Bawai Vietnamese Lunch (Ultimate Tagaytay Tour 4 of 8)

I always love to go to Bawai for the best vietnamese meal I ever tasted in Manila. Also, I love to hear the love story of Bawai on how they courted each other via sign language and how they ended up in Manila. I would like to share the experience to more people via the Ultimate Tagaytay Tour.

F*#%^! Word

Director Erik Matti’s F*#%^! Word restaurant is the latest hang-out place along C. Palanca which replaced Sake Club. Spanx, Ivan H and I decided to do our pre-production meeting here for the Ultimate Pampanga Tour this coming Saturday. We had fun figuring out what the F*#%^! Word stands for. The most likely meaning, if I would guess, is Filipino Fusion Food.

Ilog Maria Store (Ultimate Tagaytay Tour 3 of 8)

The highlight of the Ilog Maria Tour is the honey tasting straight from the honey bee comb. At first it was scary because you don’t know how clean the bee hive is. But once you tasted it, you’ll swear that it is the sweetest honey you ever tasted. The best part of the trip is shopping from the Ilog Maria Store. My wife would often have pabilins to buy from Ilog Maria.

Ilog Maria Story (Ultimate Tagaytay Tour 2 of 8)

I always love going to Ilog Maria because I’m always energized by the love story of Joel and Violaine Magsaysay. Also, Ilog Maria products have a cult following because of their natural ingredients. You can only buy them onsite at wholesale prices.

Loumars Buko Pie (Ultimate Tagaytay Tour 1 of 8)

There are three buko pie places you should try: The Laguna Buko Pies which includes Letty’s, Original Buko Pie and Collette’s; the Nueva Vizcaya Buko Pie; and the Buko Pie Tarts of Tagaytay. I was informed by Wendy that there is another popular buko pie in Iloilo which taste like a bibingka. … The secret to eating buko pies is that it should be eaten fresh out of the oven and bought from the source.

Heavenly Chocolates

We literally closed our eyes when we tasted the Ecuador Hot Chocolate Drink of Heavenly Chocolates. This new chocolate haven is teaching the foodies in Manila on how to enjoy cocoa from different origins (similar to wines). We fell in love with the strong full bodied Ecuador and we would recommend this for all chocoholics out there. For Aidan, we ordered the chocolate from Ghana which offers a smoother taste.

Bellissimo Pizza

I am skeptic about the good reviews of restaurants owned by artistas. I did not expect the pizza in Bellissimo to be really good. All the raves about Cesar Montano’s pizza was true after all. The crust is crunchy and chewy with the right amount of ingredients on top. All the pizzas are line-priced at P330 (P40 per slice) so all you need to do is choose the toppings and taste of your pizza.