars (P140). Our chef’s heavenly creation of chocolate & vanilla ice cream, caramel & chocolate sauces, praline, chopped almond over an oreo crust & topped with a generous swirl of extra chocolate sauce.

It was indeed heavenly and sweet. In fact, we were not able to finish it because of its sweetness. I would take this anytime versus Gelatone’s P100 gelato scoop in greenbelt. I do hope Five Cows opens in Makati soon.

Five Cows
Flaming Alaska (P185).
a french treat with a twist of spiked sponged cake dome filled with 3 melange of assorted ice cream, chocolate cookies, nuts and smothered with meringue and served with flaming run.

If you want to get creative with your order and impress your date, order the Flaming Alaska. They would close down all the lights in Five Cows and pour the flame over this cake before serving it.

Five Cows
Five Cows is conveniently located in the Cinema level which is the best level in Trinoma. This is where the THX cinemas, the Timezone, Starbucks amidst the Trinoma garden fountain and rows of dessert chains: Krispy Kreme, Mrs. Fields Cafe, etc. are located.


37 thoughts on “Five Cows Birthday

  1. Aidan is so cute pala hehe=) espcially the pic na he’s looking at the menu. Parang big boy na hehe=) Lapit na siya maging Kuya!

  2. Yay! Belated happy birthday Anton! Ü Glad you enjoyed Five Cows. I keep on going back there for the Ferrero Crunch Supreme and for the S’mores ice cream cake. Hay sweet-tooth heaven. Ü the staff are super friendly pa. Ü Oh, and their main dishes are on the healthy side (try their primavera sandiwch Ü) because they use a lot of herbs and olive oil in cooking. Ü

  3. belated happy birthday anton! tried la maison a few months back and it did not meet my expectations. As you’ve mentioned the meat lacks taste. Anyway I’ll definitely check out five cows next time i’m in trinoma.

  4. hi! i have been reading your posts for months now and really appreciate how you indirectly point me and my girlfriend to try new restaurants, trips, and finds!
    so, to “get back at you”, i suggest you try eating at nestle creamery along aurora boulevard at around 5:30pm on a weekend and ask what time their presentation will be. =)
    it’s much bigger, brighter, and maybe your son would have fun in their outside playground. =)
    one or two of the owners there are involved in the five cows restaurant so the ice cream cakes and concoctions are pretty much (if not exactly) the same (although they don’t have the flaming dessert)
    i believe it’s one of the best kept secrets manila. in hope you have fun there too (if ever you do decide to visit) =)

  5. belated birthday greetings! 33 is not old but yes, when I was 33 I also felt the same. Now that I am 50, I feel young. strange. Enjoy life and continue with your adventures.

  6. belated happy bday anton!!!
    ive been passing by five cows everytime i visit our stores in Trinoma and still havent had the chance to try it out. same goes narin for la maison 🙂 thanks for your review! ill try them out soon!

  7. Uyyy, i’ve been offline for a while. Sorry for the late greeting, pa-greet pa din! Belated Happy Birthday Anton! Hope you’ll have more of God’s blessings to come pa and good health to you and your family!

  8. belated happy birthday anton! been constantly visiting trinoma and never heard of five cows. will definitely try this place.

  9. Belated happy birthday, Mr. Anton! 😀
    I actually don’t like Trinoma all that much cause there were a lot of people. And by a lot, it’s really a lot 🙁
    I’m glad to see the fountain’s working! 😀 We guessed that it would have pretty lights at night 🙂

  10. belated happy birthday! 🙂
    nice to hear you had a good food trip with your growing family 🙂
    Trinoma’s roof garden looks awfully creepy at night. the fog/mist effect will make you feel like you’re in a pscyho-thriller movie. that or you can just imagine Johnny Depp/Captain Jack Sparrow jumping out from the mist. haha!

  11. Happy Birthday, Anton!!! Hey, I’m older than you and I don’t feel old at all! 😉
    Five Cows sounds yummy. But I don’t know if I’ll brave traffic to go all the way there, so I really hope they open a branch nearby soon.

  12. Belated happy birthday anton.
    we have tried la maison before too, and was not satisfied. the servings are huge, but then the food were so-so, especially the pasta. i did not like the service either…it took the waiters a long time to serve us water, and to give us utensils, etc. overall, i did not like it.
    was the flaming alaska good in five cows? we have tried several of the ice cream cakes, and we only liked the ferrero concoction…. i like cold rock better. hehehehe….
    many happy returns 🙂

  13. belated happy birthday, anton! 🙂
    i can see that you had a great time with your family…always a great way to celebrate!
    wish you more success..keep up the good work!

