Kanin Club, The Pride of Paseo de Sta. Rosa, Laguna


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If BF Paranaque’s best kept secret was Conti’s (before they expanded), Technopark’s best kept secret in Sta. Rosa Laguna is Kanin Club. After two years, the restaurant has doubled in space size and this is the only place packed during lunch time. On a Sunday lunch, we had to wait for 30-45 minutes before getting our seats which is a good indication of how successful Kanin Club is.

Kanin Club @ the Pink Kitchen

Located at the center of Paseo Sta. Rosa, this is a good place to start or end your weekend trip to Tagaytay. They serve filipino dishes with a one of a kind twist that I’ve not seen in any restaurant. Their best seller is the Crispy Dinuguan and the Kanin’s Club Turon. They serve different kinds of rice (Kanin in Tagalog word) and the best part is they serve healthy brown rice! You can also opt to order All-You-Kanin which is an eat-all-you-can white rice for only P40 per person.

Shame on me for ignoring this gem when I first heard of this a year ago. Don’t forget to try out Kanin Club on your next trip to Tagaytay. (Just a tip: when going to Tagaytay don’t exit via Sta. Rosa, use the exit right after Sta. Rosa which is Greenfield and this should take you to Paseo Sta. Rosa faster and without any traffic)

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Kanin Club already expanded to add more capacity to the restaurant, but still it is full on weekends.

Kanin Club Menu
Appetizers and Salads
Rice and Noodles
Main Dish
Soups and Seafood
Seafood and Vegetables
Dessert and Drinks

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Brown Rice (P22). One serving of steamed unmilled unpolished mountain-grown rice.

Aidan loves rice and he likes it as it is.

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Crispy Dinuguan (P120) spicy pork stew flavoured by vinegar and pork blood like European blood sausage, except it’s a stew.

When we knew that this version of the dinuguan contains crispy chicharon bulaklak, and other crispy pig internals, we wanted to stay away from this dish. My mind knew that this was not good for my health but my hands and mouth kept on eating this one spoonful at a time until it is finished. How can this classic filipino dish be so unhealthy but taste so good? Stay away if you want your cholesterol to be on the safe side…

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Seafood Kare Kare (P240). The National Dish: Mussels, squid, shrimps and vegetables slowly cooked in peanut sauce. Served with bagoong. A rich dish that all Filipinos love.

The key to Kanin’s club success is their sauces. The Kare Kare sauce with the bagoong is another thing that you can’t resist. It has the right peanut and sweet taste that you like to keep coming back for more. There was too much tahong in this kare kare versus the shrimp or the squid even the veggies were kept at a minimal.

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Suman and Mango. This is a relatively new dessert and it was too sweet for us. There were buco strips, macapuno and chocnut crumbles on top.

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Turon KC ala Mode (P82). A Kanin Club Original. An updated version of your lola’s turon. It was with bananas, purple yam jam, macapuno strips and monggo beans wrapped and deep-fried in a rice paper roll. Your halo-halo version in a roll with a scoop of ice cream on the side.

This was a hit in the pink kitchen. I like the idea of having the halo-halo ingredients inside the turon. We love this!

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I do hope Aidan doesn’t get fat with all the desserts he loves eating these days. I need to teach him to run marathons as early as now…

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Kanin Club
Paseo de Sta. Rosa
(049) 544-0332
Reservations for Dinner only.


27 thoughts on “Kanin Club, The Pride of Paseo de Sta. Rosa, Laguna

  1. …..i just love how aidan looks at anything like what this kanin club has to offer him remind’s me of aidan’s memorable floor happiness-grin looking at KK doughnuts-his first baby spa massage-relaxing in eric paras chair and his all other charismatic-magnetic-priceless smiles…..i just love this boy growing up well loved & admired-well travelled-experienced-knowledgeable-well informed….keep it up aidan.

  2. I don’t think you have to worry about Aidan’s weight. He eats a variety of food from what you’ve shown us in the blog, and he has so much energy. A marathon at his age isn’t such a great idea, but giving him a good example (healthy mom and dad) is.

  3. tried the kanin club after i saw you feature them in your Pink Kitchen post tutal we live naman in sta rose …wanted to try the famous crispy dinuguan but they run out of it on a monday night!!! we tried the crispy pork binagoong which was superb..really unlike any pork binagoongan ive tried before…it was so crispy and so tasty…ordered lemon chicken and loved it as well,,, had hesitation ordering this dish since i didnt like north park and super bowl’s version but kanin club’s version was tops..i cannot explain how it can be subtle and tasty at the same time
    the best thing was the price…very affordable considering that the serving was really meant to be shared…
    on a side note, medyo mabagal lang ang service nila that time probably because a big group from star cinema dined that time we were there..kim chui gerald anderson direk lino cayetano and an entire crew of the movie ‘ive fallen for you’ was there..kaya medyo matagal naserve yung food namin..but it was still worth the wait

  4. hmm interesting! we always pass by paseo de sta.rosa on our way to highlands.. we have to try this! wanna try the suman & mango and the turon. its good that they have brown rice too! hope they can expand here in manila! 😀

