Hooters Manila and Aidan’s Chicken Wings Fantasy


I’m sure you are excited like me and the best time to go is now. The Hooters from the US are training the Manila Hooters and most of them will leave on May 2. Some will leave on May 7 while the Hooters from Guam will stay on for a few more weeks.

Big Garments Sale in Bulacan this Summer…


I was not planning to post this anymore but a lot of recent OAP readers requested me to post the next Big Garment Sale. … We love this sale but we try to avoid it because of the crowd and we always end up charging 5 digits to our credit cards. … For first timers to this sale, it is either you go with a person who has a membership card or call them if you can apply for a membership card on site.

10 Best Ways to Experience and Enjoy Corregidor!

Child without bed: Php 3,300.00 Single occupancy for one room Php5,400.00 And be sure to bring a little snack or drink to the sunset potluck cocktail too. … Child Rate ( P 1,111) ( Includes roundtrip ferry transfers / shrine, entrance, and terminal fees / guided island tour / buffet lunch ) ETD in Manila (8.00am). … ( Includes roundtrip ferry transfers / shrine, entrance, and terminal fees / guided island tour / 1 buffet lunch on day 1 / overnight accommodation at Corregidor Inn ) Optional Lights and Sounds Show : P150/ person Text and Photos by Anton Diaz.

The Josh Baby Lingo Project


Certified Baby Sign Language Instructor, Member of Sign2Me Presenters’ Network Here are common questions about baby sign language and how to sign up for a workshop: How do I learn baby sign language? Just sign up for a workshop and by the time we end our 3 hour session you can start teaching baby at home. … Fax the deposit slip to TELEFAX NO. 823-5428 with the following details: * Name/s of participants * Name and age of baby * Phone Number * Cell Number Wait for a confirmation via text or phone call.

World Pyro Olympics 2008 – Summer Fireworks


If you can only watch during one Saturday, I would suggest that you don’t miss May 3 — China and Germany’s show; May 24 — Australia’s Show; or the Philippines Finale on May 31. … +63 906 268 8388 | P 1,500 Buffet Menu 10 MOJITO BAY Reggae Corner | 2F Entertainment Center Mall of Asia (Center North Side) | +632 556-0608 | P 750 Set Menu (tentative) 11 UCC Coffee | 2F Entertainment Center Mall of Asia (Center South Side) | +632 556-0175 | P 499 + SC Set Menu 12 TANABE Japanese Restaurant | 2F Entertainment Center Mall of Asia (South Side) | +632 556-0360. +63 917 306257 | P 1,000 / head consumables 13 HAI Chinese Resto & Bar | 2F Entertainment Center Mall of Asia (South Side) | +632 556-0815 | P 800 Set Menu 14 HEALTHY SHABU-SHABU | 2F Entertainment Center Mall of Asia (South Side) | +632 556-0354.

El Rio Y Mar – 10 Reasons Why I Prefer El Rio over Club Paradise

In the same way that I like Miniloc Island in El Nido, I love El Rio Y Mar for its laid back friendly ambiance, safe beach, and near kayak-friendly lagoon area. … , Malunggay Road FTI Complex, Taguig Metro Manila, 1604, Philippines Phone: (+632) 838-4462 and 4762 Email: info@elrioymar.com or elrioymar@europacific.ph www.elrioymar.com How to Get There: From Manila: you can take One-hour flight from Manila to Busuanga (YKR) via SEAIR, ASIAN SPIRIT or a 12-hour Cruise from Manila to Coron via WGA Superferry. From Coron Pier: Upon reaching Coron Pier, there will be a 1-hour jeepney ride from Coron Pier to YKR Airport (Busuanga) From Busuanga Airport : Upon reaching Busuanga Island, there will be a 30-minute jeepney ride followed by a scenic 20-minute boat ride.

Club Paradise, Coron, Palawan

It is centrally located near the dive spot areas which includes: 1. the housereef (reef surrounding the island) with its abundant fish life 2. the nearby feeding ground for green turtles and dugong (sea cow) — (yes not only in Donsol and it is more of a cute sea pig for me) 3. the J apanese freighter Kyokuzan Maru, (30 minutes away) 4. and, Apo Reef Natural Park, a world-class diving destination in the western side of Busuanga (about 3 hours) Also, you can go on a 1 day Coron Tour and Caluit Safari tour . … I would also recommend the island hopping tour of: — Isla Walang Lang-Aw (Island without Trees) — a small sand bar with rocky cliffs on its left side; — Isla Walang Tao (Island without People) — boasts of many tall, splendid corals; and, — Diatoy Island — with its bountiful trees and wild flowers. … And then, they disperse the plants’ seeds by chewing the fruit to extract its juice and spitting out the seeds. (see Club Paradise Faun a) I would recommend that you get the beach front cottages which would costs Php 12,000++ per night (full board, lodging and transfers).

Wig Tysmans – 10 Secrets in Capturing the Money Shot


I’m sharing with you the secrets that I learned so that you can improve your own photography and take your own “money shot”. … The best application of a vertical shot is when there is something happening on the upper half of the photograph and the lower half. Don’t take a vertical shot for the sake of having a vertical shot with an empty upper half or lower half.

Caluit, Palawan – My Childish Dream Come True

Ever since I heard of the Caluit Game Preserve Sanctuary in Palawan, I always dream of visiting this Philippines’ version of a Safari. … I can’t believe that my dream of seeing the Giraffes and Zebras for my own eyes is about to come true. The problem with Caluit is you have to go with a group so that you can enjoy the safari-like trip with other people and to make the trip cost effective.

Coron, Palawan – 8 Awesome Experiences in Coron, Palawan

Shipwreck Diving in Coron Coron became famous because of its dive spots and one of these days, I will take up diving and underwater photography. … This is my first time in Coron and I heard stories of people staying with homestays in the town just to enjoy its beauty. … Cashew Nuts Factory — Appreciate how the cashew nuts are processed We decided to buy our Roasted Cashew Nuts and the Cashew Nuts Panutcha from one of the Cashew Nuts factory in the town.