@CucinaAndare: 10 Pioneering FOOD TRUCKS to Kickoff 2013 as the Year of Food Trucks in Manila!

Read First: CUCINA ANDARE: The First Food Truck Market Opens in Glorietta Park!

Cucina Andare Opening Night-19.jpg
2013 is the year of the food trucks in Manila!
It all starts here at Cucina Andare, the
first Food-Truck Market in Manila located at the Glorietta 3 Park fronting  Shangri -la Hotel Makati. 

Cucina Andare means “Kitchen On-the-Go” and Glorietta 3 Park  is where all the food
trucks in Manila converge every weekend – Friday, Saturday and Sunday,  4PM to 3AM.

Let’s welcome the 10 pioneering food trucks in Manila and check out the 5 reasons why you should go to Cucina Andare: 

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Here are the first 10 Innovative food trucks in Manila arranged according to our favorites: 

#1: @ShawarmaBros Shawarma Truck

Cucina Andare Food Truck Sunday-4.jpg
Meet the Shawarma Bros founders: Rammy de Claro, Gabriel Sobrepena, Abraham Castro, Joey Reyes and Paolo Layug who conceptualized one of the most popular food trucks in Manila.

A Different Shawarma Experience
Email: inquiry@shawarmabros.com
Facebook: Shawarma Bros
Twitter: @ShawarmaBros
Instagram: @ShawarmaBros

Cucina Andare Opening Night-40.jpg
The @ShawarmaBros Shawarma Truck is numero uno because of their Lamb Steak Open Plate Shawarma (P200) served with biryani rice according to Foodies, and 

Shawarma Bros MenuLamb Steak PlateChicken Shawama PlateBeef Shawarma Plate

Cucina Andare Opening Night-46.jpg
… their yummy Atenean looks according to the buzz of girls around the market. 

Cucina Andare Opening Night-10.jpg
The Shawarma Bros truck is a patented food-truck design by Atoy Llave which uses a Jinbei 2.8 Turbo Diesel Truck customized to look like the food trucks in the US but in a compact 4-wheeler form (16ft long x 6ft wide) so that it can easily navigate the narrow streets and small parking lots in Manila.

To give you an idea on how much a similar food truck would costs:

  • P565,000 – Jinbei 2.8 Turbo Diesel Truck (16ft long x 6 ft. wide) with 2 years or up to 40km warranty, and LTO registration.
  • P1,080,000- Atoy Llave’s Patented Food Truck Customization Package. 

57 West Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines
Email: atoyllave@yahoo.com.ph, allave.atoy@gmail.com 
Telephone: +632 411-5858, 414-1068
Website: www.atoycustoms.com 

Tip: the best way is to email Atoy Llave directly and mention that you are a friend of OAP so that he will entertain your inquiry immediately.


#2: @ChefBroosy Ramen Truck

Chef Bruce-2.jpg
Chef Broosy is a Filipino and Japanese fusion food truck conceptualized and named after Manila’s youngest Chef Bruce “Broosy” Ricketts of Robot and Sensei Sushi fame in BF, Parañaque. 

Filipino and Japanese Fusion Food Truck
Email: foodtruckbybroosy@gmail.com
FacebookFood Truck by Chef Broosy
Twitter: @ChefBroosy

Note: Chef Broosy truck is also an Atoy Llave Food Truck creation.

Cucina Andare Opening Night-38.jpg
Take a closer look at Chef Broosy’s Menu

The most popular in the menu are Chef Bruce’s Ramen, Sisig Soft Tacos, and Chicken Pops.

Chef Broosy is owned by Mrs. Cecili Viray and daughter Celine. Read more about it in Yuki Tansengco’s post: My Wereabouts | Meet Chef Broosy … at Cucina Andare, Glorietta Open Park


#3: @Mexikombi Burrito Kombi

Cucina Andare Opening Night-49.jpg
Mexikombi is a Mexican Burrito Truck using a cute restored Volkswagen Kombi created by Kel Sicat, Franco Antonio Malaya, Paulo Palces Chavez, Jake Caruncho, and  Yassy Madrigal-Malaya

They are one of the finalists in the Search for the Next Big Food Entreprenuer by Entrepreneur Magazine and Mercato Centrale. 

