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UTT X: Rockwell Winner #6


 167 foodies rated 5- Awesome! I would recommend it!
  118 foodies rated 4- I love it!
   92 foodies rated 3- We had a good time.
   41 foodies rated 2- It is OK.
5 foodies rated 1- Thanks, but it could be better.

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Crunchy Belly is a crispy treat that’s like liempo-bagnet-chicharon-in-one. It is cool to enjoy as pica pica or paired with rice. It is crunchy, very convenient to eat, and can be addicting.  One bite and you’ll easily get hooked on its awesome flavor and texture.

I’m happy that this Mercato favorite finally won in the Ultimate Taste Test series

Congratulations, Carlo’s Kitchen, for coming up with this Crunchy Belly creation! 🙂

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The Story behind CARLO’S KITCHEN:

We have always been a regular visitor of the food markets here and abroad.  From the hawkers in Singapore to the street food market in Hong Kong and Taiwan, we have always been appreciative of what these markets have to offer.  At the onset of the rise of the night market in the Philippines, we were very excited to try out different and unique food that small entrepreneurs have to offer.  The food market did not fail our palates — we liked what we saw and fell in love with the different offerings.

Carlo’s background revolves in the food industry. His childhood was spent in their restaurant in Quiapo called Oyama. As early as 8 years old, he would help in the kitchen and would put up a small table outside the restaurant and sell meryenda. He then went to Taiwan in early 2000 and landed a job as a dishwasher. That did not stop him from pursuing his dream of becoming a cook/chef. As a dishwasher. he would often meddle in the kitchen, slicing, dicing, cooking his own meal and even suggesting menu from his own creation. Soon enough, he found his way in becoming the head cook at a Canadian-owned restaurant in Taiwan when his bosses saw his potential. His passion for cooking has brought us to join the food market industry.  From being customers to becoming a concessionaire.

When we first joined Mercato, we were not approved.  That of course did not dishearten us in any way. We are confident that whatever Carlo whips up would win the stomachs of the organizers! We knew that there will be something from our long list of food favorites that we can offer, it was just a matter of timing. While thinking, we tried to be busy by joining other markets. Until one day, while eating our favorite liempo, Carlo thought of making his own recipe that will surely be a hit. He formulated and formulated until he perfected it. He let me taste it, and it was crispy, crunchy, seasoned well, the flavors are not too over-powering — so (that) was when Crunchy Belly was born.  Our baby. Our pride. Our joy. I guess the reasons why people are drawn to it are: 1) the uniqueness of its presentation and 2) once they take one bite, aside from being very delicious, there’s this feeling of sincerity — there’s more heart into it than any other food they have tasted.

We first launched our Crunchy Belly at Distrito Makati last year, which was a certified hit. We received a lot of raves about our product. Up to this day we continue to deliver the best Crunchy Belly everytime! We never compromise the quality of our food.

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Crunchy belly without rice (P120.00) and with Rice (P130.00).

Our bestseller is our Crunchy Belly! This is made up of thinly sliced pork belly, seasoned to perfection and cooked to an absolute crisp! It’s delightfully delicious!

What Foodies Say About Your Food:
  • More Please
  • Tough pork skin
  • Really Crunchy
  • Very good! Make yummier dips, put more spices
  • Crunchy, goes well with suka & beer
  • Great pulutan. Not salty and crunchy
  • Really Good!
  • Crunchy!
  • Crunchy belly is the best
  • Fried Goodness!
  • Possibly the best chicharon I’ve had
  • Love the Crunch
  • Too salty. Not enough!
  • Lacks a little flavor
  • Once you start, can’t stop
  • Babalik balikan! Panalo!
  • Yummy & Crunchy
  • Best chicharon I’ve tasted
  • More! 
  • A little too salty
  • Good!
  • A little too crispy
  • Too hard. Difficult to bite
  • Oily!
  • Crunchy chicharon 
  • Crunchy!!
  • Yum! Random ang pagbasa sa arteries
  • Its great! Wanted it less crunchy
  • Needs more flavor
  • Better if served hot
  • Malamig na sinesebo pa
  • A little bit salty
  • it looks a bit pale
  • rice please hahaha
  • yum
  • yummy
  • good super good
  • gooey
  • the vinegar dip made the difference
  • sinfully good
  • yummy
  • grabe
  • very crunchy
  • diet busta
  • very good
  • crispy
  • my personal favorite
  • really good 
  • hot and crunchy
  • crunchy
  • upgrade the concept
  • delicious
  • sinfully good
  • Yummy!
  • Very Crunchy, Very good
  • So Good!
  • Crunchy Belly!! My daughter loves it well
  • liempo!
  • Deadly
  • Fun Favorite Treat!
  • Okay for appetizer
  • Crunchy, just right
  • Masarap pang pulutan!
  • Yummy Belly!
  • Yummy and Crispy
  • Crunch!
  • Evil but heaven
  • So Good.
  • Not for me
  • Hope they sell these on the market right away!
  • More and more and more servings!
  • Perfect Pulutan!

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Available at Midnight Mercato – Fri and Sat, 10pm to 3am and
Mezza Norte at the UP-Ayala Technohub – Thur to Sat, 6pm to 3am
Mobile: +63 927 306-2738 
Twitter: @crunchybelly
FacebookCarlo’s Kitchen

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