  14. Hey belated Bro. Hahaha! It’s not that bad (being 33 or 30’s), some girls actually dig older, more mature gentlemen, but we don’t need that? Do we? hehehehe.
    Big up to you on your running!

  15. Belated Happy Birthday Anton!! Don’t worry too much about being 33. Bata ka pa, hijo. officially you can call me Manang because I’m so much older than you (though I don’t look it, ahem).
    Glad you liked Five Cows but like Vincent said, try The Creamery along Aurora Blvd. Much bigger and they have a selling section by the entrance where you can get all your ice cream, milk, cereal, chocolates, everything yummy, to go!

  16. hi belated happy birthday!!
    when is ur exact bday ba? i saw sa mga comments kc dated aug 25, belated happy bday to u daw..
    if ur bday is aug 24, happy bday to us!!!!
    God bless

  17. belated happy birthday!
    i’ve been wanting to try la maison.. but your review has got me thinking.
    true about trinoma. i used to think it was a waste of time, but when everything’s in full swing, it will be a true one-stop shop mall. everything’s there. there’s just the crowd to contend with though, but it IS big. 🙂

  18. Belated Happy Birthday Anton! Don’t say bad words naman, that it sucks to be 33! We’re of the same age. hahaha! Age are just numbers! hahahaha! …… Our first time to go to Trinoma last Sunday, kakaloka talaga ang parking… At medyo mahina ang aircon nila….

  19. Yay! I’ve been an avid reader of your site but I wasn’t able to greet you on time. Belated happy birthday, Anton!
    We tried eating at 5cows. Their roast chicken is good and flavorful!
    Their Black Forest ice cream cake is big and really sumptuous! I want to try all their desserts!

  20. Hi Anton,
    Me and my family have recently tried Five Cows as well, unfortunately it failed short of my expectations. That enticing food shots on their menu didn’t deliver much in taste (well, for some or maybe we just ordered wrongly). The Ferrero Crunch has too much “cherry-like” note which I find not complementing with the overall taste. But yeah, two thumbs up for the creativity and presentation. I would also commend that “child-friendly” atmosphere of the resto. My kids were also given some toys, enough to keep them in place.

  21. Belated happy birthday Anton! The first time I saw the post, I thought the restaurant was celebrating an anniversary. Catching up on posts, good that I read it thoroughly. Otherwise, I would have missed your birthday. Hope all your wishes come true.

  22. hi! m not sure if the la maison in manila has the creamy onion soup in their menu. i kept coming back for that at la maison when i was still shuttling back and forth manila and cebu. now that i am based here, though it has lost its novelty on me, i do find myself craving for it every now and then. though they’re not as good as when they were still in JY. probably the price of being commercial?

  23. Hey! Super belated birthday hugs haha
    And no, it doesn’t suck to be 33… magka age pala tayo.
    I’ve been looking for good eating places at Trinoma. Five Cows’ food looked good (as I gawk at their customers’ food while passing by hehe).

  24. thank you anton for introducing us to five cows! We’ve been going there almost everyday for the past week coz their savory dishes are really great! And not to mention their ice cream concoctions… to die for! 🙂

  25. Hi! After reading this entry, we tried Five Cows’s pepperoni pizza last May 22, 2008 (before we saw Indiana Jones). We were sorely disappointed to be served salami pizza instead. When we called the waiter’s attention, he went to the cook and came back with the explanation that it was a kind of salami pepperoni (if there is such a thing). Maybe it would have been better if they just admitted that they made a mistake while putting the topping. I hope it’s not the case of them running out of pepperoni and trying to pass off the salami as pepperoni. Anyway, they did not even offer to replace it with the real pepperoni pizza. The apology did not seem sincere because there was no acknowledgment of any mistake. They justified it as being a salami pepperoni sausage. I don’t think I will ever come back nor recommend it to friends. =(

  26. Hi Anton! We wont be back here again 🙁 the food is BAD considering the waiting time of 40 mins for the food. Grilled chicken was not that cooked I have to ask them to grill it again!) I dont understand the sauce used! and even the pork chops was like from fastfood/foodcourt but worst at P260?? The staff is always in a hurry to service the customers 🙁 NO TIP and I give them 1 rating their just okay to serve ONLY ice cream.

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