World Pyro Olympics: Day 3 Germany vs. United Kingdom


The Germany vs. UK was very difficult to judge. I like Germany because of its creativity that you’ve never seen before which includes the screeching sperms and the awesome finale with fireworks in the water. On the other hand UK’s show has rhythm and well coordinated. It is simple and yet elegant that most of my companions gave their approval sign to UK. For those of you who watched last Sunday, what was your verdict?

So far, I like US, UK and Germany’s show. Lets see over this weekend and I’m already excited for Philippines and much awaited China show.

See below my top 3 shots for Germany and UK taken from Highlands Steakhouse view.


Canon Balls

Screeching Sperms

Awesome holistic Finale

United Kingdom

5 Stars Rating!

UK Flowers

Electrifying Tree


2 thoughts on “World Pyro Olympics: Day 3 Germany vs. United Kingdom

  1. we would like to watch the fireworks on saturday. we are planning to go to MOA early in the afternoon and just stay there to have dinner, and watch the fireworks from there. do you think the view in MOA is okay? where shall we position ourselves in MOA so that we could get the best view? thanks as always 🙂

  2. I was only able to watch from a small window near the garbage chute of my condo building…the Sunday showdown was really great…found it better than the Saturday group=P I think the first performer last Sunday (not sure which country that was) was better….but then again, I was only watching from a tiny window=P

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