Free & Easy Membership @ Makro Makati Finally :)


Finally, wholesaler Makro Pilipinas opened their 14th store right at the heart of Makati last Oct. 25. If you have not heard the news, membership is now FREE and it is easy to become a member. and you might want to check out this makati branch while the opening promotion is on-going until Nov. 7. However, for the Makro virgins out there, I would like to give you a view on making your first visit to Makro a smooth and pleasant one.

1. Makro Makati’s parking is in the first floor with entrances along Finlandia and along Osmena Highway. The store is located near the skyway ramp in Buendia.

2. Always check out the fresh section where you will get the best bargains and quality products. Try the Cagayan Letchon and P99 Roasted Chicken.

3. Makro has those big shopping carts that are PULLED and feels heavy when pushed. This is the common mistake of most first time shoppers. I’m glad that the Makati branch already has a few of those normal shopping cart found in most supermarket stores.

4. Only BPI express credit card (burgundy color) is accepted as credit. You can also pay via BPI’s Electronic Payment System. If you don’t have both, you have to pay Cash.

5. Shopping bags are not free. They are sold for P5 each so if you have extra ones at home, please make sure to bring one.

6. Check out the Makro mail before going to the store, or make sure that you avail of the relevant promos that you need.

7. The target shopper of Makro are the sari-sari stores and being a wholesaler, you can find products at the cheapest price but you need to buy in bulk. Just like shopping in Pricesmart except that there are not a lot of imported US products here.

8. Always visit the newly opened store during the first week to take advantage of the opening promotions. There would be 10+ more stores that will be opened, so watch out for Makro in your neighborhood.


10 thoughts on “Free & Easy Membership @ Makro Makati Finally :)

  1. Hi Anton!
    After clicking link after link, I somehow got to your blog site. I have your Flickr site linked with mine, that’s how I remember you plus your interesting pictures.
    I like reading your stuff here. With the Makro entry, thanks for the tips. Very helpful when I drop by for a visit soon. The pumpkin yellow apartment building behind your Makro picture is where I’m staying. It’s just a stone’s throw away.

  2. Glad to have you on board, Daniel! Am glad that the Macro entry was helpful to you, am not sure whether to post it initially.

  3. Interesting pic Anton. There’s no traffic/no crowd. Was this pic taken on Sunday? I haven’t been back to the Philippines yet. So, I have been reading your blog and checking your pics 🙂
    I know you’re a Green Archer. Are you a Bosconian?

  4. Yes, Busko here (Makati). I’m a Green Archer too! Well, I didn’t graduate in La Salle – partied too much. (I shouldn’t be posting this info…he he he) Anyway, I ended up transferring to a California university to continue my studies. Live in OC now.

  5. Nice to meet you pinoy traveller. Hopefully to meet you in the future because we share the same alma matter, ha. So you should be able to relate to my green archer posts 🙂 Although, I haven’t posted anything about being a bosconian though…. hmmn, let me think of a post.

  6. We’ll meet Anton – maybe one of the homecoming. No need to post anything about DB or La Salle. I just spent one year in La Salle Taft – transferred to USC and graduated. I enjoy reading your post. It all started out because I’m a foodie myself. I love exploring NEW restos or hangouts. Unfortunately, I cannot find a good Filipino restaurant here. They’re mostly “turo-turo”. Why can’t they have a sit-down Filipino restaurant here in SoCal? I have yet to discover one here!
    Frankly, I’ve been travelling to Europe yearly. But after reading your posts, I’m now anxious to go back and visit the Philippines!!!
    I’m starting to post pics to @ Flickr! Thanks to you!

  7. Wow Europe, someday will do that too. But right now, I’m having the time of my life exploring Phils. In fact, I requested my boss, if I can stay indefinitely in the Phils. I know that I only have a few years more before I’m assigned outside, so I’m making the most of it.
    Thanks for sharing your pics in flickr 🙂 A window to your world 🙂

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