UKOKKEI RAMEN RON – One of the Best Shoyu Ramen in Manila!

In Ron, we would highly recommend ordering the Shoyu Ramen. Most of the ramen would have this sesame oily taste. The shoyu taste is smooth and clean like swimming in Kayangan Lake in Coron. I like the way the ramen noodles are cooked al dente. It is fatter than most of the commercialized ramen houses in Manila. The miso based ramen did not leave a good impression on us.

Destination Wedding Tagaytay: Lessons and Tips On How to Make Your Day Special

Readers of OAP are privy to the little experiment I had two years ago. I went to a regression session. See the article here: a Frances Gloria Regression Experience . My brother Anton gave me a surprise experiential Christmas gift– that of having a regression session with Frances Gloria. Part of the experience is supposedly taking a peek into the future. Based on the notes from Frances, the name of my future wife is supposed to be “Carly”. We are supposed to be married in some vineyard setting and the date is September 14th, 2007. The honeymoon will be at some mountain retreat in some foreign country.

Yoki’s Farm (Ultimate Tagaytay Tour 7 of 8)

We drove for 30 minutes crossing over the Tagaytay Ridge and finding our way to Yoki’s Farm. It is a hydroponics farm which houses a private collection of Yoki’s artifacts collection. We love buying our salad ingredients here which is one of the sources of Tagaytay Greens for Tagaytay’s famous restaurants.. Aside from Yoki’s treasure, buying cheap and good quality vegetables is one of the highlights of the leg of this tour.

Yoki’s Treasure (Ultimate Tagaytay Tour 6 of 8)

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Sister Raquel Reodica, Cancer Healer of the Lord

Sister Raquel is one of the Mother Ignacia nuns who is known as a Cancer Healer of the Lord. You can subscribe to the blog to get inspirational photos and poems by Eastwind and Sister Raquel. You can also pray for people from all around the world who requested for prayers for their sickness. You can also send your own prayer requests to the prayer warriors.

Astralis by Diamond Hotel

We wanted to try out Astralis by Diamond Hotel ever since it opened to give new life to the Rockwell strip.
Every time we visit, the restaurant is empty with one or two groups eating. We hesitated to try it because we find the ambiance boring, and we expected the food to be hotel prices with +10% service charge added to the menu price.

Where is your favorite place to travel on a rainy day and Why?

I love traveling during the rainy season because of the off peak rates and the lesser crowd in the different tourist destinations in the Philippines. For today’s blog contest Friday, I am interested to know: Where is your favorite place to travel on a rainy day and Why? You can write your answer (maximum of 100 words) in the comment section below or link your blog post with photos (a plus!).