MARRIOTT CAFE Sunday Brunch Buffet Crossover with CRU STEAKHOUSE!

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I was pleasantly surprised that Marriot Cafe offered a Sunday Brunch Buffet with a cross-over to Cru – one of the best Steakhouses in Manila.

It only costs P2,000 per head which is easily the cost of ordering one steak at Cru. You don’t only get unlimited steaks and foie gras, you’ll also get a wide array of other Meat and Fresh Seafood options, and different Asian Cuisines plus end your meal with the Chocolate Dessert Room. 

Here are tips on how to conquer the MARRIOTT CAFE Sunday Brunch Buffet:

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Best Sunday Brunch Series 2013:

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The Sunday Breakfast Buffet is usually fully booked so better reserve the corner tables to have a little bit of privacy.

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You can reserve one of the two Private Dining Rooms for P15,000 consumable for maximum of 10 persons.

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Another tip would be to reserve and eat in Cru instead of the Marriot Cafe area which has a better fine dining ambiance.


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You can start with different options of ham and cured meats,

Marriott Cafe's Sunday Brunch-5.jpg
freshly baked breads,

Marriott Cafe's Sunday Brunch-6.jpg
limited cheese options,

Marriott Cafe's Sunday Brunch-22.jpg
fresh fruits, and

Marriott Cafe's Sunday Brunch-10.jpg
different lumpia roll options, and 

Marriott Cafe's Sunday Brunch-25.jpg
fresh salad options.

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For kids, they get entertained by the clown with different balloon and magic tricks.


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One of the most popular sections is the fresh seafood section with different crabs, 

Marriott Cafe's Sunday Brunch-11.jpg
shrimps, and

Marriott Cafe's Sunday Brunch-16.jpg
and big clams 

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that can be cooked for you as you order.


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You have your standard meat stations with different sauces and siding options.

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There’s roasted turkey,

Marriott Cafe's Sunday Brunch-17.jpg
Leg of Lamb, and

Marriott Cafe's Sunday Brunch-18.jpg
and US Rib Eye Steak.

LIVE COOKING STATIONS Marriott Cafe's Sunday Brunch-23.jpg
I like to start off with the soup option.

Marriott Cafe's Sunday Brunch-27.jpg
Japanese sushi and sashimi variety

Marriott Cafe's Sunday Brunch-26.jpg
Teppanyaki section

Marriott Cafe's Sunday Brunch-29.jpg
Yummy dimsum options

Marriott Cafe's Sunday Brunch-43.jpg
One of the best hakaw that we had  (that I must say a lot better than Passion).

Marriott Cafe's Sunday Brunch-32.jpg
Different noodle soup and duck options.

Marriott Cafe's Sunday Brunch-30.jpg
The Filipino section with Lechon as the center piece and

Marriott Cafe's Sunday Brunch-34.jpg
different barbecue grill options.

Marriott Cafe's Sunday Brunch-35.jpg
The pasta station is really good where they prepare their own pasta and a wide array of sauce and ingredients option.

CRU Steakhouse Crossover

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As you cross over to Cru, you can have unlimited order of cocktails available that day prepared for you on the spot 🙂 

Marriott Cafe's Sunday Brunch-37.jpg
You can order rib eye steaks and other seafood options, and

Marriott Cafe's Sunday Brunch-52.jpg
unlimited foie gras!

Marriott Cafe's Sunday Brunch-54.jpg

This was the best part of the buffet for us 🙂

(Tip: Our steaks were cooked really well at the start of buffet and the quality degrades as more and more people go the the Cru section. Best to start early when the buffet opens at 11.30am)

Chocolate Room

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To end the meal, they converted one of the private dining rooms into a chocolate room with different chocolate- themed desserts.

Marriott Cafe's Sunday Brunch-47.jpg
Love the chocolate crunch…

Marriott Cafe's Sunday Brunch-46.jpg
the different chocolate pralines option, and

Marriott Cafe's Sunday Brunch-45.jpg
the chocolate fondue options.

Marriott Cafe's Sunday Brunch-50.jpg
Marshmallow and chocolate are always a hit with the boys 🙂

Marriott Cafe's Sunday Brunch-58.jpg
After the chocolate, we end our meal with their home- made ice cream flavors 🙂

Marriott Cafe's Sunday Brunch-1.jpg

Overall, we love the Cru Steakhouse buffet, the fresh seafood option, the live cooking stations and the Chocolate Room desserts 🙂 It was really good value and one of the best buffet options in Manila in 2012 🙂 

Manila Marriott Hotel Vacation Series:

Marriott Cafe Sunday Brunch P2,000 net /Person
P1,000 for Children 6 to 11 years old
FREE for Children 5 years old below
Sunday Lunch Time Only 11.30am to 3.00pm 
For reservations, please call +632 988-9999 (Transfer to Marriot Cafe)

Manila Marriott Hotel 
No 10 Newport Boulevard,Newport City Complex, Pasay City · Manila, Philippines
WebsiteManila Marriott Hotel
Telephone: 632 988-9999

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  1. How about Impressions’ buffet? Is it any good? I think they also have foie gras and caviar! And a wider selection of cheese.

  2. Hi, how are you? Thanks for posting the article. You make me hungry with these foods. If you convert this in dollars, PHP 2000/40 = $50.00 per person. Halos pareho lang iyong price ng buffet here in San Francisco Bay Area. Of course, 5 Star Hotel iyan pero sulit naman dahil imported iyong mga cheese at ham.

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