Mexikombi offers true Mexican flavors at very affordable prices served from a Volkswagen Kombi. 
Email: contactus@mexikombi.com
Facebook: Mexikombi
Twitter: @Mexikombi
Instagram: @mexikombi
Website: http://www.mexikombi.com

Cucina Andare Opening Night-39.jpg
I like their value-for-money  Beef/Chicken Burrito P120 for the regular 10″ & P150 for the Grande 12″. 

Also, I like their food truck where they serve at eye level of the customers and the innovative kombi design is regarded as one of the coolest food trucks in Manila.


#4: @GuacTruck Taco Truck

Cucina Andare Opening Night-14.jpg
Guactruck is a designer taco food truck recognized as The First Food Truck in Manila and The Coolest Food Trucks Ever by Huffington Post. This Guacamole Mexican-Inspired Truck was conceptualized and created by Michealle Lee and Natassha Chan; and operated by the original owners of Big Chill.

I’m a little food truck called Guactruck. Here’s a burrito bowl; here is my ‘stache. When the engine’s roaring, hear me come. Drive me up and pay some cash.
Email: hello@guactruck.com
Facebook: Guac Truck
Twitter: @Guactruck
Website: http://www.guactruck.com

Note: Guactruck is also an Atoy Llave Food Truck creation.

Cucina Andare Opening Night-41.jpg
I like their healthy Burrito Rice Bowl (P150) served in origami-inspired eco-packaging designed by Michealle. (Take a closer look at the Guactruck Menu

To complete the healthy meal, you can order fresh fruit juices by Big Chill 🙂

I do hope they can improve their service by having more friendly and vibrant  staff in their truck.


#5: @HungryRover Pinoy Comfort Food Truck

Cucina Andare Opening Night-12.jpg
Hungry Rover serves pinoy comfort food from a customized coaster with a kitchen and dining area inside.

This food truck is conceptualized by Romeo Nacpil Jr. with his UST friend Josef Acuña. They assembled a team with various expertise to support their food truck business:

  • Inna Salazar – Josef’s girlfriend from La Salle provides the copywriting expertise.
  • Voltaire Lozada – UST Orgmate and friend, the sales expertise.
  • Mina Cruz – Voltaire’s friend from UST
  • Abigail Ramos – Romeo’s older sister, the HRM expertise.

Comfort food on the go! Follow your Hunger. Follow this Truck.
Facebook: Hungry Rover
Twitter: @HungryRover
Instagram: @hungryrover

Cucina Andare Opening Night-52.jpg
Hungry Rover serves comfort food in rice toppings, slider (mini-burger), or grilled wraps version. You have three meat options: US Beef Tapa, Pork BBQ or Chicken BBQ. See Hungry Rover Menu

I would recommend the US Beef Tapa with Chili-Hot Rice (P130) and dine inside the Hungry Rover which can sit a barkada of 6. Nice concept 🙂


Nomnomnom Club’s Best Food TruckOn the other hand, the Best Food Truck Experience belongs to the Hungry Rover truck which even have a dining area inside the truck (good for about 8 people.) for the complete food truck experience.” (Cucina Andare: First Philippine Food Truck Market)


#6: @QKebab Shawarma Truck

Cucina Andare Opening Night-11.jpg
QKEBAB serves Turkish-doner kebabs from an imported 6-wheeler Chevy Step Van which is the same food trucks used in the US. It was conceptualized by Chef RJ Ungco and the food truck is owned by Bryan Tiu of Teriyaki Boy and Wafu fame.

Gourmet Doner Kebab
Facebook: Q-Kebab
Twitter: @QKebab
Website: http://www.Qkebab.com

Note: This food truck is an old truck of Dom Hernandez customized by Del Monte Motors.

Cucina Andare Opening Night-43.jpg
Try their premium beef shawarma wraps (P165). Check out QKebab’s iPad Menu.


