Tina Raines’ Frozen Lemon and Herb Pie!

 Congratulations, Ultimate Taste Test 4.0 Winner 
Frozen Pies by Tina Raines
Frozen Lemon & Herb Pie, Peanut Butter & White Choco Chips, Strawberry & Chocolate Chips, Mangoes & Roasted Macadamia Nuts


Total Number of Foodies who rated: 281

“Be it the savory pies or the frozen ones, Tina Raines really knows how to rock it!!”

“Frozen lemon meringue was really refreshing” – Ultimate Taste Test 4.0 Foodie

Winner of Ultimate Taste Test 2.0- Callos Aussie Pies by Tina Raines
Winner of Ultimate Taste Test 3.0- Homemade Savoury Pies by Tina Raines
Winner of Ultimate Taste Test 4.0- Tina Raines’ Frozen Lemon and Herb Pie!

Ever since UTT2.0, Tina Raines continues to surprise foodies — first, with her savoury Aussie pies and, now, her frozen pie creations. You’ll know a food supplier is great if they can create innovative food products that foodies would love. She’s been a consistent favorite in past Ultimate Taste Test events. 

Personally, I love the Frozen Lemon and Herb pie because the lemon neutralizes the sweetness and gives a refreshing aftertaste. It reminds me of the Frozen Brazo treats because it has the same texture and feel when eating it. But it is different because it uses Meringue with Graham crackers as the base.

You have to be careful when eating one slice because it could soon lead to another one. You won’t get tired of the taste, and this is a quality that you should look for when offering/seeking great desserts. It comes in a frozen pie shape that is very tempting to throw in someone’s face (think Eat Bulaga). 🙂

Only thing is, it is messy to cut the pie into nice triangular slices because it won’t hold up.

 “I was delighted with these. They’re different. Loved the lemon herb pie” – Ultimate Taste Test 4.0 Foodie

The Story of Tina Raines’ Frozen Lemon and Herb Pie
by Tina Raines

In the province where I lived, from the age of 14 to 17 years old, the old folks had a saying that a party is not a party without lechon, and a meal is not a complete meal without desserts. To them, it was requisite that a meal had steps A-Z and one could not miss one step. My maternal grandfather often fancied eating dessert or any sweet fruit with the main course (many people in Cagayan de Oro did the same). His favorite was ripe mango with rice and his viand of choice. My mother is exactly the same and has the biggest addiction to sweets and desserts. This probably explains my inherent love for dessert every time a meal ends.

When I was living in Australia, my husband and I would often go for a weekend surf trip and make an early stopover at the local farmers/craft/vintage markets. Once, I remember, there was this old American lady at the Eumundi Markets on the Sunshine Coast who was selling the only cold dessert amongst a handful of dessert vendors. She was hawking frozen Lemon Pies, and I must tell you they were the best and most refreshing Lemon Pies I’ve ever had — sinfully delectable! This easily became one of my favorites. Hence, my Frozen Lemon and Herb pie was inspired by that American lady. To make it more refreshing, my version has natural lemon herbs.

Now that I’ve been living in Manila for more than a year, I have been in the business of selling savoury meat pies — and I’m now trying my hand at cold desserts……….trying to share with you my earliest and most recent SWEET memories. 🙂

What Foodies Say About the Frozen Pies of Tina Raines:

– sarap ng frozen lemon 🙂
– love the meringue pie!
– frozen lemon pie was a bit too sweet for me
– very good, does not taste like meringue
– too rich for me but interesting
– more lemony please
– strawberry and choco chips – has a funny aftertaste
– delicious!
– mango & strawberry are good
– the mangoes & roasted macadamia is love!
– love the strawberry! very light but filling
– Nice frozen pie, haven’t tasted (anything) like it.
– This is a must try!!! nomnom!
– mangoes & roasted macadamia made my day
– I love the peanut butter!
– aylavet!
– love their lemon & herb pie and macadamia pie
– PB was too sweet, mango was great dough!
– heaven
– perfect sweet & sour combination. I love it!
– very refreshing! a little too soft
– strawberry & choco chips only
– love it! sweetness at its right level
– I love the frozen lemon pie
– I was delighted with these. They’re different. Loved the lemon herb pie.
– good, but has a tangy aftertaste
– love the pies
– yummy! peanut butter!
– Frozen Meringue =) Classic!
– the best!
– frozen meringue is good, but nothing special
– too sweet
– I love the mango & macadamia combination, right amount of sweetness
– will definitely buy!
– mango meringue!
– forgettable lemon & herb pie
– refreshing!
– sweetness is just right!
– awesome! heavenly!
– sarap to the bones!
– roasted macadamia nuts – great!
– all the variants were delicious!
– great
– too sweet
– mango on ice cream, what’s not to like?
– the nutty surprises between cream is very nice

– too frozen/firm

– awesome flavors!

– amazing dessert!

– I can feel the ice crystals

“The frozen meringue pie is sinfully delightful!” – Ultimate Taste Test 4.0 Foodie

Frozen Pies (P750, 8.5 in in diameter, 2.5 in height)
Frozen Lemon & Herb Pie,
Peanut Butter & White Choco Chips,
Strawberry & Chocolate chips,
Mangoes & Roasted Macadamia Nuts

Savoury Pies by Tina Raines



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Disclosure: All the food suppliers who joined the Ultimate Taste Tests 4 provided FREE samples to 1,000 foodies. Only those suppliers who were rated 3.3 and above (by the foodies) are featured as the UTT4 winners in the blog. 

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8 thoughts on “Tina Raines’ Frozen Lemon and Herb Pie!

  1. I missed having a taste of this! Simply because Tina already ran out of samples by the time we reached her table at around 9PM. And I was just one of so many foodies who left her table sorely disappointed because we have been hearing so many raves about her pies prior and during the event. Another of my memorable frustrations at UTT 4.0 – along with missing out on most of Dulcelin’s delights. Obviously that’s the main cop-out of inadvertently accommodating way too many foodies to the event than the suppliers can efficiently cope with.

  2. i wonder why baguio city do not have an ultimate taste like this meaning strawberries ultimate tests anything made from strawberries since they have plenty of them like strawberry cakes pies strawberries ice cream youghorts minatamis na strawberries for halo halo o for pies marmalades sweet or natural even an strawberry wines o steawberry champagnes-sparkling wines liqours we made decades ago was really really good even those strawbweey candies dried strawbeeries is cool to eat o biscuit with strawberries when dried are great so what’s holding baguio city to have an ultimate tests soon if local pinoys doesnt want to initiate how about those half filipinos in baguio city hey keep the beats up start talking about it start preparing for this STRAWBERRIES ULTIMATE TEST 01 lol!

  3. Tina’s pies are all delicious! Me and my boys gave it our highest score! Super yummy promise! Congrats Tina! ^_^

  4. thanks everyone for your comments 🙂
    we appreciate it very much.
    fyi – for our frozen pies, we can tweak the ingredients based on your preference (sweeter, no calorie sweetener, less peanut butter, more lemon, etc).

  5. Hi Tina, this is Sandy. I ordered both Lemon/Herbs and Mangoes/Macadamia from you last week. I hosted dinner in a restaurant that didn’t really have dessert so they allowed me to take it with me. All 24 guests loved it. My sister remembers reading about it here at OAP the moment I told her what was for dessert 🙂 Struggling to keep my diet…but always tempted to make a new order. Good to know you can adjust recipe…I will want a little more on the lemon.

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