AMEX Platinum Concierge — Best Concierge in Manila!


I’ll let you in one of my secrets. Everytime, I want to reserve plays (like the good body) or a Manny Pacquiao fight, I would just call the American Express Concierge to reserve me tickets. It is as easy as that and they are able to get any tickets that you want. Even if the tickets are not yet available, you can expect them to consistently check and remind you until it becomes available. They’ll even call or text you on your mobile phone. They are very, very reliable!

Also, they are my online directory these days so I don’t need to remember the landline number of the restaurant when I want to ask for directions or reserve a table. They will either give me the number or they will make the reservation for me. Simply, an awesome concierge service, don;t you think?

If you already have an American Express Peso Platinum, it is easy to contact the concierge. Just dial 814-4777, and then press 1 for Peso Platinum Credit Card and press 3 for the awesome concierge service. It is easy to remember: 814-4777 press 1 and 3. And don’t forget your Amex account number!

Thanks to American Express Peso Platinum Concierge. You guys are the best!! Making my life easier. This is my own way of saying Thank you to you guys out there 🙂


5 thoughts on “AMEX Platinum Concierge — Best Concierge in Manila!

  1. Hi Anton,
    I’m a big fan of your site. I really enjoy going through the various places you’ve been to and the food that you’ve tasted. Me and my girlfriend have been doing the same thing for months now and was surprised to see that you have been doing this for quite some time now.
    Not that I am comparing, but there is a book I bought in Powerbooks called “Guide to Manila Restaurants” for 2005. They have some brilliant write ups and accurate descriptions of places to visit. Your site provides the same quality and even more; with a mix of restaurants and tourist spots in Manila.
    I’ve been eyeing a couple of restaurants and was surprised to see it wasn’t in your site. I’m sure you have heard of Kikofuji ? It is a Japanese restaurant along Pasong Tamo an I’ve been hearing good feedback from everyone I know who’s been there. Another is Yuujin, along Wilson Street. I think it opened within 2006 and I have yet to visit this restaurant.
    Maybe you can also do a feature on Saguijo Bar and Restaurant. Although it is more popularly known as a music bar, they do serve food… and I was quite taken when I tried their Pad Thai. I am a regular in Saguijo btw, for the music, beer, and food!
    (plugging in: – if you’re into music, check us out as well!)
    And one last place I’d like to share with you is SOMS. It is a small “hole-in-the-wall” restaurant near the Ateneo Law School near Rockwell. It serves Thai food (I don’t think it is authentic Thai food) and each dish costs less than 200 bucks.. and you really get your money’s worth! Their Pad Thai is a bit dry, but the Tom Yang soup (not sure about the spelling) is one of the best I’ve tried. And also their Milk Tea. If you do not mind eating in carinderia types of places, this place will suit you well. And don’t worry, there are no jeeps or taxi’s hanging out here, it is in a residential area so it gets pretty cozy during the evenings.
    Hope to see more posts from you! More power to you, your wife, and your little Adrian! 🙂
    Benny Yap

  2. I agree! I’ve tried their service when I bought my plane ticket. I simply called them and they just asked me for some info and they processed everything! Great service 🙂

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