Rain Disaster in Day 2 of World Pyro


Anxiously Waiting @ World Pyro, originally uploaded by antondiaz.


The weather did not cooperate this time. It was raining hard, as the clock ticks 7:00pm and even harder 30 minutes later when Germany is first scheduled to fire. We were in Diosdado Macapagal and endured the traffic as we saw motorists fighting to get into blue wave with the heavy rains. At 8pm, the fireworks started but it only lasted 2 minutes (I guess). Unfortunately, that was the sad story for Germany where its starting to get a lot better than the Australia show with a fountain formation in the beginning.

By 9pm, the rain stopped already and Korea started their show. It was soo beautiful! We were stuck in CCP desperately going back to the Seaside area to get the final glimpse of the fireworks show. We were so far, that we cannot shoot quality fireworks from where we are. We were all geared up with complete video cameras, tripods, recharged batteries, and the works… The oohhs and the aahhs where replaced by aaayyy, (sayang) with a firm resolute to watch it for the last 3 days… sigh 🙁

Bring Rain gear if you are going: Jacket, Umbrella, protective cover for camera..

UPDATE 12/28/05 — Apparently, at 10pm Germany was able to showcase their fireworks but most of the people went home already.

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