The Specialty Kitchen’s Five-Hour Roasted Japanese Lechon

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114 foodies rated 5- Awesome! I would recommend it!
136 foodies rated 4- I love it!
121 foodies rated 3- We had a good time.
  42 foodies rated 2- It is OK.
    4 foodies rated 1- Thanks, but it could be better.

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This is an interesting new discovery in the Ultimate Taste Test series.

Most of the foodies were raving about this Five-Hour Roasted Japanese Lechon by The Specialty Kitchen that night. It’s indeed a wonderful way to address the Filipinos’ love for Lechon. It’s tender, crispy and has Japanese glaze — Sarap!

They also served this creamy gelatinous dessert called Black Sambo.

If you are looking for something unique this holiday season, check out the Five-Hour Roasted Japanese Lechon with Crispy Skin and Marj’s Black Sambo by The Specialty Kitchen.

Congratulations, The Specialty Kitchen, for placing third in UTT 7.0!

What’s the Story about Specialty Kitchen
by Carl Quema

Japanese Lechon
I simply love eating lechon, and I have been looking for different interpretations of this world-class dish. Unfortunately, our cooks at our house don’t know how to cook even the basic lechon kawali. Oftentimes, the meat was hard and the skin was not crispy. My inspiration for making this dish is the lechon macau. But I did not settle for the ordinary. I wanted something new and different, so I experimented with different sauces until I stumbled upon a sauce that fits it perfectly besides the usual hoisin mustard, lechon sauce, vinegar and soy sauce. When I finally got the sauce right, I explored further on how to prepare my lechon for it to achieve the desired tenderness and crispiness —  thus my 5-hour Japanese Lechon.

Japanese Lechon – 5 Hour Roasted Japanese Lechon with Crispy Skin (1 Kilo)
Weight may vary depending on the Roasting, but all are cooked from 1 KG pork belly, good for 8-10 people

Refrigerated – P550; Ready to Eat – P575

** Comes with Japanese Glaze

Glazed Ginger Chicken
As for the Glazed Ginger Chicken, it so happened that one time, while eating Japanese Lechon, I tried dipping our family favorite chicken fingers in the same sauce. From that moment on, this dish became my favorite. The sauce brought it to a higher level, especially when paired with rice as it is sweet, salty, crunchy and tasty.

Glazed Ginger Chicken – Marinated (100 grams)
Size is bigger than a KFC Zinger Fillet when cooked, good for 1-2 people

Frozen – P80; Cooked – P100

**Comes with Japanese Glaze

Marj’s Black Sambo
After having a sumptuous meal, it’s equally important to have a great dessert. My mom’s black sambo is the best black sambo I have ever eaten, although it is the only one that I have tried. But, everytime my mom makes them for the house parties and Christmas giveaways, it’s always a hit. I’m actually proud to say that everyone (who) has tasted it has loved it and even praised it. For those who do not know, Black Sambo is a two-layer gelatine that is light on the stomach but heavy on the satisfaction that it brings. It’s a combination of milk and chocolate. My mom’s version is light and tasty, and you always find yourself wanting more.

Marj’s Black Sambo (Refrigerated)
Small – P200; Large – P400

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What Foodies say about Specialty Kitchen:

  • Good dessert
  • Was nice, dessert could be better
  • Yummy lechon
  • Pannacotta/gelatine= LIKE
  • Lechon was good
  • Liked the Jap Lechon
  • Pork was coated perfectly
  • Very crispy!
  • Japanese lechon and dessert were great
  • Love the jelly
  • Lechon was okay, jelly was average
  • Well cooked, not too hard, not too soft
  • Soft lechon
  • Lechon is heavenly
  • Good job with the taste
  • Good food, from main dish to dessert
  • Yummy
  • Very good
  • Lechon’s okay
  • Dessert is heavenly
  • Crispy lechon skin
  • The best lechon
  • Sinful
  • Not so unique
  • Best lechon dish ever
  • Dessert was good
  • Beefy goodness
  • Lechon is dry
  • Tasty
  • Perfection
  • Dessert not too sweet
  • Sauce is sweet
  • Black sambo needs chocolate syrup

Specialty Kitchen
Contact: Carl Quema
Mobile: +63 917 891-1013
Telephone: +632 211-3993

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