[World Pyro Series.7] Congratulations Australia – First Pyro Olympic Champion!


Congratulations to Australia for being the first World Pyro Olympic Champion! Well Deserved! I’m fortunate to really see how beautiful the Australia in terms of the overall judging criteria (Choreography 30%, Material/Content 30%, Effects 20%, and Audience Impact 20%). The Choreography was soo beautiful that all my photos were photogenic. Australia literally lighted up the entire black sky and the grounds were shaking like it is an outdoor THX theater. I was betting on the US which also has all the oohs and aahs from start to finish but apparently choreography and effects was the edge of Australia. Maybe I should ask Ricky Crisostomo for the behind-the-scenes story if Australia was a runaway winner.

By the way, just for the record there were only 9 countries competing excluding Philippines since it is home territory and for sure we won’t match the sheer money that Australia and US can muster to have a jaw dropping fireworks. I have a Philippines Fireworks collection that will surely make us Filipinos proud (check out the last on the pyro series #8). Here are some behind the scenes photos of last nights Finale.

This is the special viewing area right in front of the barge near the judges area. For P250, you already have a dinner of spaghetti/ carbonara, garlic chicken, grilled beef, and potato salad. What’s so great about it is that its spacious and we were able to secure a spot directly in the break water edge to take the awesome shots of UAE and the La Mancha’s Fellowship of Fire.

For P100 entrance fee, you get to watch four (4) awesome bands for the Finale night (Menaya, Tropical Depression, Itchyworms, Kapatid)

This is one of the hassles of using portable toilets whether you are rich or poor, you have to use the portalets.

This is my brother with our setup for the Digital camera and a Video Camera. Yes, I have a copy of the entire Philippines – La Mancha Fellowship of the Fire show. I’ll try to convert it in a compressed format and let me know if you want to have a copy.


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  1. My wife and I would love to see the entire video of the Fellowship of Fire! We missed the last day and thought we were doomed to never see it. Please let us know how we can access a copy from you.

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