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Malou Fores with Rache and Aidan who can’t wait to eat the roast chicken.

At first, when we saw Mamou opened in Serendra, we were guessing what kind of cuisine it served — Spanish? home cooked Filipino food? Also, the design of the restaurant was a bit spanish, minimalist and there is an aura of a simple canteen setup with a sossy kitchen behind it. The chairs were custom made dwarfed “period” chairs made from Pampanga. The dry run menu is also simple — roast pork and chicken, angus beef steak, linguini vongole, etc.. We were intrigued by it and were surprised to find out that the food is uniquely great and the person behind it is Malou Fores.

Malou or Mamou as her nephew would call her, is the person behind Blue Kitchen. Marketman raved about Blue Kitchen’s Garlic Tuyo and I’m sure he would be delighted to see Malou who decided to open her first restaurant in her 11 years in the food business. So I ask Mamou on what is the concept of the restaurant. She said that it is basically focused on her kitchen and the food that she serves at home. She serves her specialties which includes a South American dish specialty — Roast Pork and Chicken which we totally love. Her sister-in-law, Margarita Fores is more well known in the restaurant circuit with her success on Cibo for more than a decade now.

All we can say is Mamou-Miya! Deliciouso!

Mamou-miya! - 1

Aidan with the power lunch crowd in Mamou, Serendra. Can we have a high chair please for Aidan?

Mamou Dry Run Menu: Appetizers, Soups, Salads, Entrees, Sides, Desserts
Mamou Dry Run Menu: Main Menu and Beverages

Mamou-miya! - 2

The meal started with a serving of hot bread and butter served in a red weave basket. Loved it!

Mamou-miya! - 4

Truffle Oil Vegetable Mushroom Dip with Whole Wheat Melba Chips (P195+)

Are you tired of the usual spinach antichoke dip? Try this and as they say, anything with Truffle oil is great.

Mamou-miya! - 11

Crispy Roast Duck with Red Chorizo Rice (P395+) served with steamed vegetables, and chili plum sauce.

The crispy duck was not oily and in fact it was very tasty. You actually don’t need the chili plum sauce anymore. You can enjoy it with Red Chorizo rice — perfect combination. The rice is already a meal by itself.

Mamou-miya! - 10

Roast Pork & Chicken (P345+). Mamou’s citrus rubbed pork and chicken with buttered onions, red or white rice, cinnamon, plantains, and black beans.

You can taste the herbs used for the chicken and pork because they are very tasty in itself. No need for an extra sauce because the flavor is just waiting to explode in your mouth once you’ve taken that bite. The sweet grilled onions are a perfect companion to this dish. We can’t wait to go back and eat the best Black Beans we ever tasted!

Mamou-miya! - 13

Expect to pay P500/ head when you dine in at Mamou.

Mamou – A Home Kitchen
Unit 1C-15 G/F Serendra
Fort Bonifacio Global City
Reservations: +632 856 3569


8 thoughts on “Mamou-miya!

  1. We were trying to decide between Culliere and Mamou last week, ended up in Cuillere. Will need to do a Mamou run soon.

  2. hey anton! u guys went there lunch time. =) I was on my way back to work and saw u and aidan inside mamou. =) Sayang! I was too shy to approach u…haha! Keep up the good work!

  3. Am a first time visitor here….congratulations! Its another nice foodie blog…and love your pics too. Apart from Mamou’s steaks and crispy duck, do try their key lime pie and pecan pie …with schlag…you will come back for more….

  4. Hi Anton, we just had our dinner tonight in Mamou and I must say it was such a disappointment. I cannot comprehend how this restaurant has made it to the Top 5 restaurant establishment in Metro Manila.
    We had quite high expectations walking to this place, it was small and quaint, giving you a comfortable, homy feel but we ended up leaving really agitated and feeling robbed of a good, decent dinner!
    Let me just enumerate what has made our experience such a horrible one:
    – After being seated by our waitress, there was no introduction at all- not her name nor of any of their menu items or beverages. She didn’t even care to ask if we’d like to see the wine list.
    – While starting with our bread rolls, our neighbor table called a waiter pointing to the wall right behind us saying “there’s a cockroach there”. Yikes..
    – We ordered the ff: Veggie dip with truffle essence, Roasted Veggie Salad, Linguini in Clam Sauce and 8 oz Prime Rib, a side of cinnamon Saba, a glass of French Pinot Noir and Iced tea.
    – Wine Service: My husband ordered a Php800 glass of Pinot Noir (forgot the name sorry) and the server just handed him a glass of the wine without even presenting the bottle to him. We had to ask her if we can see the bottle and of course, she came back with a sealed bottle of the wine! So, we had to ask again if we can see the actual bottle which they poured and that was only when she actually asked the bartender to search for this bottle. Is it wrong to expect this kind of service from an establishment with such high regards and prominent name?
    – Veggie Dip w/ Truffle essence: it was okay, no further comment
    – Roasted Veggie Salad w/ Anchovy dressing : They’ve listed its ingredients in their menu but forgot to mention that it has capers. Unfortunately, my husband cannot eat capers. So when our waitress served the dish, we had to ask her if they can change it which she gladly did. When she presented the new salad, she held the old one in her other hand and showed it to us saying “Sir, here’s your old salad”. Nothing wrong with that but I wish she had said it in a more humble, sincere manner rather than sounding quite defensive. Anyway, for a small salad which is almost P300, I think it’s quite a rip off
    – My 8 oz rib eye steak – It was a 5 oz bone, 2 oz fat, 1 oz edible steak swimming in gravy, served cold! What a shame as the meat is actually tasty..
    – Linguini in Clam Sauce – the perfect way to description for the sauce is “melted butter which is almost too salty with some hints of clam”.. need I say more?
    – Cinnamon Saba – I was quite excited to have this as I was still hungry and truthfully, it looked quite good! But again, it was served cold! I was hoping for a sweet warm and soft saba with crunchy edges but instead, it was colder than room temperature. Is it supposed to be served like that?
    – Kitchen staff: Since my husband is facing their open kitchen, he couldn’t help but notice the kitchen staff alternately arching their upper bodies downwards and picking on food then you’ll actually see them chewing. I looked back once and saw this too, OMG!
    The whole experience was just unpleasant and I am sure that the staff are already sensing hat we’re not really happy. But no restaurant manager even came to our table and bothered to ask. I really wanted this to be a pleasant experience but the downers just kept on coming throughout our dining experience.
    I’m writing this review not because I want to put Mamou down or badmouth their reputation. I am writing this because I want our restaurant industry to get better. I wish the establishment will take a closer look at their standards and really push to improve the quality of their product and service. They owe it to their clients and to people like us who give their establishment a shot with good faith after reading some rave reviews.
    Sadly, I don’t think I’ll ever come back.

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