Gratitude, more than just a restaurant?

“Whenever you say thank-you from your heart, more is bestowed on you,
for gratitude is a key to opening the doors to univeral abundance.”

I like the concept of the Gratitude restaurant, which is actually more of a venue for personal wellness/spiritual community. It is like a healthy/vegetarian restaurant with a 

Brahma Kumaris kind of vibe

 and with “Jaime Lichauco“-type of seminars also.

The place has a spiritual feel without leaning towards any religion. Every Friday, you can even attend a meditation session, and occasionally, you can attend seminars on reading one’s aura or getting to know your angels (for FREE).

The food is healthy — complete with nutritional information, but sadly it does not deliver much on the yummy taste. Average price for the food is P200+. I think more time was devoted to developing the overall branding rather than the quality of the food. I have some ideas or suggestions on how to improve it…

Overall, this is our type of neighborhood place to hang out, especially with like-minded individuals who are not afraid to be open in terms of their spirituality and preference for healthy food.

Upon arrival in the restaurant, you’ll be given a bowl of affirmations to choose from. It is a nice touch to the Gratitude experience, but sometimes, the servers forget to offer the affirmation bowl.

Gratitude Cafe (More than just a Restaurant) Menu:
The Story of Gratitude Cafe | Appetizers, Soups | Salads, Sandwiches | Pasta, Main Course | Main Course, Thank You! | Fresh Fruit | Healthy Drinks

The hardbound, well-styled menu created by Nica Hechanova is really nice. She also created the Gratitude logo, which is engraved on the plates and etched on the glasses.

The names of the food items follow the feel-good theme of the resto. I like the fact that each menu item has information regarding its calories, carbohydrates, protein and fat content. Vegetarians and those looking for an energizing, feel-good meal would be very happy with the menu choices.

I am thriving! (P230 +10%sc). Fresh shiitake, button, and oyster mushrooms pureed in a light cream base, and topped with fresh parsley.

The mushroom soup is made using fresh mushrooms and served dense with light cream. We like dipping the slice of bread that comes with it. The taste is good — it would have been great if it was served hot and with a more soup-y consistency.

I am cheerful! (P230 +10%sc). Chunks of fresh tuna with sliced tomatoes and light mayonnaise topped with melted cheese.

I enjoyed this Chunky Tuna Sandwich because of the tiny cubes of tuna with a rich coating of mayonnaise and the toasted layer of cheese. 🙂 It is served with a small fresh salad with dressing on the side.

Still, at P250, you can already get an angus beef burger at that price. You might feel like you’re paying for the ambiance and branding every time you bite into your food.

Positive sayings are framed and celebrated all around the restaurant. I like the detail of the hand-painted leaves on the walls.

It would have been nicer if it had a homey garden feel; however, it still had the ambiance of a commercialized canteen/restaurant. Making the resto feel more personal and cozy would add to its feel-good vibe. Maybe having more customer-generated sayings (think Mary Grace) would also help.


What I really love about Gratitude is the sense of community it aims to foster. Interesting seminars are offered there for FREE. 

You have to reserve to attend the classes, though. All the classes are held in the 2nd floor function room, which was really designed for meditation-type of sessions. Here is the complete schedule.

I am proudly Filipino! (P180 +10%sc). Their version of “adobo” cooked with gluten chunks and served with rice. Perfect for vegetarians.

Our unofficial name for this is “gluten-with-brown-sauce-that-does-not-taste-like-adobo”. This one was poorly executed because the sauce hardly tasted like adobo, and it did not live up to its name.

I am elegant! (P240 +10%sc). Black olive relish, basil pesto, and light cream, with eggplant served on spaghetti and topped with white cheese (kesong puti).

This dish is creamy and good, but don’t expect al dente noodles. You can order wheat pasta for an additional P30. It is not something to rave about, but at least it is healthy.

It is refreshing to see spiritual and personal development books and an Angel Guidance Board in a restaurant (instead of the usual board games). 🙂

The high ceiling minimizes the echo of the concrete walls. The colors used are probably meant to provide a bright, cheery, and “healthy” feel. For me, though, the resto had an overall atmosphere similar to that of a canteen — just with Free Wifi. I think adding homey touches and encouraging warm confidence in the waiters would be nice.

Gratitude is the project of Kahlil Bagatsing and partner, Analei Atienza. 🙂 Kahlil may look intimidating, but he’s got a pleasing personality and is all heart. 🙂

Customers are encouraged to write on the Gratitude White Board, which serves as a guest book and a personal expression wall. It’s a really great idea! It’s just sad that, after a few months, they would have to erase all the writings.

Maybe it would be good to have a table where people can leave their personal messages of gratitude — similar to Mary Grace notes, but more focused on positivity. Other people who would read the messages can then be energized by those affirmations and encouraging thoughts.

Another idea would be to create a communal vision board where people can contribute to a shared vision of a First-World Philippines. 🙂

Gratitude, more than just a restaurant
Unit 1-G The Sapphire (Beside Yogurt Nation)
Residences Tower-I
31st Brgy. South side, Fort Bonifacio (West)

Contact: Analei Atienza
Mobile+63 917-805-5525
Website: Gratitude Restaurant 

Parking is near Shell (only gas station) and 7-11 in Bonifacio Global City. You can park outside the restaurant after 7pm. 🙂

Live an Awesome Life,

Call or Text Me: +63917 5683-627 (LOVE-OAP)
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Disclosure: Nothing to disclose. We paid for our meals, and we just met Kahlil when we dined at the restaurant.

P.S. We love dropping by Yogurt Nation for dessert. We usually have a cup of Frozen Yogurt or Yogurt Slush (Yogurt with Tequila) there. 🙂

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  1. ahhh i was just at the fort and there was another vegetarian place i have not tried yet!
    next time…
    and yogurt nation… cge

  2. does your disclosure mean that you usually get meals for free? instead of disclosing when you pay for your meals, maybe you should disclose when you get them for free, which is the usual practice of food reviewers.

  3. Hi Anton,
    We don't do a blog post review when we get it for free. Some readers suggested to include a disclosure in all the food and travel posts. I'm making it a standard in all the posts particularly for restaurants or places 🙂

  4. Yeah it’s kind of the reverse. Reviewers would normally feel a need to disclose freebies received from the establishment they are reviewing. This is because the norm is that you pay for your meals to ensure an unbiased review. Posts that need disclosures more would be, perhaps like the ones about the show Legally Blonde where you may have entered into a marketing a deal with them, or the posts on the taste test event winners where you may state that these businesses provided free food samples for your event, etc.

  5. You are right on the putting disclosure statements on Ultimate Taste Test and the different shows I will review. I'm planning to put disclosure statements on all blog posts just to be transparent moving forward. Also, thanks for the constructive comments. 
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  6. Hi Anton 🙂 I’m with the group of girls you photographed above. Made our day! 🙂 especially since we read your blog! Loved Gratitude too—liked the food and the ambiance even more.

  7. This is really nice restaurant! thanks for sharing this Anton. interested to see and dine at this Gratitude restaurant. I also believe in “gratitude” thoughts and actions.
    May Heaven bless you more!
    PS,I enjoyed reading your site. I’ll include you to my Blessed Sites.

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