SENSEI SUSHI by Chef Bruce “Broosy” Ricketts

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I met Chef Bruce Ricketts, nicknamed “Broosy”,  when he was doing his specials for the night in the @ChefBroosy Food Truck at Cucina Andare. He had worked for various famous restaurants in California, and has finally decided to go home to join the vibrant dining scene here as one of the youngest chefs in Manila. 

For an early 20’s guy who had worked in California and who comes from the  family of famous actor (and tito) Ronnie Ricketts, he was surprisingly down- to- earth and very passionate about making a difference right now in Manila.

After his short stint in Robot, and contemplating to have a molecular gastronomy restaurant in Makati, he decided to set up his resto in the BF neighborhood and go for what most Filipinos love – Japanese food.

Sensei Sushi is not designed to be cuisine-based and does not pretend to be authentic. The food is based on what is freshly available in the local markets and what they can concoct in-house. The menu is written on the blackboard so that they can change it every 2 to 3 days.

Just the kind of resto that we like. Check out our Sensei Sushi experience:


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Sensei Sushi is a quaint 20-seater resto with Chef Broosy cooking for you as you order. The resto is a work- in- progress and always upgrading its look. Acoustic is bad and can get distractive when the resto is full.

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Sensei Sushi Menu: Black Board Menu Bigger VersionRAW | OTHERS | BEEF, PRAWN, DRINKS

The menu is playful with affordable prices that range from P100 to P550.

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The best place to sit is the Chef’s table at the bar’s counter area overlooking the Chef assembling and plating your dish.

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★ Gyoza (P155).

This is a good introduction to Chef Broosy’s play on food by adding micro greens like sprouts and leaf, fish roe, and an unexpected sauce to transform this simple Japanese favorite.

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Sensei Seafood Pasta (P240). with aligue cream, assorted seafood, and truffle oil + fresh herbs

Sometimes it does not work –  like in this dish — that tasted and looked like more of a pancit and we cannot even taste  a bit of the truffle oil.  

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Spicy Pork Ramen (P315). home made ramen noodles, pork confit, chili ramen broth, ginger scallion.

I like their home- made black sesame wheat flour noodle but the taste profile of the ramen is a bit different. It was served not too hot so much so that you can taste the greasiness of the pork broth.

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★ Grilled Steak (P550). potatoes, sake and ponzu butter, finished with truffle oil. 

We love this generous serving of steak with the chef’s sake and ponsu sauce. The meat paired off very well with the potatoes. It’s a safe choice and good value for your money 

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★ Grilled Salmon Head (P280)

My favorite was the grilled Salmon head because it was grilled just right and the scallion vinaigrette sauce made out of soy sauce, sesame oil, sushi vinegar, scallions and onions.

You can also request the tangy Japanese Yuzu with the Vietnamese fish sauce to give a different flavor dimension to this dish. 

It’s good value for money and you can order the Roasted Hamachi Head for only P850.


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If you are lucky, they will serve a surprise dessert like this Kalabasa cheese cake version 🙂

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After 2-3 visits, you are ready for the Chef’s Omakase (Japanese degustation) – P1,500/head. We’ll try this next time to fully taste the Chef’s creativity. 

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Overall, it’s good value for money and an interesting modern take on the Japanese dishes. We will go back for more to try out their other bestsellers (Budget P500/head), and the Chef’s Omakase (P1,500/head).

A local and seasonal Asian-inspired restaurant helmed by Chef Bruce Ricketts. 
B.F. Homes  268 Aguirre St B.F. Homes, Parañaque (Beside Nuat Thai)
Operating Hours: Open daily from 11.00am to 10.30pm
Telephone: +632 358-1387
Mobile: +63 919 377-2966 or +63 906 275-4555
Facebook: Sensei Sushi
Twitter: @Sensei_PH

Cash only. Make sure to withdraw in advance.

★ – Highly Recommended.


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P.S. Some people mistake this to be the same as Sushi Sei  which is a different Japanese resto.

4 thoughts on “SENSEI SUSHI by Chef Bruce “Broosy” Ricketts

  1. this was a japanese sushi restaurant….. all along i thought it was some korean place… i have to try this
    no wonder that food truck was always there

  2. tried this months ago, and it did not impress.
    better go to sushi masa – a small restaurant, frequented by japanese and korean residents, and ran by a rather talkative japanese chef (who speaks halting english) who makes sure to prepare each sushi order himself. ramen and other dishes are average bordering bland, but the sushi is REALLY really really good! 🙂

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