Fuyu Persimmons


My fruit vocabulary has just been expanded after tasting these sweet Fuyu Persimmons, also known as Japanese Persimmons. Thank you very much to Naz, one of my online friends, who gave these goodies as “pasalubong” from San Francisco for our family 🙂 I hope they didn’t have a hard time bringing the persimmons here.

I would call it a tomato apple. The persimmons, look like tomato in color and skin smoothness. It is eaten just the way they are and have a bite crunch like an apple. Though it is still hard, it is sweet already and the inside texture resembles that of a tomato. Best of all, there was no seed to interrupt your eating. It is deliciously sweet! Unfortunately, this was bought back in the US. But I’m pretty sure, there are stores around Greenhills or Manila that are importing persimmons here in Manila maybe a different variety called Hachiya.

Another treat were the chocolates, Nestle Crunch with four flavors (Original, Double Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Caramel) and Ghiradelli!!! I just hope I can control myself and just stick on eating those juicy persimmons. My wife has a sweet tooth so when she saw all those goodies on the table, she got excited (don’t women just love them?) and asked me where it came from (yeah, she knows me well enough that I’m not buying those for her). She was surprised and at the same time thought it was so sweet of Naz and his family to bring us pasalubongs from SF. Surprised because they chose to allot a space in their luggage to bring home these treats to us instead of bringing something home to their families and close friends. And oh, last but not the least, a supply of the clean and fresh smelling lotion from Body Works!

Thanks Naz and family for these wonderful treat!!! And I’m really sorry for not meeting you the first time, this week is a very hectic week for me but I was glad that you were still able to fit me in your limited time here in Manila. Once again, thank you and hope you have a nice trip back to SF!


10 thoughts on “Fuyu Persimmons

  1. sayang! gusto mo pala yan. my mom and my tita (mari’s mom) used to bring a luggage-full (no exag!) of this from my lola’s house in LA. My Lola has this tree in her backyard that produces this fruit by the hundreds and a lot of it just falls to the ground and gets eaten by the squirrels or gets dumped. Sige, the next time my mom goes there and in season yung persimmons, I’ll make sure I send some over to you guys

  2. Persimmons are one of my favorite fruits, fresh/ripe or dried. If you ever go to Sacramento, try to go to one of the traditional Japanese-American farms that still use the old fashioned drying methods. They make for amazing gifts and healthy snacks.

  3. It’s the least I can do to a kababayan who dedicates himself, inspite of a hectic schedule, in introducing to the world the best our country has to offer. The persimons were from our tree, best eaten the way they are now, crunchy. When they go softer than that, they can be used as substitute for banana nut cake. Thanks for the time for the EB and this wonderful blog!

  4. We get them from Chinatown, Anton. But, it’s not always in season ha. My dad is so agog with this fruit kase. Am not a big fan though 🙂

  5. I love persimmons! But I haven’t tasted anything similar to what I’ve tasted in Singapore. Those sold here are not worth it 🙁

  6. I love them really cold from the fridge, ripe but not too ripe with a bit of crunch to the fruit…. For me, those are the perfect persimmons! I even tried making infused oil out of it. Pretty good, I must say : )

  7. i have to agree, their persimmons are by far the best i’ve had! naz family is a family friend. yummy persimmons! 😀

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