World Pyro Olympics: Denmark and Canada


The World Pyro Olympics last night was different:

The traffic was easy.
Both fireworks started exactly on time 8pm and 9.30pm respectively.
There were only a few people who watched the show.
Both Denmark and Canada were just standard big fireworks which was disappointing, relatively.
I can’t believe that I left my spare battery so I was not able to take decent firework shots.
Our view was fantastic, directly in front of the barge since we are in the special viewing area.

I’m sure today’s world pyro will be more exciting because everyone is expecting that China’s show will be a prelude to Beijing Olympics Fireworks. Also, we will support our very own as the finale of the entire World Pyro Olympics.

My fearless WPO vote?

People’s Choice would be Germany.
The winner will be:
1. USA
2. China
3. United Kingdom

Check out the view from the special viewing area below…

There is one entrance for both prime and special viewing area. P250 — viewing only, without food. P500 — special viewing area with Merienda food from Via Mare and P1,250 — at the prime viewing area.

This is the scene from the special viewing area. Frankly, there is no difference between this and the prime viewing area except for the food. Only problem with this setup is when it rains… hopefully not…

Macaroni pasta, chicken and pork barbeque, crinkles are served in the special viewing area. Not bad. You can only get once before the fireworks and if there is enough food left, they would allow seconds and thirds, like what happened last night.

It was easy to get a a seawall view because there are only a few photographers in this area.

Our gear.. we have both video camera and digital camera. We will be more prepared tonight!

This is the final chance to get awesome portraits with Fireworks in the background!

See you all later!! We’ll be in MOA as early as 4pm ๐Ÿ™‚


3 thoughts on “World Pyro Olympics: Denmark and Canada

  1. Thank you very much for everything pards! worth talaga ang traffic dami kong nalaman na tips ๐Ÿ˜‰
    teka parang mas ok ang food last friday compared last night ๐Ÿ˜€
    anyway, inggit ako sa posed mo…ps ko nalang un sa akin ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. hi anton! too bad i failed to read your post re. your tips abt going to the WPO! we parked at the open parking of MOA and it took us more than an hour to get out giving us a total of 2 hours travel time from pasay to greenhills! argh! :S although i enjoyed the show it was kinda annoying lang waiting for the 2nd show to begin! nakakainip in short! bad luck pa my camera’s batt suddenly went low just before the 2nd show began! darn…
    hope they can still improve next year!
    btw, would u by any chance know who won?

  3. OMG i can say, i love your photos. and damn fireworks is such a nice subject. all i got was full lengths video using only my 2MP nokia n70 phone.
    i envy you and i wish i could score a cheap nice cam this year ๐Ÿ˜‰
    c yah

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