World Pyro Olympics: Day 1 goes to Poland!


Poland @ The World Pyro Olympics

It was worth the wait for an outstanding Poland show which started past 10pm already. There was no dull moment and the sky was engulfed with huge fireworks show. The finale was a standing ovation followed by a mad rush to the exit. There were no fancy formations; mostly it was standard fireworks with a good rhythm. Congratulations Poland for winning the Day 1 competition!

Australia’s Black and White finale @ the World Pyro (this is not overexposed 🙂

The defending champion, Australia was a disappointment. It did not have the shock and awe that I vividly remember from last year. This time you can still see their trademark formations of flowers, hearts, birthday candles, etc. However, it feels like a low budget pyrotechnic show since the fireworks were smaller; there were lots of gaps in between the fireworks. One thing I love about it was the white on black finale taken above.


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