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Is this the face of Jesus Christ?

I was hoping that the exhibit would have a profound effect on us. Unfortunately, it did not and I’ll tell you why.

The exhibit proves that the cloth is authentic and a documentation of a man who was scourged, speared, crowned with thorns, and crucified during the time of Jesus Christ, as depicted in the bible. But there is no conclusive evidence that suggest how the full front and back image could occur on the Shroud without any distortion and by only residing in the outermost surface of the weave. This is the core of the mystery, how could this even be possible to have a silent account of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ as depicted in the Shroud of the Turin. It was amazing to see how the cloth survived through centuries and how it nearly escape destruction with some burn marks to prove it.

So when reason ends, faith begins. The Risen Christ theory suggest that the image was formed by the radiation created during the resurrection of Jesus Christ. I believe that the shroud is a miracle art where it depicts the brutal crucifixion but also the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. How can a piece of cloth be this powerful?

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There are only two ways to look at the Shroud of Turin exhibit. The first one is that it is a P250 light and sound show of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and a documentary on all the evidences/ conclusions based on the countless studies on this cloth. The other way is to approach it with reverence like praying the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Holy Rosary and reflecting on Jesus’ brutally murdered body to save us from our sins.

There are three parts in the exhibit. The first part is a meditation on the crucifixion of Jesus Christ by having life size dioramas of the Sorrowful mysteries. It is followed by a documentary on the Shroud of Turin and brings you up to date on all the studies on this mystery cloth. The last part is a personal journey on what the Shroud really means for you.

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“In 2005, using the very latest digital photographic reproduction techniques, the Shroud has been recreated– in life-size form on backlit and full-size transparencies, on full life-size digital prints and in both positive and negative formats, along with many close-ups of the individual detail of the man on the Shroud—and all these were exhibited in New Zealand for the first time.”

(The Shroud Exhibit in the Philippines)

“The Shroud of Turin is a centuries old linen cloth that bears the image of a crucified man. A man that millions believe to be Jesus of Nazareth. Is it really the cloth that wrapped his crucified body, or is it simply a medieval forgery, a hoax perpetrated by some clever artist? Modern science has completed hundreds of thousands of hours of detailed study and intense research on the Shroud. It is, in fact, the single most studied artifact in human history, and we know more about it today than we ever have before. And yet, the controversy still rages. This web site will keep you abreast of current research, provide you with accurate data from the previous research and let you interact with the researchers themselves. We believe that if you have access to the facts, you can make up your own mind about the Shroud. Make sure you visit the page where you can Examine the Shroud of Turin for yourself. We hope you enjoy your visit.”

(The Shroud of Turin by Barrie Schwortz)

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What is amazing for me is that this is a full body 3d silent account of the brutal death of Jesus Christ. As you get closer to the life size replica image of the Shroud of Turin, you’ll just notice the obvious burn marks. As you step back and look at it from a distance you can clearly see the face of Jesus Christ and the suffering he endured for our sins.

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A miraculous Santo Entiero from Cebu is also on display after the exhibit. You’ll appreciate this image even more after reflecting on what the shroud of Turin really means for you.

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In the adoration chapel, you’ll see the portrait of the dead face of Jesus Christ. There is no doubt in mind that it is indeed, Jesus Christ.

My only regret was that I approached the exhibit with the intent of blogging about it and the Devil capitalized on my curiosity. You will be tempted NOT to go to this exhibit either because of its P250 entrance fee or you’ll conclude that this is just one of Henry Sy’s gimmick to bring in traffic to the SM malls.

Approach it like going to a pilgrimage to the official exposition of the Shroud in Turin in 2025. The image is the same and we know for sure that the cloth is authentic. Let it touch your heart.


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The Shroud of Turin Exhibit in SM Mall of Asia

Locked away in a cathedral in Italy, the Shroud of Turin is a mysterious artifact displayed only three or four times a century, drawing pilgrims from all over the world to witness its exposition. Although the next official exposition of the Shroud is slated in 2025, Filipinos do not have to wait for a couple more decades nor travel thousands of miles to see it.

