[World Pyro Series.5] Day 4 of the Greatest Show in Manila


A Date with Fireworks

Day 4 of the World Pyro and I’m enjoying every moment of it along with all the other Filipinos who love world class entertainment. It was US and South Africa show and no doubt US was the clear winner with its “Shock and Awe” approach to Fireworks show. It was oohs and aahs throughout and I’m glad I made it to the show considering I came from a Viaje del Sol tour the whole morning. Here are some more scenes of families enjoying the fireworks show to give you a feel of the ambiance and environment in Diosdado Macapagal viewpoint.

This is the perfect spot at the back of Seaside (in Josefina’s Patio) while enjoying delicious Filipino food and unobstrusively watching the fireworks display. My family with Xerxez and father Favie.

Sitting on the Diosdado Macapagal bridge enjoying the greatest show in Manila.

Motorists literrally stop, double and triple parked in front of HK Sun Plaza to watch the US Fireworks.

The back patio of Seaside Diosdado Macapagal fully booked before 7pm show.

Seaside Viewpoint of the World Pyro Olympics watching South Africa performs.


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