Mobile 2.0 War: Sandbox vs. Pixlink


It is exciting to be in Manila. We are now in the center of the next generation of Mobile 2.0 services from the biggest telcos. This week, Smart launches Sandbox, while Globe launches Pixlink. It is interesting to see the difference in mobile strategies in the attempt to elevate the user mobile experience from SMS-Centric to Social Multimedia-Centric. We will have to wait and see who will win the Mobile 2.0 Wars. 🙂 Read More: Mobile 2.0 Wars: Sandbox vs. Pixlink

Jeepney Sunset Tours


The best time to watch the Manila Bay sunset is usually during the first week of March. In this period, the cool winds bid farewell to Manila as we welcome the start of summer. As the sun sets in Manila Bay, you’ll notice that the sun is fully round and, often, it paints the sky with a reddish or orange hue.

“You cannot be a Filipino unless you become Pampanga first.”


Congratulations to Claude Tayag, Ivan Man Dy and Market Manila for showcasing the Filipino cuisine to the World. Anthony Bourdain credited the slow-roasted lechon in Cebu as “The Best Pig Ever” (kudos to MarketManila!). This puts the Philippines’ pork dish in the #1 slot in Bourdain’s Hierarchy of Pork.

AIM Internet Marketing Course

The AIM Internet Marketing Course for Business Executives is now OPEN. I’m excited to be part of it and I’ll be teaching only certain topics which includes:
– Generating Traffic: Internet Advertising & Search Engine Marketing
– Creating the Mindset: Manage Your Company’s Brand and Reputation Online
– Blogging & Blog Marketing: Conversations that can lead to Conversions

Aidan’s First Photo Shoot

We love Aidan’s first photoshoot. Raymond Marcelo of Shotwell Studios did a great job with Aidan’s class picture. How I wish I can get the high – res files. My favorite photo is the one where he was seated with his legs up. What’s your favorite?