For the first time in the Philippines, and the first time in Asia, Shroud Exhibits International, Inc. presents the Philippine Exhibition of The Mystery of the Shroud of Turin.

After enlightening New Zealand, the exhibit’s journey continues in the Philippines – the only predominantly Christian nation in Southeast Asia—as the country plays host to this very special exhibit that allows visitors to journey with the Shroud’s history, discover the facts and myths behind the Shroud, and unravel the mystery behind this treasured piece.

After a successful first leg at SM City Pampanga, the Mystery of the Shroud of Turin runs at SM Mall of Asia from Sept. 8 to Dec. 9; SM Davao from Jan. 18 to Feb. 3, 2008; and SM City Cebu from April 4-27, 2008.

P250 entrance fee. It is located opposite of the IMAX theatre beside the Fish & Company restaurant in the first floor.

For more details, contact Shroud Exhibits International, Inc. at 895-2966 or 610-0870, or email

19 thoughts on “Shroud of Turin

  1. the shroud’s a fake. There was a national geographic special about that before where they analyzed the shroud. There were a lot of inconsistencies with the shroud with the time of death of Jesus Christ, one that stuck to my mind was that the height of the figure on the shroud was shorter than Jesus’ height.

  2. fraud shroud? who the hell cares if that thing’s fake? what matters is your faith. hehe. by the way, i’m the one from UST doing a study on blogging ethics. are you still interested to join our discussion? hope you are. we need to come up with a list of the participants now. just to remind you, the discussion will be held on Sunday, Sept. 23, at room 128, UST Main Building, from 10am to 4pm. but you can come at 11 if you want. there’ll be a group of other bloggers from the party also. thanks so much. really hoping you could come. see yah!

  3. During the middle Ages, relics that were supposedly connected to Jesus Christ were very common. There is even enough wooden pieces from the original cross scattered throughout Europe and the Mediterranean areas to build a small cabin.

  4. Documentaries point out that extensive testing on the Shroud reveals that it was created during the Middle Ages or Renaissance. So, we can’t even be sure if that is truly the face of Jesus. Given all the evidence, I’m convinced that the Shroud isn’t authentic.
    BUT…that doesn’t mean I don’t believe in what it stands for. I wouldn’t worship the shroud itself, but I feel that it serves as an inspiration and reminder of God’s love.

    1. Let us be thankful for this opportunity to get to know the Holy Shroud of Turin as if it was our Lord Jesus Christ who invited us to come and reflect upon his most horrifying crucifixion and death. It was out of his great love for us that he gave his life in obedience to the will of our Father in Heaven. Let us thank and love the Holy Spirit for allowing us to understand the power of love that can change ourselves to live as truly holy people of God. Remember that our Blessed Mother Mary gave her own flesh and blood to her son so we can see the true face of Jesus that will save us.

  5. Carbon-dating already proved that this shroud is a hoax – manufactured by the early Church to support her claims.
    But if this shroud strengthens your Christian faith, then good for you. For me, it doesn’t.
    Happy weekend everyone!

  6. Dear Mr. Anton,
    This post moved me. I was inspired with what you stated in your post: “So when reason ends, faith begins.” I strongly agree with you. The Shroud, authentic or not, still will do NOTHING to wane my FAITH in CHRIST. I may lose faith on things and people, but never in my faith in Christ and the Catholic Church. They say that what is in your heart is the only way to true faith. Everything we see, feel and touch on the face of the earth is temporal. Only God`s undying love is the greatest proof.
    Thanks and God bless.
    – Grey

  7. CORRECTION: The Philippines is no longer the only predominantly Christian nation in Asia, or even Southeast Asia for that matter. Timor Leste or East Timor is about 90+% Catholic.

