SHILIN MARKET Taiwan: Xiao Tze (Small Eats) Food Trip Guide! (Part 2/2)

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One of the inspirations for Mercato is the street food night market scene in Taiwan’s Shilin Market. We love the Xiao Tze (which means “small eats”) from the different food stalls in Shilin.

Here are the top food picks you should try when you visit Taiwan…

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We were on a mission to try Taiwan’s famous Stinky Tofu, and we found it in the food street of Shilin Market.

Shilin Night Market-26.jpg
You can see various stalls offering weird street food like Wow Frog Eggs.

Shilin Night Market-29.jpg
Grilled Vegetable wrapped with Pork (NT$10).

Shilin Night Market-53.jpg
Different meat barbecues.

Shilin Night Market-55.jpg
Fried Siopao (NT$50).

Shilin Night Market-23.jpg
Finally, we found the stall cooking the stinky tofu (follow your nose — you can tell where it is because of its repulsive canal smell).

Shilin Night Market-24.jpgShilin Night Market-38.jpg
The fermented tofu is fried and cut in half.

Shilin Night Market-45.jpg
They are set aside to let the oil drip dry before serving.

Shilin Night Market-47.jpg
Stinky Tofu (NT$50) is served with pickled vegetables.

Shilin Night Market-49.jpg
My vegetarian friend and Mercato partner RJ Ledesma was brave enough to try the Stinky Tofu first.

Shilin Night Market-51.jpg
It’s actually bearable and yummier if you eat it with the chili sauce.

Shilin Night Market-50.jpg
Ivan Henares of Ivan About Town loved the Stinky Tofu too. 🙂

Shilin Night Market-42.jpg
The perfect partner for Stinky Tofu? Lamien (NT$50) noodles…

Shilin Night Market-46.jpg
…served with sweet peanut sauce and vegetables.


Shilin Night Market-25.jpg
Along the food street is a temple with a welcome arch. Here you can find more interesting food stalls.

Shilin Night Market-61.jpg
Fish/Squid Ball Stall?

Shilin Night Market-62.jpgBarbecue, pork innards, chicken blood, etc.

Shilin Night Market-99.jpg
Different sausages…

Shilin Night Market-64.jpg
Finally, the Oh Misua Stall! This is a favorite snack of the Taiwanese.

Shilin Night Market-66.jpg
The misua soup is served with oysters…

Shilin Night Market-67.jpg
…and chili, plus other condiments.

Shilin Night Market-74.jpg
Oh Misua (NT$30). Add this to your list of must-tries to complete your Taiwanese Street Food experience.

Shilin Night Market-71.jpg
Chal Lontoc-del Rosario, a 50% Filipino 50% Taiwanese beauty, was our official Shilin Market food trip guide.

Shilin Night Market-73.jpgShilin Night Market-75.jpg
JM, the official Travelife photographer during the trip, was also happy checking out the flavors of the street food of Taiwan.


 Shilin Night Market-89.jpg
Another place to visit is the Basement 1 Food Court in the newly renovated area of Shilin Market.

Shilin Night Market-91.jpg
It’s a series of food stalls in an airconditioned basement area. This is a good option, especially when it is raining, but it lacked the street food ambiance because of its more sanitized surroundings.

Shilin Night Market-92.jpg
Another dish you must try is the Fried Oyster Cake. 🙂

Shilin Night Market-94.jpg
Egg with oysters, topped with vegetables…

Shilin Night Market-102.jpg
…and served with the stall’s special sauce.

Shilin Night Market-104.jpg
The place has a cleaner and more organized dining area.

Shilin Night Market-105.jpg
You can also try a wide variety of fruit juices, shave ice, and bubble tea.


Shilin Night Market-106.jpg
Don’t leave Taiwan without getting a taste of the popular Large Fried Chicken of Hot Star.

Shilin Night Market-107.jpg
It’s a large, boneless fried chicken (NT$55) with signature spices.

(Big Daddy tried to replicate it here in Manila.)

Shilin Night Market-109.jpg

Shilin Night Market-110.jpg
It is so big that it is a meal in itself — good to share for two…or for one hungry person. 🙂

You can’t miss the blue Hot Star stall along the main road.


Shilin Night Market-9.jpg
There are a lot of Taiwanese candies and preserved fruits you can buy for pasalubong.

Shilin Night Market-7.jpg
Some seemed a bit too exotic for our taste.

Shilin Night Market-37.jpg
It’s also nice to check out the fruit stalls for a healthy dessert option.

Shilin Night Market-4.jpg
Candied strawberries, anyone?

Shilin Night Market-27.jpg
But the best pasalubong for me would be the Mochi with different flavors.

Shilin Night Market-29.jpg
Tip: You have to buy the mochi in boxes versus the ones wrapped in plastic (although they are cheaper, they don’t taste as good.).

There’s still a lot of street food to try in the Shilin Market; any other recommendations?

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Full Disclosure: The Taiwan Familiarization Trip was courtesy of the Taiwan Tourism Board. 🙂

P.S. Thank you to our companions in the Food Trip group who were game in tasting the different street food of Taiwan in the famous Shilin Market. 🙂

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13 thoughts on “SHILIN MARKET Taiwan: Xiao Tze (Small Eats) Food Trip Guide! (Part 2/2)

  1. I don’t get why the Big Daddy chicken here has the bone included. If it were to be eaten like the girl in you picture did, the bone would definitely pose a danger to your teeth.

  2. We love “Ta Thong E’s Beef Steak!” Their signage is the white one with red Chinese characters & an arrow below, right beside Hot Star’s chicken chop stall. Many of the Dynamic Youth Fil-Chi students who went to Taiwan for the summer know about this place. Our main purpose in visiting Shilin’s Night Market is to eat there. In addition, not all oyster cakes are created equal, though they all seem alike. The best oyster cake in Shilin is made by “Ta Thou Long,” if you’ve tried their version plus the other stalls’ versions, you’ll notice the big difference. The one by Ta Thou Long (literally translates to big head dragon) has more oysters & the sauce is so much tastier & the egg has better texture.

  3. Shilin is a great place to go in Taipei since it’s really big and chaotic! Lots of nice stuff too 🙂 Scallion pancakes, sesame pork dumplings!
    I don’t recall where Da Tou Long (Big Head Dragon) is but if you do go back, perhaps you guys can ask for/look for this: 大头龙–anyway, the place really is famous for their oyster cakes.
    You got Hot Star right with the Chicken chop haha–they sell really good chicken chops. But the one in Kaohsiung used to be the best too [the best one used to be a stall near Zhong Xian University but they moved, I used to eat there with my friends when were on a foreign exchange student program].
    Also, if you’re more adventurous, try the stewed version of the stinky tofu. The ones they sell on sticks with veggies in it are actually quite mild. The stewed version…it’s a different story! Hahaha.
    Other Night Markets worth mentioning in Taipei are Tong Hua Night Market for the yummy teppanyaki and also Huasi Night Market—if you’re more adventurous in terms of trying out “delicacies”.
    Alsoooo… Sorry couldn’t stop sharing. Lantern Hot Stew is good in Shida Night Market. It’s near National Taiwan Normal University.
    There are tons of nice places to visit and go on a food trip there hahahaha. I should go visit again soon.
    Awww, this post made me remember a lot of memories! Makes me want to go back and visit Taiwan again haha!

  4. was wondering too—will you have a KL version of this? =)) Jalan Alor, that wonderful restaurant behind Berjaya Times Square and the lovely restaurants around Bukit Bintang area yummmy!

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