Nomnomnom Club’s Best Food Truck. “Since the new food truck market is so eye-catching, we can’t help but compare and judge them.  The best-tasting food for the night came from Shawarma Bros courtesy of the Beef Shawarma plate while the Best Food Truck Design goes to QKebab Shawarma & Shawarma Bros.(Cucina Andare: First Philippine Food Truck Market)


#7: @MioGelati Gelato Truck

Cucina Andare Opening Night-16.jpg
@MioGelati is the first gelato truck in Manila serving from a Suzuki Super Carry Truck with a Step-up platform. Mio Gelati was conceptualized by Celina Nolasco and the top #2 overall winner of Ultimate Taste Test 7.0. (see Mio Gelati and Mochilato)

It’s my favorite gelato dessert in the market because of their innovative flavor combinations. Sometimes I would just get taste-test samples as palate cleanser when going on a food trip in the market 🙂

Home made Authentic Italian Ice Cream, Mochilato & More!
Facebook: Mio Gelati
Twitter: @MioGelati


#8: The Cheese Steak Shop Manila Truck

The Cheese Steak Shop Manila Truck is a mobile extension of the authentic Philly cheese steak shop in Manila owned and franchised by Mai Uy. The truck also serves as an effective billboard to increase awareness of the brand around the Metro.

(see: The Cheese Steak Shop: Authentic Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich, Anyone?)

THE CHEESE STEAK SHOP Philly Cheese Steak is a top #4 winner of Ultimate Taste Test 8.0.

Serving Original Philadelphia Style Sandwich since 1982
Email: info@cheesesteakshop.com.ph
Facebook: Cheese Steak Shop Manila
Website: http://www.cheesesteakshop.com.ph

Note: Cheese Steak Shop Truck is also an Atoy Llave Food Truck creation.

It’s my favorite Philly Cheese Steak here in Manila. I recommend the Classic Philly Cheese Steak 5″ Amoroso roll (P200) or the 7″ Amoroso roll (P280). I usually ask for more sweet chili peppers imported from Delaware. (see the Cheese Steak Shop Menu)

(see related post: Amoroso Rolls…the Secret to Authentic Philly Cheese Steak?)


#9: @BrothersBurger Burger Truck

Cucina Andare Opening Night-13.jpg
Brother’s Burger is the first gourmet burger truck which is a mobile extension of the Brother’s Burger chain. They used a delivery truck customized with a kitchen that acts as a mobile store at the same time a mobile billboard for the brand. 

Check out the Brother’s Burger Menu

Burger by Design. Best Burger in Town
Email: marketing@brothersburger.com.ph
Facebook: BROTHERS BURGER, Best Burger in Town
Twitter: @BrothersBurger
Website: http://www.brothersburger.com.ph


#10: YLAYA Nutri Truck

Cucina Andare Food Truck Sunday-1.jpg
YLAYA Nutri Truck is a healthy food truck coming all the way from Ylaya in Lipa, Batangas conceptualized by Xidee A. Igle. It is the first food truck in Batangas and they take pride in serving 100% nutritious food which are preservative-free, No Nitrate & Nitrite, No Extenders, NO MSG, No Artificial Colors

Try their Sauger which is a Burger-like sausage sandwich served in Moringa Buns topped with coco relish, cheddar cheese and Ylaya original sauce. Two Saugers + Banana Chips cost P100 only. You can also buy Frozen Vegan Sausage (44 pcs.) for P290/kg. (Check out: Ylaya Nutri Truck Menu)

This exactly the kind of startup food entrepreneur that we want to help 🙂

YLAYA NUTRI BAR a.k.a. YNB 100% Nutritious
Email: ylayanutribar@gmail.com


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Cucina Andare Opening Night-62.jpg
Check out the Chicken + Waffle craze in the US finally in Cucina Andare in Manila.   It’s a fried chicken with mayonnaise, maple syrup sandwiched in waffles; a good recovery food and a must-try when you are in Cucina Andare. For more info, check out Chicken+Waffle Haus FB Page.

Cucina Andare Food Truck Sunday-11.jpg
Another must try is Schmidt’s Gourmet Hotdogs like the Aucklander (P130) with Aioli, Mint Jelly, Tomato Relish and the Coney Island Chili Dog (P145) with Homemade Chili, Cheese, Jalapeño, Onion Relish.