  8. The image of the face on the Shroud of Turin was known to be the face of “Jacques de Molay”. Jacques de Molay is considered by the Free Masons to be the Second Messiah

  9. In 1988, from the results of carbon dating showed that the fabric “Shroud of Turin” could not pre-date 1260. But now new evidence ‘conclusively’ proves that it is not a FAKE.. yet neither is it the image of Jesus Christ.
    The image has been recently discovered to be “Jacques de Molay”, the man believed to be Jesus’s successor. The guardians of this secret tried hard to hide if from the world and even their own members.

  10. Hey dude! Thanks for the note on our blog. If we link you, what’s the category? Is this a food blog?
    Pisanu Leelahanond
    BISEAN Blog
    Bangkok, Thailand

  11. If all else fails, READ THE BOOK! It states that the head was wrapped seperately. John 20:7 speaks about the napkin that about his head. In all 4 gospels is states “linen cloths” – plural, more than one!

  12. It’s not just a matter of where reason ends and faith beginning. It’s also an acknowledgment of church officials for centuries declaring proven hoaxes to be legitimate miracles, and accepting donations and tithes using these objects. These are the people that are directly responsible for solidifying your spiritual beliefs (I don’t doubt the feelings in your heart to be towards Christ, but without ever being taught so in church, would you ever think yourself that it’s imperative for you to confess your sins to a priest or attend communion?). Please continue your own connection to your spiritual side, but do not just give those with less than honest motives a free ride.

  13. There was some very interesting work being done on the “blood” claimed to be on the shroud at the University of Texas in 1995, which I wrote about for the Philippine Daily Inquirer back when. If I recall they were doing DNA tests on it to see if Man with only a Mother might have a different Genome than ordinary human beings. But I think it turned out to be paint or something…The science of how the image was made is probably more important than DNA studies though because it may reveal the existence of a superb form of photography from the 13th century.
    I think it is okay to believe what we want to believe, including science.

  14. This is indeed one controversial piece of cloth. It is a good thing that I posted this to hear both sides of the argument.
    At first I thought that most people will believe in the Shroud of Turin. Now I know why they have to put this exhibit for you to decide for yourself on what to believe in.
    Thanks for all the comments.

  15. Superstitious bullshit, a Middle Age artefact made by the ‘Primark’ of the times.He he you gullible suckers there is more truth in Rumplestiltskin, he he…

  16. Jesus was a fucking phony and a Jew that was killed by Jews to boot, the money lending motherfuckers. I mean how can you trust a Jew if they killed their own ‘saviour’…ha ha…

  17. I was in the exhibit described by Anton. I went there with my mother, my brother, my wife and my son.
    It is unfortunate that there are nasty remarks about the cloth. Well, if only for the amount of studies done on that piece of cloth, the cloth deserves a more courteous treatment as true archaeological relic, whether 12th century or 32AD.
    Was it Christ or not? I do not believe science can prove anything.
    As a matter of fact, that is not the question at all.
    The question is: IS THAT CLOTH AUTHENTIC?
    Don’t confuse the question with evangelistic intentions of Christians. Evangelization activities continue with or without that piece of cloth.
    Let’s talk plain SCIENCE here.
    What scientists found conclusively were:
    1. It was the image of a real person, not a painting or any pictorial representation of someone through whatever means. Whether it was a 12th century person or a 32AD person would not change the finding that it was a real person under that shroud and the image of that person somehow stuck on that shroud.
    2. How the image got into the cloth could not be explained by science. But the images of the blood are images of real blood that stuck on the cloth.
    3. The person in the image was crucified, crowned with thorns, scourged and pierced in the abdomen…in an exact manner described by the Bible as to how Christ died. Did that mean the person in the shroud was Christ? The scientists were not saying that. They only said that man died according to how Christ died as described in the scripture.
    4. The carbon-dating process used in dating the shroud to the 12th century was at the very least debatable. There were no-nonsense questions on the process adopted.
    Alright, that was SCIENCE.
    Now let’s talk FAITH.
    If you’re a man of faith, does it matter what’s on that shroud? I mean, really?
    If you’re a man who does not have faith, and the shroud turns out to be what Christians claim it to be, what is that to you?
    If I were you I better practice praying. You might need it.

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