  5. Is Paseo de Sta Rosa also the one where the Nike and Speedo outlet stores are?
    Do they accept credit cards?

  6. We had dinner at Kanin last night. Our group of 4 are bestfriends since our medicine days. My friend is from San Pedro and when I told her about your write ups on Kanin, both of us had already been craving to eat here one day. Our other friend came all the way from Manila. It was good that my sister was just in the vicinity then.
    We ordered Crispy Dinuguan, Crispy Pork Binagoongan, Kare-Kare, Pancit Lucban and the Lemon Chicken. I remembered the picture of Aidan, so I suggested ordering the brown rice ! It was our 1st time to eat brown rice. We also tried the fully loaded fried rice. These are foods we can eat daily but it was presented with a different twist. My friend Melissa wished that there be a Manila branch of this restaurant. Eating at the malls is already monotonous! Kanin is quite different located in a nice commercial complex. It was the only restaurant in Paseo in which the turn of customers is really fast.
    Our favorite turned out to be the crispy dinuguan and the lemon chicken. Though the rest are all good. We also enjoyed the Crispy Pork Binagoogan.
    The favorite of the group is the Turon KC A La Mode. We really enjoyed it. We just ordered 1 for the 4 of us since we were really full! We brought home the leftovers for mommy to taste.

  7. Hi!
    FYI, Kanin Club now has a branch at Westgate Alabang. It’s near Fitness First and behind Alabang Home Depot.
    They have new offerings that you should check out, like the Crispy Beef Salad, too.

  8. gOt kanin?? Yes I did. Kanin club is a very popular restaurant at paseo, the ambiance is very nice, and one of the true fact is that every time we eat there with my family we felt like we’re in our lola’s house, the interior is very nice and so calming.. I like the idea of using our old lola’s capiz window as a dinning table. There specialty in the house is the “crispy Dinuguan” it was said that “it may taste ugly but it taste beautiful” and I prove that it’s for real. we also try the crispy beef salad and it was recommended by one of the server (ann) and it’s really good and now it’s my favorite. i also like the maruya w/ ice cream on top. All i can say is try to pass by at paseo while your on your way to Tagaytay. And you’ll never regret it. I promise

  9. we’re residents around the paseo area and are regular customers of kanin club, I agree that the turon is the best, so innovative.The blending of flavors is good, its like eating a mushy halohalo.. Other goodies include : krispy tenga – just the right crispness of the pork and sourness of the vinegar dip-it’s a winner; the crispy binagoongan – have you tried it? chunky slices of deep fried, tasty liempo on a bed of bagoong sauce. and the binukadkad na tilapia which is deep fried, butterfly-filleted tilapia done to perfection. Forget your cholesterol levels this time. Just pop in an anticholesterol tablet when you drop by!

  10. went to dinner in Kanin Club Paseo yesterday, nice place, good food BUT they lost my umbrella in their umbrella rack on a day with heavy rain. Talked to the manager/supervisor but could not console me in my anger except to offer me that they will keep my umbrella went somebody returns it, they even did not get my number so they could contact me (what a pathetic move on Kanin Club staff) up until i reminded them to get my number.
    Las Pinas

  11. We ate at Kanin Club in Ayala Triangle last night (04.Feb.) We’ve waited for the long queue in order for us to be seated. Well, that’s fine since it’s Friday. The waitress offered to take our order in advance so we will not have to wait for another couple of minutes for our food to arrive.
    After waiting for around 20-30 minutes, there was an available table for two but it was located in the middle of the area where customers pass by & both aircon units are directly blowing on us. Very disappointing.
    After few minutes the food was already served but we’ve requested to be transferred outside since I don’t think no one would be comfortable seating in the middle.
    Finally! the long wait was over, we can now enjoy the food to our hearts content. It seems that the Crispy dinuguan, Tinapa Rice and Lumpiang sariwa that we’ve ordered are now ready to fill us up. But Ooooops! The foods were served cold which reveals the real taste of the crispy dinuguan. Now I understand the reason behind the name. It was all made in chicharon. Very disappointing again. You’ll pay 200+ for a chicharon as the main ingredient and nothing more. It could have been better if it was served hot as it would give an impression that some parts are meat.
    The rice tinapa is somehow pleasant to the palette however apart from serving it cold, it wasn’t mixed well as there are big chunks of coarse rice. Wow! I should have ordered “tutong” instead.
    The third order was Lumpiang Sariwa. We were expecting a better version or at least at par with what Goldilocks has. But whoaaa! We were knocked out. It’s all mongo sprouts and some julienne carrots inside. We were expecting actually bamboo shoots or turnips (singkamas) inside the wrapper. Speaking of wrapper, it is just a plain lumpia wrapper instead of a crepe-like consistency.
    Those were just the first batch of our orders but we were not able to finish eating them all as the taste, food temp and consistencies were not tolerable at all.
    We looked for a Manager but we were told that they only have an OIC. So we talked to him instead. He was apologetic and even offered us not to pay the bill anymore. But we refused as we know it will be charged to the waiters. He should have offered to replace a new batch instead. We did not suggest it because it should be coming from him plus the fact that we were exhausted and very disappointed with the experience. We don’t have enough energy anymore to negotiate and not to mention that we were not able to eat well. We came from work and we were so hungry and excited to discover what Ayala Triangle offers from a wide array of choices. Despite the multiple options and long queue, we chose them as we want to try something new and this is what we got. This might be our first time but definitely the last time. I would even share my experience to my colleagues who are interested in trying them.
    I am writing this down not just to warn everybody but to extend my disappointment to the Kanin Club Management. Your concept is good and the menu itself looks interesting as it captures the Filipino culture however if you will not address the complains such as this, I can’t see how you can also survive the tough competition in the market. Based from what I’ve known this is not the first complaint people could see. Marketing is good but word of mouth is fatale. It will make or break any establishment’s success.

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