My First World Pyro Olympics Photography Tour/ mini-EB


The US Fireworks was great; it was complemented by a wonderful group who joined me last Saturday. The group was a mix of photographers, first time world pyro watchers and Manila’s famous bloggers. For most of them, it was their first time to shoot fireworks; it was a thrill for me to teach them how easy it was to shoot one. To shoot awesome fireworks, you need a SLR with a bulb setting, tripod and a remote release button to make sure the camera is stable. However, if you have a handheld camera, you can still shoot specially when there is sufficient light to illuminate the entire area. I’ll post all of their best shots soon and I do hope you can join me this coming Friday or Saturday for the finale.

Remember, first, the objective is to have fun @ the world Pyro and second, to take awesome shots. It would be a shame if you get caught up with the photography that you fail to enjoy the beauty of the fireworks.

A lot of people criticized Spain’s fireworks for being dull and standard. For us, we took that opportunity to take some awesome portrait shots of the group. Check it out below and thanks a lot…

Ka Edong @ The Mall of Asia Rush Exit

Blog Overload Yuga of and Blog Herald!

The Face-off of the Digicam and the Digital SLR.

Jayvee’s Rage — One of Manila’s Probloggers.

Doms Valentin 🙂

Chris and Apples Haravata. Lovely Couple 🙂

Norman and Tessa Tiongson’s Portrait.


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