10 Tips to Survive the World Pyro Olympics



If you are planning to go to the World Pyro, you should read these tips:

1. Plan your parking or exit strategy. The best place to park is HK Sun Plaza and just take a taxi or walk to esplanade or MOA. I’m always amazed at people trying to park near the venue and complain that it takes them hours to get out.

2. Bring Flashlight, Water and Jacket. There is hardly any light to rely on so you might want to bring a flashlight specially if you want to take photos. Water is expensive so bring one if you can. You’ll never know when it will rain but I learned my lesson in the past.

3. Be Prepared to Walk. Bring comfortable clothes, extra shirt and comfortable shoes. The weather is nice and you need exercise after all those christmas lunch and dinner you had.

4. General Viewing Area is behind Mall of Asia. The P100 general viewing area is a lot smaller than last year’s. Contrary to popular belief, it is not crowded. It is crowded going there but not inside. The P500 viewing area is worth it and one of these days we’ll use that venue.

5. Toilet strategy. As much as possible make sure you won’t be using the toilet. Otherwise, it would be a mess to use the portalets.

6. Best Spots to view the fireworks: Seaside Macapagal, Mall of Asia, Blue Wave or Esplanade would have a good view of the fireworks. If you are into photography, I suggest that you go to the general viewing area. Actually, the free areas are good places but security is not controlled so make sure to take care of your valuables. If you want to eat and enjoy the fireworks, MOA and Seaside macapagal are the best areas.

7. It takes an hour to get out. If you are bringing your car, at a minimum it would still take you an hour to get out of the entire area. It is already traffic on a friday night and what more on a weekend.

8. Plan for a 7pm-11pm event. On the first day, the first fireworks started at 8.30pm (originally at 8pm) and the next one started at 10.15pm (approximately, originally set at 9pm).

9. Secure ALL your valuables and always be near the exit. There is a huge crowd and the crowd control is not very well planned so be warned. Stampede can happen so be extra careful. Also, beware of pick pockets.

10. Avoid Roxas Boulevard, CCP or MOA if you don’t want to watch the fireworks in the evening at all costs!


5 thoughts on “10 Tips to Survive the World Pyro Olympics

  1. it’s a real bummer not being able to go there and watch the show (we’re still here at the office waah!). thanks for keeping us posted though. great pix — as usual

  2. Grabe, i tried to go there last saturday, we even travelled at around 4pm but super traffic in edsa, so we decided not to go nalang and went to glorietta with my friends instead. but next week i will try my best to go…maybe i have to better leave earlier…very long travel coz i’m from novaliches pa.

  3. Hey Mr. Anton!
    Love your site! You ought to give yourself a pat on the back-not only does this site keep me updated on the cool little nooks of Manila (and the Philippines), the tips and infor per place/event are really helpful too!

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