Paseo de Bahamas – Great Hangout place in Midtown

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So after breakfast at Chefs’ Quarters and dessert in Sucree, we came back on December 25 evening to hang out with my brother. We were surprised to find an inuman place that serves great food.

We were brainstorming on how to go about our 100days tour of the Philippines in preparation to write my book, Our Awesome Planet: Philippines. I was convincing him to join me and we would start a weekly internet show called Our Awesome Planet Live or Where in the Philippines is Aidan? (any other suggestions?) during that 100 days trip. You should see the awesome wedding videos of my brother Rommel and Iggy who are partners in Cinematic Concepts. I would like the internet show to have the same cinematic treatment but filmed you tube style.

We were dreaming on Christmas Day and hoping in comes true in 2008. We were dreaming of being sponsored by Canon for all our photo and video equipment. We love Canon and we won’t settle for anything less 🙂 (sorry for the Nikon fans out there…) We were inspired to give an alternative show to see the beauty of the Philippines in our own eyes and share it with the rest of the world. We plan to do it ourselves with the help of some friends, the support of our families, few sponsors that we would like to work with and a few donations from friends of OAP.

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So much for that dream… let’s go back to Paseo de Bahamas. We love the service, the great food that we did not expect and the beer tower concept. Check out their menu:

Sharing Hot Tapas, Bread and Pizza, Soup | Sharing Cold Tapas, Soups, Fondue | House Special Creation and Dessert | Juice, Beer, Softdrinks, Water, Coffee |Beverage List | Titania Wine Cellar |Paseo de Bahamas Bahamas Treats

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Beer Tower (3 Liters) (P450). Aidan was our taga-tagay and we finished this beer tower which contains probably about 8 bottles of San Mig Light.

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The 450 Beer Tower comes with this pica pica platter.

Paseo de Bahamas-18
Spaghetti Arabiata (P158). Spaghetti Pasta with eggplant & bacon in spicy tomato herb sauce. This was the cheapest pasta but not the cheapest in terms of taste. The serving size is about right for one person with a good appetite.

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Salmon Duxelle – Grilled Salmon with mixed vegetables (P250). My wife and I kept raving about the juicy salmon taste of this grilled salmon.

Paseo de Bahamas-19
Beef Shank “Osso Buco Style” with Mushroom Rissotto (P385+). The Osso Buco is tender with an awesome mushroom risotto and mushroom gravy sauce (I think).

Paseo de Bahamas-20
Banana Split with Chocolate Sauce & Nut (P145) and Amaretto Caramel Flan (P115). We tried the dessert and we would recommend to go to Sucree instead.

Paseo de Bahamas-22
Charisse, Rommel and Aidan’s version of the Korean pose.

Paseo de Bahamas

Paseo de Bahamas
Level 1 – Alfresco Space
Robinsons Place Manila-Midtown Ermita, Manila
Telephone: +632 528 4017 or 567 1911


15 thoughts on “Paseo de Bahamas – Great Hangout place in Midtown

  1. Hahaha… Aidan is so cute in the korean pose picture.
    I’m a usual visitor of Anton’s blog. Please keep them coming. Tnx tnx!

  2. ….lol!….it does’nt matter{which ones or both how you will titled your internet shows-videos with aidan it will be a hit lol!….first of all beside showing us the beauty and all the fun like games competitions picnics bonfires the cliffs all those gorgeous mountans hills gorges all the hanging bridges thrills all islands thrill seekers unique architectural & historical filipino giants colorgul noisy cultural & learning techniques ‘filipio styles’mini short stories and mysteries of any particular towns-cities-provinces….it will be hilarious{sense of humors}and educational but witty lol!….what will make them even more interesting as time passed by will be those lucky….clothing endorsements ‘aidan’ and the hosts will be wearing in your internet videos….also you must have a really cute but state of the art sportive vehicle to match your outfits sometimes lol!…..called trademarks….aidan handgliding in not so high hills will be fun lol!…poor aidan lol!….those lucky OUTDOOR SPORTS endorser will really boost their sale of course months after we will see them….kasi syempre it takes time to save money to buy at planning takes time din naman….so we have to be realistic….the point is if aidan is wearing a cute bicycle outfits or hand glider or kayak or sailing gears….i want to buy-have the same cute outfits too….to match all your fun activities….syempre naman lol!….later privately some secret aidan can say to get those millions of viewers along the lines later of course….but please let me see a lot of the province of BATANES islands…thank you so much….good luck….

  3. AAARGGH!!! My wife and I passed by this place last night while walking around but unfortunately we just ate dinner at Kamayan. The place looked interesting but I wasn’t sure what to expect. Now this post shows what I missed. We were in the area just for one night and I might have to wait until I get back next year to try this place out.

  4. Am looking forward to your tv program, and book (and more of your family’s food adventures)! Wouldn’t it be nice if it were reality tv, too (he, he)? Keep us posted on the time slot and launch, please. Happy new year to all!

  5. Hi Anton! Thank you for visiting my friend’s resto Paseo de Bahamas, moreso featuring it in your website!
    Wishing you and your family good health and abundance this coming year!

  6. Hi Anton!I’m an off and on fan of yours- I do appreciate the info from your blogs!
    When you go on your tour for your upcoming book and video about the Phil, pls do include Sorsogon in your itenerary. There are so many interesting and beautiful places there which are not well-known such as Bulusan Lake,Dancalan Beach, Masacrot Springs, etc.
    Through your book and video, we hope to discover awesome places and atrractions which are off the beaten track.
    More power!!

  7. First and foremost, have a very HAPPY NEW YEAR and very PROSPEROUS one I hope. I know you will attain your plans of a new book and live video concept of OAP. Looking forward to it!

  8. Been there last Dec. 22, everything was great! from the foods, service and ambiance!!!!there is something different about the tower beer (its worth to try)!!!!!!

  9. Hi Anton!
    Small world! Rommel and I used to be classmates in a photography class near CCP a few years back!
    How is he? And how do you guys know each other? 🙂

  10. For sale Beer Tower Php 2,000.00 only
    txt or call 09217791175 or 09154219694
    Brand new and special discount for bulk orders.

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