Rambutan Festival 3: Harvesting 10kg of Rambutan


This is the best picking experience we ever had 🙂

Coming into this rambutan festival, all of us where wishing that it should have been lansones. We did not realize that the rambutan variety that they have is imported which means it is really sweet. Also, one thing I hate about rambutan is that the coat of the seed which is hard part sometimes stick to the soft part of the fruit when you eat it. ( now I had a hard time explaining this ) But, lo and behold, their rambutan variety is extremely good that totally changed the way I looked at rambutan. I’m glad we bought 3.3kgs each @ P100 only — wow what a bargain 🙂

We hiked for half a kilometer to the rambutan trees. We were really expecting that we picked 10kg of rambutan but fortunately there are folks who were willing to assists us. So we commissioned a guy to get the rambutans for us while we snap these shots and enjoyed eating rambutan while we wait. Of course, we wouldn’t miss the fun and experience so we tried picking some rambutan ourselves.

This was really fun and the weather was just perfect. Since we are under the rambutan trees, it is very cool. Unfortunately, we decided that this might not be a place for Aidan to go to so he was left with his mom in the main house.

This is the end of the rambutan festival series. By this time, it is just about 2pm so we decided to visit the other viaje del sol places. You need to check this out really really great places — Carlito’s Workshop and Casa San Pablo.


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  1. Is it possible to go straight to the rambutan farm? I sent an email to the owner last month but I didnt get any reply. Do you have any other contact nos?

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