The Highland Steakhouse View – The Best View of the World Pyro Olympics :)


From L-R (Sam Pascua of Artes Cafe, Will the Canadian Photographer, Jennifer the Soprano, Ivan Mandy of Old Manila Walks, Noemi — the winner of the best personal blog in the Philippine Web Awards, Brian Medina and Tanya Pablo of Nestle.)

There is no doubt that the best view of the fireworks is from the second floor, Highland Steakhouse. Mr. Henry Sy would definitely agree and we infact saw him a few tables from where we are eating. It is a hassle free view — no need to rub shoulders to shoulders with people, you get to enjoy one of the best steak in town, and the area is well lit with enough water and decent restroom. It was fully book when we arrived but we managed to get a table on the last minute.

I’m glad the fireworks started early this time at exactly 8pm for the Germany fireworks show and 9.30pm for the UK. So by 10pm, the show is finished. We hang around for an hour and the traffic was better. This is the unobstructed view of the fireworks from Highland Steakhouse. You can see the barge and the crowd below. This is definitely an awesome view!

Ah, delicious prime rib! Ok, you can argue that we spend around 1,000+ which is equivalent for the VIP viewing area at Php 1,250 each. But Highland Steakhouse is definitely better and you can share the steak with your friends if you are on a budget.

In between the fireworks show, we got to taste these decent desserts from Highland steakhouse: Sansrival, Flourless Chocolate Cake, and Chocolate Cava(?) Cake. Can you ask for more?

They are fully booked for this weekend. But here is the contact number just in case:

Highlands Steakhouse
Entertainment Mall
2nd Floor, north Wing
Tel No: 556-0768

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2 thoughts on “The Highland Steakhouse View – The Best View of the World Pyro Olympics :)

  1. Hi Anton! would just like to confirm if this resto really has the best view! Planning to make reservations na kasi! Thanks 🙂
    Btw, in case it’s fully booked already, do you have any other suggestions on which restos have nice views?

  2. hi there! 🙂 was just browsing ur page for WPO pix. super nice shots you got here! 🙂 kudos.
    btw, i came across this picture and saw a good friend from college, tanya pablo. can you hook me up with her? i hvnt seen/talked to her for the longest time. super thanks. 🙂

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