[Survey] OAP Live an Awesome Life Planner Cover Design

Which among the Live An Awesome Life Planner Covers would you like?


I have an exciting project that OAP readers would love. I’m working on an interactive planner in partnership with the best planner designers in Manila. I’ll share some more details in succeeding blog posts. For now, can you help me decide which cover design should I use for the OAP | Live an Awesome Life Planner?

Please vote for your favorite OAP Live an Awesome Life Planner Cover Design!

It would only take one minute of your time to vote (one question only).

Thanks so much for your time to answer the survey!

Live an Awesome Life,

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P.S. For those who are interested to become a sponsor for the planner, please email rachediaz@gmail.com with subject: “OAP Planner Sponsor”

P.P.S. Again, Here is the survey link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/oapplannersurvey

39 thoughts on “[Survey] OAP Live an Awesome Life Planner Cover Design

  1. what is an interactive planner btw? havent smartphones replaced planners? I know I use my smartphone as my planner.
    Dear Smartphone….

  2. I like the third because of the rustic look but find the pasta element is misleading, suggesting Italy rather than the PI.
    The first is also nice but looks very ‘upscale.’ Graphically, I like the second the most, but it is vague about the brand. looks more like a road trip/travel guide like lonely planet.

  3. 2nd one is good. But do you think it would be better if the lines were fitted with Philippine colors?
    1st one looks kinda fairy to much and I agree with third with the pasta comment.

  4. I like number 2 the best, but maybe extend the shadow on the whole letter O so it won’t look like PAP πŸ™‚ The others are lovely but they kind of look like restaurant menu covers to me.

  5. the 3rd one caught my attention first..but when i saw the larger picture, the 1st one gets my vote.
    I agree with the pasta comment too (why not make the food more Filipino)..as well as, why not make 2 designs comment(just like the starbucks planner has 3..i guess it was also hard for them tho choose hehe)
    anyway, another great idea!:)

  6. Anton,
    the first and third one are nice! baka you can put restaurant discount coupons in the planner too. just a suggestion. good luck with that!

  7. wow! i remember having commented on one of your posts about how OAP should make a planner maybe 2 years ago.. and now it’s finally coming true! πŸ™‚ congratulations anton! πŸ™‚

  8. I like the 3rd design and I agree that it should be pinoy food! And sana lang nasa center ung philippines then color green. he he he

  9. I’m torn between the first and the 2nd. 2011 doesn’t seem brown to me, and unless I lose 25lbs, I don’t want to carry around a huge plate with me. πŸ˜›
    For the first one though, how about switching the title with the planner text, making Our Awesome Planet a big type on the upper right corner? Just me.
    Very excited for this project. For one, I work for a printing company overseas. Secondly, I’ve been catching up with this site lately since I’m going home in a few weeks for a 10 day break!

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