Steal That Look

By is an interesting fashion site concept developed by a Filipina, Pam Siao where she offers suggestions on how can have the same fashion look as some popular celebrities. Most of the clothes and accessories are available in the Philippines. Check out the look that you can steal today….

I got a chance to know them when they featured me in the Blogs that They Love. I checked out their site and I wasted my time in browsing through interesting fashion on what real girls are wearing this summer. Such a refreshing site and interesting concept.


5 thoughts on “Steal That Look

  1. hey anton, love your site!!! I’m glad you wrote about stealthatlook! I’ve been hooked on the site since january and have been logging on to it everyday to see what’s new! It’s really addicting!!!

  2. I agree with maggie, my gf loves this site and has logged on to it regularly. It’s good she’s earning dollars since she really goes out shopping after viewing stealthatlook

  3. hi, anton! i discovered your site in stealthatlook’s blogs we love feature and am now hooked on both your sites! keep up the good work!

  4. checked out stealthatlook, cool site, thanks for recommending it. had tons of fun uploading photos of my recent purchases and creating my own style file hehe! keep up the good work and the new discoveries =)

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