Manila loves Jack Canfield

Manila loves Jack Canfield because of his Chicken Soup for the Soul series. His claim to fame is that he was rejected a number of times before he was able to successfully publish his book. Jack owns the record of having the Most Books on New York Times Best Seller list in the Guinness Book of World Records. Jack is one of the role models and mentors Filipinos can learn from.

The New Breed of Parents

We reap what we sow. Oftentimes we hear older parents complaining about how their children seem distant, how the kids tend to be closer to their friends instead of their families. They claim that their children do not confide in them at all.

Sylvia Miguel’s Cleanest Tasting Lechon


This is a personal invitation to regular OAP readers who wants to join our family in checking out the latest dining destination in Tagaytay – Sylvia Miguel’s Garden. We would like to share our discoveries and our first time experience with OAP friends.