Cucina Andare is designed to be a tourist destination for authentic Filipino street food like:

Cucina Andare Opening Night-25.jpg
Original Ilocos Empanada

Cucina Andare Food Truck Sunday-25.jpg
Hot Bibingka and Puto Bumbong

Cucina Andare Food Truck Sunday-28.jpg
Crunchy Belly Chicharon

Cucina Andare Food Truck Sunday-17.jpg
Manila’s Q signature Bagnet dish – Bagwang

Cucina Andare Food Truck Sunday-26.jpg
Cuisiners’ Pork BBQ Sticks awarded as the Best BBQ Pork Skewers in the 2012 FOOD Backyard Barbecue Cook Off Competition.



Cucina Andare Opening Night-34.jpg
Cucina Andare is located in the middle of Glorietta 3 Park, and you can dine outdoors with plenty of tables and chairs to accomodate customers.

Cucina Andare Opening Night-57.jpg
The best spot is beside the nightly acoustic entertainment with up and coming acoustic performers or from the best acoustic performers like Johnoy Danao singing on opening day.

Cucina Andare Opening Night-55.jpg
You can also have a romantic picnic in the park,

Cucina Andare Opening Night-51.jpg
… or a private dining session inside the Hungry Rover truck 🙂



Cucina Andare Food Truck Sunday-5.jpg
Cucina Andare serves San Miguel Lifestyle Brews and Draft Beers from Jim Araneta.

Cucina Andare Food Truck Sunday-8.jpg
The coldest beer in town — San Mig Light Beer Below Zero!

Cucina Andare Food Truck Sunday-9.jpg
Stella Artois and signature Cocktails from Union Bar! (see Union Market Bar Menu)

Cucina Andare Food Truck Sunday-13.jpg
Bundaberg’s Ginger Beer, Lemon Lime & Bitters, and Sarsaparilla.

Ultimate Taste Test X Rockwell-13.jpg
BAYANI BREW’s Purple Leaf Tea –  A Proud Product of Gawad Kalinga’s Enchanted Farm and an overall top #2 winner in Ultimate Taste Test X in Rockwell!

Read complete story here: OAP | BAYANI BREW’s Purple Leaf Tea!

Cucina Andare Opening Night-28.jpg
Overall, Cucina Andare is a high-end Mercato with food carefully curated by Our Awesome Planet, with a food-and-beer pairing experience, and specifically designed as a Food Truck Market.

Check this out every weekend in Glorietta 3 Park 🙂 See you!

First Food Truck Market by Organizers of Mercato Centrale 
Glorietta 3 Park infront of Shangrila Hotel Makati, 6750 Building, and Glorietta 3
Operating Hours: Friday, Saturday, Sunday 4pm to 3am
Telephone: +63 917 840-1152. 
Facebook: www.Facebook.com/CucinaAndare  


Food Truck Hunting Series:

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P.S. Thank you all for coming to the historic opening day of Cucina Andare!

 Cucina Andare Opening Night-8.jpg

Cucina Andare Opening Night-21.jpg

Cucina Andare Opening Night-30.jpg

Cucina Andare Opening Night-47.jpg

Cucina Andare Opening Night-35.jpg

Cucina Andare Opening Night-58.jpg

Cucina Andare Opening Night-53.jpg

Cucina Andare Opening Night-33.jpg

Cucina Andare Opening Night-32.jpg

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  1. Haha! Even from the Manila Auto Salon when they featured the Shawarma Bros food truck, yung mga Bros daw ang gusto bilin ng mga girls (and some of the guys 😛 )
    Hope more food trucks do come in. On a personal insight, I think they invested more for their truck and might come out at a disadvantage compared to the stalls, at least profit-margin wise, so it might be great if there will be more food trucks than stalls.
    – Ray

  2. Hi Anton, thank you very much for featuring our truck! 🙂 As far as “yummy looks” go though, I beg to differ, ’cause my money’s on the cute boy with the backpack from your Top 5 pick. But maybe I’m just a biased girlfriend. Hehehe! Thanks again. Our team really appreciates it. 🙂 – Inna Salazar of Hungry Rover

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