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Cosmopolitan on Martini glass Shaken not Stirred.

Cosmopolitan Origins: The Cosmopolitan appeared sometime in 1980s- exactly who and where is unknown. Although the Cosmos originator is unknown, Dale De Groff can rightly claim to have popularized the drink and adjusted the recipe. Sex in the City popularizes the drink and gave it a ladies drink equity. (Kaiz would disagree)

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Ice 6-8 cubes
Lime Juice,10 ML
Triple Sec, 15 ML
Cranberry Juice, 60 ML
Vodka, 40 ML
Orange Peel,1 Piece

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Equipment: (Mixing glass, Peg Measure, Bar Spoon, Strainer )

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Chill the martini glass in refrigerator or add 5 -6 cubes of ice and keep aside while you prepare the drink. Fill Cocktail shaker / mixing glass with 6-8 cubes of ice. Measure and add 10 ML lime juice, 15 ML Triple Sec, 60 ML cranberry Juice, measure and add 40 ML Vodka.

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Place the lid on the shaker firmly and shake vigorously for about 10 to 15 seconds. If using stirred method take bar spoon and stir till drink is well mixed. Strain and pour into pre-chilled glass.

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Twist and drop in the orange peel or leave it on the rim of the glass.

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Toast and Enjoy!


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