SkewU’s USDA Angus Tapa – A Must Try!

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UTT X: Rockwell Winner #4


  193 foodies rated 5- Awesome! I would recommend it!
  117 foodies rated 4- I love it!
    83 foodies rated 3- We had a good time.
    19 foodies rated 2- It is OK.
    17 foodies rated 1- Thanks, but it could be better.

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Here’s an interesting kind of tapa from SkewU — a salty-sweet variation that is perfect with really sour vinegar. The meat is soft, and they only use USDA Angus meat for their tapa.

This is a legitimate contender for the Best Tapa in Manila! (They also have it in Salpicao version.)

Congratulations, SkewU, for a great debut in the Ultimate Taste Test series! 🙂

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The Story behind SKEW U’s Skews & Sizzlers:

SkewU Skews & Sizzlers: Simple and Satisfying

Delicious and affordable, SkewU reflects the personality and preferences of its management team,
comprised of dynamic young professionals. “We’re all certified foodies,” says owner Veronique “Inxs”
Singson. “And in SkewU, we serve dishes that we ourselves love to eat. Nothing fancy – simple, comfort
food that’s just plain delicious.”

SkewU’s product offerings include The Food Guru’s Angus and Chicken Skewers.

First introduced in Banchetto Night Market in Ortigas, and currently available in Mezza Norte, U.P.-
Ayala Technohub, The Food Guru’s Fab Skewers woo the palate. The Angus Skewer features tender and
succulent cubes of US-grade choice beef with vegetables. The Chicken Skewer is lighter though equally
satisfying – chunks of grilled chicken skewered together with fresh green pepper, eggplant, onion and
carrot. Both skewers are generously slathered with The Food Guru’s very own Sate sauce.

SkewU also serves steaks and sizzlers such as Ribeye and T-Bone, Shrimp, Fish, Chicken Pops, Calamares,
Sizzling USDA Angus Tapa and Fish Bomb, which is steamed Dory wrapped in foil and cooked with a light
sauce. “One of our bestsellers is our USDA Angus Tapa,” adds co-owner Sayeh Hassani. “A lot of our
customers keep coming back for the Tapa. We’ve got a whole line of Angus products, prepared in
different ways and matched with different sauces. Another bestseller is our Roasted Black Angus, or RBA
as we call it.” Inxs recommends SkewU’s Pasta Crepe in Mango, Blueberry and Strawberry flavors, or its
own version of Melaka Tapioca. “Nothing too sweet for our desserts,” says Inxs. “Just the right note to
end a meal.”

SkewU also accepts reservations and food orders through contact numbers 399-2863/09321000332 and email address or add them at

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SkewU’s Price List

We sell the USDA Angus Tapa at the Market
(Mezza Norte and Mercato) at P95.00/meal (with egg and rice).

250gms at P220.00
500gms at P400.00
1kg at P800.00

What Foodies Say About Your Food:

  • Rice please
  • Tasty
  • One of the best tapas I’ve tasted
  • Really Good!
  • A bit too oily
  • Experiment w/ the sauce, be creative
  • Super Sarap
  • Tender, Just right amount of sweetness
  • Melts in your mouth!
  • Very good
  • Angus is good!
  • A bit salty on its own. Probably better w/ rice!
  • The Tapa angus marinate is not good
  • Good But a little Salty
  • The sauce doesn’t match the beef
  • Really , Really good! 
  • Soft Meat
  • Beef is too salty
  • Perfect with rice. A bit salty w/o rice
  • Great food for meal
  • Open a resto
  • The beef was tender and juicy and tasty
  • savory tapa
  • flavorful
  • Oily
  • Nice flavor
  • Pretty Good. Paired it w/ the aligue rice, great combo
  • Delicious
  • Would taste great w/ rice!
  • Tapa’s good! Great w/ egg
  • Very tasty
  • It will taste better w/ rice!
  • Really really good
  • Potential Pulutan!
  • It was ordinary
  • Yummmm!!
  • Good Job! Great sauce
  • Savory
  • Too salty
  • Very good beef tapa
  • Love the meat
  • Best served w/ rice!
  • wasn’t dry
  • Delicious
  • Its a little bit salty & oily
  • Tender beef, I liked the vinegar
  • Softer meat please
  • too salty
  • love it even without the sauce
  • good but too salty
  • super good
  • wish the portion is bigger
  • good enough w/ sauce
  • great
  • super good good
  • good
  • good but cut part not so
  • a little oily
  • my kids love it
  • a bit salty
  • great taste beef
  • soo tasty
  • too salty
  • the sauce could improve more
  • awesome
  • a little bit salty
  • sarap
  • soft beef tapa + great sauce
  • tapa for the filipino plate sweet
  • too salty
  • very good
  • a little bit salty
  • sauce not so good but beef ok
  • perfect
  • tasty
  • beef taste good 
  • very tasty 
  • really tender
  • really good
  • angus very good
  • love the tapa
  • yummy
  • tapa alone is great
  • I wanted to eat more
  • sarap
  • juicy yummy perfect
  • a little salty for me
  • excellent
  • too salty
  • fantastic
  • like it awesome in my mouth
  • too much salt
  • Yummy
  • Meat Very Tender
  • Generic. Needs a twist
  • Nothing Special
  • Best tapa in town!
  • Simply Delicious
  • Yummy Tapa!
  • Tender, tasty!
  • Tapa
  • Good!
  • Super Yummy!
  • Wow! Never tasted tapa this good.
  • Awesome Angus beef
  • Two Thumbs up.
  • Tender.
  • Salty
  • great!
  • Could be good with pickled veggies.
  • Mega salty

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SkewU Skews & Sizzlers
Available at Mezza Norte, Manda Centrale
Telephone: +632 399-2863
Mobile: +63 932 100-0332 
Email address: 
Facebook: Skewu Skews Sizzlers (Skew U)

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