Olay White Radiance Launch


Fwd: P&G Olay Tea
Photo courtesy of Cyrus of Lumina Photography

Congratulations to the Olay White Radiance Team for the successful launch last Night!

Olay White Radiance Endorsers

Photo Courtesy of Tony Oquias

The New Olay White Radiance Endorsers: Denise Go and Isabelle Diaz Daza


5 thoughts on “Olay White Radiance Launch

  1. hi anton! belated happy birthday. thanks for keeping your blog updated because i learn a lot from this site!!! your blogsite is the coolest of all blogsite there is!!! keep it up! and again… belated happy birthday and congrats for another baby boy!

  2. Belated Happy happy Birthday, Anton!!! You’re not old, just getting matured. Speaking of old, ah….i don’t want to even think about it. wow! another boy?!! that’s just wonderful. If my son’s wife will not bear a boy, that’s the end of the Naz clan. Keep your post coming.

  3. hi anton!!! would you or your wife know the details about the olay swap??? they are having another one soon and id like to participate.thanks!!! congrats on your new hijo!

  4. i’ve heard about that olay swap too, but my friend didn’t give me the details. hope you can help coz i’m really interested. thanks! it’s another boy? are you planning on producing a basketball team 🙂

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