[ Playa Calatagan #3] Stay a week or stay a lifetime @ Playa Calatagan!


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Ah, life is indeed a beach. With a beautiful beach such as Playa Calatagan — I do hope that it can bring it’s vision alive of bringing the Boracay spirit in Calatagan, 3 hours away from Manila. Landco already learned their lessons with the Punta Fuego and Terrazas seaside communities where it gets boring as you stay longer since it is private and there is only so much you could do. What’s great about the Playa Calatagan vision, is that there is a private resort for the seaside community but also there is a public commercial area envisioned to be the Boracay Party Place of Batangas 🙂 As mentioned in my earlier post, I’m glad the Palacios family decided to develop their beach and it has huge huge potential. They are just building the clubhouse now and selling phase 1 (out of 4 phases to be developed) which only started last november to priveleged guests.

This is actually an exclusive (naks 🙂 and I want to share this opportunity to my readers — specially if you are a beach person or you are a balikbayan looking for an investment or a beach home. Take note that I refrained from using retirement house since the vision is that the community would be younger and more vibrant 🙂 I think this is a lot better than the Anvaya Seaside community in Subic. Let me tell you why.

This is the humble entrance. The roads from Tagaytay to Calatagan are very nice, except for this last mile of the road which is still rough. It is almost at the very end of Calatagan near the lighthouse. This is still past the Lago de Oro’s Wake Boarding resort, Punta Buluarte and the Golden Sunset Resort by Ricky Reyes. As you can see the development is still rough and this used to be a sugar cane plantation I believe.

Playa Calatagan boasts of 525 meters of fine white sand located at the center of Calatagan’s best swimming beaches (according to the sell-in brochures). This is the view in the Playa Calatagan cove and the tip of the Cove is Rosegold’s resort (which was formerly owned by Rose Baladjay). This is the beach view that is in the brochure and this is a lot better than the Anvaya beach pictures. What’s great about this place is the beach is soo calm and children/ kids friendly because you can swim so far that it does not drastically drop until after a few meters.

These are the natural trees along the beach. I can envision a board walk right here and the commercial area is just right before this beautiful (mahogany- I think) trees. I just do hope that the develop is really planned very well so as not to destroy the natural beauty of the place.

Spend your entire afternoon in a hammock with your kid. Priceless…

crystal clean, shallow beach. Can you ask for more?

This is how the beach sand look like. There is a brownish tint to it, but it’s finer than most of the batangas beaches.

Currently, there is a floating banca where you can reserver for P1,500 and eat lunch in this floating structure. By the way, did I mention that I like the windy atmosphere such that even if it is at 12nn you don’t feel the humidity or hotness of the place.

This is the lot view from the Playa Calatagan Phase 1. They are still raw lands waiting to be transformed to a magical beautiful seaside resort. By the way, the phase 1 resorts are at the back of the commercial area and not right beside the beach. So you really need to be at a particular sea level to have a view of the sea from your house. In this photo, you can see two super ferry passing by (this is actually so far from the beach area — it appears near though).

This is the nice temporary pavilion used by Landco.

Here is the official website: www.calataganbeach.com.


21 thoughts on “[ Playa Calatagan #3] Stay a week or stay a lifetime @ Playa Calatagan!

  1. i went to calatagan last july but stayed in beach house just a little further past playa calatagan- casa victorina to be exact. similar beach though you have to rent the whole beach house, which isn’t exactly student friendly. we were only lucky to stay there because of a grad party. same question as the previous comment. is it available to walk-in visitors? other amenities? thanks

  2. we saw the pic posted here, place are beautiful.
    how can we go there? do we need to join or be a member of any club?

  3. we saw the pic posted here, place are beautiful.
    how can we go there? do we need to join or be a member of any club?

  4. ….whoever planted those mahogany trees must be very bright people….but what i would to see in this beach areas are ‘semi’ high rises garden park like infrastructures not just any buildings
    greens or any mild colors even unusual ‘look outs’ will removed monotony boredom assumptions….actually i hope some of my old high school classmates will read my comments here because i would love them to build a HANGING GARDEN RESORT translucent-transparent cords to hold the garden heights here but in a higher ground so hopefully by 2009 there will be something to party about lol!…..what do you think schoolmates lol!

  5. ….what’s wrong in wanting to see more secluded private public golf course country clubs in this
    untamed areas….hanging gardens extra long walkways as look outs not a bad idea for art painting photography nature or even a permanent movie-t.v. production sets lovers….

  6. hello Anton,
    Pls. can you tell me how to get a reservation to visit there? I am interested to buy a property. I heared that playa calatagan is more cheaper than in Punta Fuego. Please can you give me a contact person for viewing the site?
    Thank you very also to your awesome planet it gives more info to us especially if you are away from your homeland. I am a fan of you, I always read your website to give up to date there in phils. Me and my family are visiting the phils soon.
    Thanks and God bless you and your family.
    Ms. Sugar

  7. ….where is the hanging gardens parks my unfortunate not so lucky class-school mates o kababayan sa bayan dyan or my junior high school first love was ‘denied’ to even enjoy success that was designed for them in the past coz some strangers{non asians}must sold it to them first lol!….no wonder i am feeling unhappy sometimes coz i see strangers mostly foreigners not locals are enjoying the fuit of dreams meant designed para sa mga anghel{bayan pablik school}so they could spread-help o shared with others the success humuring sometimes painful but eventually my fun junior high school first love’sagas’ they fairly deserved lol….meaning we{including children-grandchildren}want to see those hanging gardens resort paradise good luck sa mga ‘pinakamagulong early ’70’s high school mates na tinuruan ko lol!….

  8. my family and i are planning to have a summer outing can this resort accomodate 35 – 40 persons and if so how much is the entrance fee, cottage and can we bring foods? hoping for your soonest reply…thanks

  9. hi anton. my husband and I are planning for a last summer hoorah for the kids and i think the best place to seal their summer is Playa Calatagan. Is it open for non-members? If so, how can i make a reservation? thanks.

  10. Hi,
    I just want to ask if the beach is open for public & if by any chance, you know that we can have out team building on this beach? I would like to know their rates as well if it’s available. I would greatly appreciate it if you could reply to this comment. thanks so much!

  11. i woild like more info about your resort the cost of hotel or beach homes and is their an airport there
    thanks anthony

  12. i woild like more info about your resort the cost of hotel or beach homes and is their an airport there
    thanks anthony

  13. saw your sign OUr calatagan 254 sqmeter lot for sale..but just want to confirm Are you selling it?

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