Happy Lemon, I Like!

Happy Lemon’s Roasted Milk Tea with Pearl Sago (Large – P90), Lemon Yakult (Large – P100), Milk Tea with Oreo Cookies & Cream (Regular – P90), and Green Tea with Rock Salt & Cheese (Large – P90). The Starbucks of Bubble Teas from Hong Kong is now here in Manila! If you’re looking for something … Continue reading Happy Lemon, I Like!

First World-Class Pyro Musical Theater in the Philippines!

I miss the World Pyro Olympics. When I heard that the WPO organizers were commissioned to do the first ever World Pyro Musical Theater in the Philippines for a private Christmas Party, I vowed to myself not to miss the event. It was spectacular! If you are a pyro fanatic, the combination of the stage … Continue reading First World-Class Pyro Musical Theater in the Philippines!

Gourmet Food On Call this Christmas!

Isabelo’s Orange Herb Chicken (P945 +10% delivery charge + inter-city charge if applicable*) We love Foodie Delivery, especially for ordering gourmet food and desserts for special occasions. This Christmas, you can just call 87878 to order food for Christmas parties or to give as Christmas gifts. 🙂 Here are some of our favorite recommendations for … Continue reading Gourmet Food On Call this Christmas!

Lugang Cafe – Bellagio in Manila!

Shanghai-based Bellagio restaurant finally agreed to branch out to Manila. 🙂 Bellagio is known for having the best Taiwanese cuisine in China and the best desserts in Shanghai. Since Bellagio is a registered name here in Manila, they were forced to use the translation of its Chinese name — Lugang Cafe. (I guess using the … Continue reading Lugang Cafe – Bellagio in Manila!

Little Big Club Live! – Don’t Miss Barney + Thomas + Bob the Builder Show

Finally, Barney, Thomas the train, and Bob the Builder in one fun musical stage show called The Little Big Club Live in Concert! I asked Aidan if he can identify the other cast members and I was surprised he knew Fireman Sam, and Angelina Ballerina. Pingu the Penquin is just getting popular.  

Chuck’s Deli – Now Serving Awesome Sandwiches in Serendra!

Culliere Chef Katrina Khun Alcantara has found a new home in Serendra; this time, she’s offering sandwiches, milkshakes and chocolates. If you are craving big American sandwiches, Chuck’s Deli is the place for you.

Nora Daza, A Living Tribute

I only “encountered” Nora Daza when Rache and I got married because we only had one cookbook at home — “Let’s Cook with Nora”. Nora Daza is revered by the generations before us, and she’s one of the pioneers in culinary TV shows and Filipino cookbooks here in the Philippines. Basix is honoring her by … Continue reading Nora Daza, A Living Tribute