The End Times by Fr. Bill Halbing (Kerygma Conference 2008)

Kerygma Conference 2008: Awaken the Miracle Within (US Stream Channel)

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I would like to greet all OAP Readers, a Blessed Christmas to all of you!

Can you feel the cool Christmas breeze this morning? Did you see the smiling face formed by two visible planets and the crescent moon last night?

My family attended the Kerygma Conference 2008: Awaken the Miracle Within last weekend. I want to share with you my personal insights and things to ponder upon this Christmas 2008.

Fr. Bill Halbing’s talks and homily touched me a lot. He is a parish priest of St. Andrews Parish in Newark, New Jersey. He is known for his insightful and down-to earth homilies laced with humor. Although not a Filipino, he always proclaims that he is a Filipino at heart. The Pre-Recorded US Stream above is his homily about the Signs of the End Times (starting from the Third sign).

All Five (5) Signs of the End Times are present now (based on the official Catholic doctrine):

1. Jews come back to the Catholic Faith. The Jews will start to accept that Jesus Christ is the Messiah.

2. Gospel is preached around the World. More people will be preaching the Gospel all around the world. We will see the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in the Philippines and in the World.

Worry is a sin. If you truly believe in the Lord, you should not worry.

3. The Anti-Christ is Coming. Watch out for people holding a bible without preaching the gospel. Do not be involved with the Maisons.

4. A Period of Apostacy. The greatest sin anybody can commit is unbelief. We would see a lot of people falling away of the Christian Faith. Your kids are the greatest prey for Satan to destroy. Having a Tattoo is against the bible. We are living a world of Vanity.

If you are living in the spirit of the Holy Spirit, the best way to show it is by the power of Testimony by leaving your past life behind, accepting Jesus as your personal savior, and showing the world your new life.

5. The Great Tribulation. We are going to see the greatest tribulation on Earth. A period where People will not care anymore.

After the Great Tribulation, you will be judged on:
1. The Knowledge, The Grace, and The Opportunity God gave you
2. How You Love (as defined by Laying down your life for one another)
3. Everything We Said (if we inspire or lead people astray)
4. Did you Follow Your Calling?

Last Kerygma 2007, the Holy Spirit blessed me by letting me realize my calling. In this year’s conference, the message is loud and clear to take my spiritual self to the next level by getting to know Jesus more and accepting Him as my personal savior.

Live an Awesome Life in God’s Grace,


Text by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.

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8 thoughts on “The End Times by Fr. Bill Halbing (Kerygma Conference 2008)

  1. Hi Anton!
    You were there too? It really looks like we’re fishes in the same bowl here.
    I was there with my wife, and I too was touched by Father Halbing’s talk.
    Was it on purpose that Father Halbing talk about it? Well, the gospel readings on December 1, 2008 somehow reminds me of Father Halbing.
    Check out my gospel reflections here:
    It’s great to know you were there. Again, you’ve beaten me into posting an article about it.
    Anyhow, did you see the smiling moon and stars last night? Maybe you won’t believe it, but it was true.
    Check this out:
    It was seen also in Kuala Lumpur.
    Somehow signs in the skies like this make me tremble at the thought of the signs in the skies stated in the Revelations.

  2. hi! i approached your wife rache as she was browsing through the exhibitors. I would have wanted to meet you personally. For some reason, I feel like i know you both personally after following your blog for years now. the ocnference was quite an experience, hope more people will get to know more anout it next year. if you haven’t yet, please try to visit anawim and do a post on it. Your blogspot is a powerful media tool anton, continue using it to propagate good things.

  3. Check out the book Epicenter by Joel Rosenberg. He tackles the end times, focusing particularly on what’s happening in the Middle East. He believes that Israel is the key to determining the signs for the end times. Here’s the book info on Amazon:
    I’m happy that you’re now a brother in Christ. I pray that you’ll be able to find a good Christian group that would foster your spiritual growth.
    God bless!

  4. More power to you Bro!
    I hope and pray that:
    all Catholics be good Catholics
    all Filipinos be good Filipinos
    all Iglesia ni Cristo be good Iglesia ni Cristo
    all Christians be good Christians
    all Muslims be good Muslims
    We are all creations of GOD.
    as Jesus preached and so as all the other messengers and prophets from Adam to Abraham to Moses and to the last of Prophets, the belief in “One God” (never have they preached of “One Religion”).
    If we could only follow the 10 Commandments, especially the 1st one.
    Creer en solo Dios
    Belief in One God
    La illaha ilallah
    We would all be ok, follow not the religious zealots (they all sound the same, no matter the religion).
    Just live a good life and be good!

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