[Mixology Recipe 2of4] Melontini (Melon Martini)


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Melontini (Melon Martini) on Martini Glass Shaken not Stirred (ala Bond)

Ice 6-8 cubes
Melon Syrup, 15ml
Vodka 40 ML
Melon Ball 1 Piece

Equipment: Peg Measure. Cocktail Shaker

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Chill the martini glass in refrigerator or add 5 -6 cubes of ice and keep aside while you prepare the drink.

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Add 5-6 Ice Cubes to cocktail shaker. Measure and add the melon syrup.Measure and add 40 ML Vodka.

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Place the lid on the shaker firmly and shake vigorously for about 10 to 15 seconds.

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Drop in melon ball as garnish.

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Strain and pour into pre-chilled glass.


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