World Pyro Olympics: Day 2 United States vs. Spain


Undoubtedly, the United States won the Day 2 of the World Pyro Olympics with its 4th of July Massive fireworks display. I would describe it as a shock and awe performance with the standard fireworks formation. The Spain show was your basic fireworks show that was perfect for portrait shots. I’ve picked three of my best fireworks shots for US and Spain. Check it out and Enjoy!!


Birthday Candles Explosion

Night Flowers

Spiders caught in the sponge.


Let there be Sun!

Roses for you.

Crawling Spiders


3 thoughts on “World Pyro Olympics: Day 2 United States vs. Spain

  1. Sir Anton thanks for teaching us. It’s really a great event. Grabe galing! hope to learn more from you and see you soon sir!

  2. Hi anton,
    Sorry I wasnt able to make it, I was stuck in traffic as in super dupper traffice last sat. I only got to watch the 2nd fireworks show na sa malayo pa. Hinde kasi gumagalaw yung car 🙁 I hope next week makanood na ako…

  3. hi anton! i was able to witnessed the day 2 event of pyro olympics 🙂 and i agree with you, USA won over spain on their show 🙂 very impressive talaga yung sa USA lalo na yung grand finale nila 🙂

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