Casa San Pablo — Cozy Place for a retreat


Casa San Pablo is one of the destinations in the Viaje del Sol‘s San Pablo destinations and we checked it out during our Rambutan Picking adventure. We were trying to check it out if it serves dinner but it only provides food to the in-room guests. So, I ended up shooting the ambiance of the place which was suppose to be designed by Ugu Bigyan. The above photo is my favorite among the set and gives you the overall ambiance of the place.

According to the Casa San Pablo website:
“Casa San Pablo is a cozy bed-and-breakfast wrapped in a tropical setting. Designed by potter Ugu Bigyan, the main cottage has six bedrooms mos of which open up to private decks. Each bedroom is designed with eclectic wit– from folk art papaer mache’ horses and bird houses to sea shells and funky car parts.”

The rooms are nice and has it’s own theme. Although it was disappointing to see that the beds are short and hard (see beds in the photos). But if you don’t mind and you don’t miss your soft spring beds at home then you’ll feel right at home here. They have a few rooms so better book in advance.

Clockwise from top: 1. Conference and Community Room, 2. Rooms with double deck beds, 3. The swimming pool at the nearby Kay Inay Resort, and 4. the facade of the dining room.

Looks very interesting and now I know where to go to for our next teambuilding session 🙂

Gomez Compound, Barangay San Roque
San Pablo City, Laguna
It is along the main road going to San Pablo city proper (see website for map)

mobile: 0917-8126687, 0917-5268628


5 thoughts on “Casa San Pablo — Cozy Place for a retreat

  1. hi anton! my friend and i will be having an overnight stay at casa san pablo this weekend. We’re just wondering where else we could go after. Basically we’ll be leaving Casa San Pablo after our breakfast there and we wanted to try Kusina Salud for lunch. Is this place just near Casa San Pablo or is it way too far that we might arrive there after lunch already? We’re really clueless about this viaje del sol project but we wanted to try everything that could fit into our afternoon. Also, since it’s just the 2 of us, would you say that the travel is safe? Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

  2. We stayed at Casa San Pablo last Saturday night. I must say they have a great Web designer and photographer, because we were excited to go after visiting their Web site but things start to go downhill once you actually get shown into your rooms. We were a group of 11 and got 4 rooms, 2 in the back and 2 in front. In general the rooms are run-down. We weren’t expecting the Shangri-La of course, but these rooms were depressing. Even though clean, they still looked dingy. They two back rooms also had a musty smell. The bathrooms, with rough cement all over, were particularly unpleasant and, even worse, uncomfortable. The beds are small and probably just simple foam mattresses: they don’t make for a good night’s sleep. And the threadbare sheets don’t help. Our air conditioner dripped water all over the floor all night. We had paid for lunch and breakfast. Lunch was rather slapdash: chopped up lechon (it was tasty, at least), watery corn soup, grilled tilapia (tasteless), rice and salad. Breakfast was a bit better. All in all, nothing to write home about (unless it is to complain). At least, the service was very good. But I would say their Website is at the very least misleading. Their rates (which are per person) are not that cheap either. This place needs an upgrade.

  3. ….joey albert….i know what you’re saying i could’nt agree more….here’s where the problem lies….majority of the local medium small businessess entrepreneurships do not have the ‘courage’ to admit that they are ‘interested’ priority in making fast quick incomes o profits than seek what’s pleasurable presentable comfortable likeable & appropriate to balance their NON SACRIFICIAL QUICK PESOS busineneses….MEANING THEY WON’T BOTHER consulting varieties of valid certified ‘low’ fee interior-exterior designers on any intellectual outputs creative ideas meaningful thoughts unusual but useful plans on how to build or create a FIRST CLASS PLEASING PRESENTABLE COMFORTABLE ACCESSIBLE CONVENIENT LIKEABLE HIGHER STANDARDS HIGHER QUALITIES HIGHLY APPROPRIATE balances….appreciations of all types of customers are not their first preference-priority….only their ‘OWN’….
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  5. Hey Joey Albert, your high school English teacher would be so unhappy with your sentence construction. It’s funny how you get the courage to critique using broken-English chat language.
    Get a role model, man.

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