Rambutan Festival 2: Agri Seminary & Adobo Packed Lunch



Farm Style Lunch & Seminar ala Fresco 🙂

When we arrive, we are really not expecting anything because we have not read the newspaper article or seen any pictures. This is simply a leap of faith hoping that the entire experience would be great and not a waste of our time. We arrived in a jeep to the main house where the seminar is already going on. Now, we just listened for a while and cannot relate to the farming methods. Although, Di, Maong and I are already entertaining the idea of buying a farm lot and starting our own farm in San Pablo. My dad would have loved to visit here and listen to the farming tips — maybe next year.

The packed lunch included in the P150 is a adobong manok / baboy rice topping wrapped in banana leaves. It was delicious and you have to use your hands because no plastic utensils provided ( we don’t mind this). Although, one of the difficult part was finding a table because there are only a few like 4-5 so people just look for a spot, sit, and eat lunch. Fortunately we were able to secure a spot at the back of the house where we met and chatted with Atty. Lazatin and guess what, mr. Imbestigator himself — Mike Enriquez.

I leave you with a picture of a farm tractor.

to be continued…. 2 of 3


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