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Sucree Torte (P850 Whole/ P125 Slice). Imagine a double layer of chocolate-almond sponge filled with chocolate ganache followed by a silky layer of creme brulee and amaretto flavored chocolate mousse, enrobe in shiny chocolate coating. A torte that truly deserves our name.

Sucree opened their second branch in Robinson’s Midtown. After eating in Chefs’ Quarters, Sucree is the dessert place to be. The virginity of Sucree was featured in Lori’s Manila’s 10 Best Desserts, 2007 and was described as:

“Anyway, the aforementioned Virginity is what I’d expect in a cake tagged with that appellation. It’s pristine in color — almost white actually, (virginal!) – a sponge cake perfumed in vanilla caressed by the lightest layer of dulce de leche. Occasional bursts of macadamia praline add textural interest and keep the mouth enticed. Truly, while this cake is purely immaculate in looks, there’s nothing virginal about it in taste.”

We decided to try the most expensive cake which is the Sucree Torte but we were disappointed. The creme brulee was out of place in a chocolate cake. We should have stick to Lori’s recommendation.

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Sucree, Midtown

Sucree Patisserie & Cafe
2nd Floor Robinson’s Place Manila-Midtown
Original Branch at Sct. Borromeo, South Triangle, Quezon City
Tel. No. +632 4150943
Mobile No. + 63 922 8042253

16 thoughts on “Sucree — Midtown’s Dessert Place

  1. I tried sucree torte and i truly enjoyed the creamy creme brulee/custard layers as it seem to add textural interest to the cake. Lori is right in saying that there’s nothing virginal with sucree’s virginity cake , i liked the subtle balance of flavors and above all its taste brings a certain feeling of nostalgia .

  2. We love Sucree!!
    The original branch was in Examiner Street in West Triangle then they moved to their Sct. Borromeo branch.
    Their gourmet pizzas are great. My kid can finish one entire pizza on her own. The Korean Beef Stew is also tops.
    Among the cakes, my fave would be the Oreo Cheesecake. They have a chocolate cake (can’t remember the name) that is also fantastic.

  3. hey anton it’s marga of h@ppyfeet. 🙂 you’re the one maintaining this pala! thanks for posting about this! i’ve been on the prowl for a new dessert place kasi my sister keeps on dragging me to the same old bizu and max brenner whenever we go out. maybe it’s time for me to suggest a new dessert place this time around!

  4. I tried Dan’s Devastation, Sex Bombe and Red Velvet. Their cakes look good but the taste is so disappointing. 🙁 They tasted like old stale cakes… Yikes.

  5. I trully love all the desserts in Sucree.. Of course, my favorite was the Sucree Torte 🙂 I have it once in a while and its LUXURIATING!

  6. Have you guys tried sucree’s FERTILITY CAKE ? Oh my gosh its soooo good . definetely a chocolate lover’s dream come true! I love it!

  7. I tried their Virginity cake and it was light and not too sweet. Taste great with coffee. We also tried the sex bomb cake- and it was decadent! They have the best ensaymada too.

  8. sucree has a good selection of entrees, pizzas and pasta too.. i usually order the pasta a la norma, then end the meal with a slice of their famous sucree torte.. yum!

  9. i once tried the virginity cake & it’s mouth watering.. it was one of the best cake i’ve ever tasted 🙂 it would be a great gift this coming valentine’s day!

  10. I tried the virginity cake last night over at Robinson’s. It was too light for me. I was looking for that extra zip. I think I’m going to try their Sucree torte next to see how it is. Their coffee was great though!

  11. i and two friends went to rob place and had dessert at sucree. pretty cakes. not cheap. i ordered red velvet, my friends had sans rival and virginity cake.
    we were extremely disappointed. we want our money back!!!!!!!
    pepper, i so agree with your review. jv, let the too-light virginity cake (their best-seller supposedly) serve as a warning.

  12. Hi! try Fun-nel Crisps at Corinthian hills, “market ata the hills” opens every saturday and sunday.yummy its like churros and funnel cake rolled into one

  13. Hi! try Fun-nel Crisps at Corinthian hills, “market at the hills” opens every saturday and sunday.yummy its like churros and funnel cake rolled into one

  14. yummy talaga! yes,you should try fun-nel crisps at market at the hills, at heavenly treats booth

  15. I tried the Fertility Cake and the Gateau Negra just now. The Fertility Cake is truly, truly a chocoholic’s dream – very dense and ganache-overload! This has got to be my favorite so far. 🙂 The Gateau Negra was bit of letdown – while the chocolate and coffee mousse filling was good, the chocolate sponge cake felt like I was eating one of those japanese torte/egg cakes… I just did not like the texture. Next time I’d try the Sucree Torte and the Virginity Cake.

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