IHOP Philippines: Manila Goes Crazy Over IHOP? @IHOP_PH

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People are crazy about International House of Pancakes (IHOP for short), judging by the long lines waiting to try the latest American franchise to invade Manila. Finally, we have a new player in the Pancakes and All-Day Breakfast scene.


But a lot of foodies ask: Are the pancakes really good? Is IHOP just another iHype?

We tried it out, and here’s our IHOP Manila Experience…

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The average waiting time to get a table is 30 minutes during the peak hours of breakfast, lunch and dinner. It could extend to 1 hour on weekends.

IHOP Manila-1.jpg
Either stay away from it for now or go very early for breakfast (or try your luck on weekdays).

(They need a more efficient queuing system) 

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The second floor dining area is always full. It would be good if you could get the booth tables beside the window.

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IHOP MENU: Hearty Omelettes, Meat-Free Omelettes, Create Your Own Omelette | Breakfast Combinations, Steak Combinations, Hash Brown Stacks | French Toasts, Waffles, Oatmeal | World Famous Pancakes, Pancake Flavors | Sweet Crepes, Savory Crepes | Sandwiches and IHOP Classic Burgers | Appetizers, Soup & Fresh Salads | Hearty Dinner Favorites, Delicious Desserts | Specialty Entrees, Additional Orders | Just for Kids, Kid’s Lunch & Dinner, Kid’s Beverages & Dessert | Thirst Quenching Beverages

I like IHOP’s breakfast menu with its wide variety and option to mix-and-match. Their menu prices are relatively affordable.

Best of all, you can customize your breakfast to be healthy by choosing sugar-free syrup, low-cholesterol eggs, sugar substitutes for coffee and tea, or low-fat milk for your orders. You can always request to hold the butter, whipped topping and ask for less cheese.

IHOP Manila-15.jpg
IHOP Manila-21.jpg
Splashberry (P175). A blend of IHOP’s juicy red strawberries, lemon-lime soda and premium orange juice and Never Empty Coffee Pot (P125).

The Splashberry was refreshing, combining the flavors of strawberries and lemon-orange well. The coffee was just OK.

(Tip: Although they promised free refills, it took us 4 follow-ups to have our Splashberry refilled. The service leaves something to be desired — or, maybe, they just want to deter people from taking advantage of the free refill?)

IHOP Manila-23.jpg
★ BIG STEAK OMELETTE (P325). Tender strips of steak, hash browns, fresh greens, peppers, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes and cheddar cheese. Served with salsa P325. Substitute other famous pancake flavors for P50 more.

This omelet was surprisingly good, probably because of the buttermilk and wheat pancake batter mixed with the eggs. Although, we wished there were more strips of steak.

It comes with two buttermilk pancakes, but you can add P50 to upgrade it to their signature pancake flavors.

IHOP Manila-35.jpg
New York Cheesecake Pancakes (P285). Two fluffy buttermilk pancakes loaded with creamy, rich cheesecake pieces and crowned with cool strawberries, powdered sugar and whipped topping.

This came highly recommended, but we found the pancake a bit bland and less cheesy than expected. Also, the strawberries were already tired from being frozen a long time, so they looked mushy and not good to eat anymore.

(Tip: For now, don’t order anything with strawberries because it could ruin your meal.)

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So, what makes the IHOP Pancake experience special? I’d say it’s the different flavors of unlimited syrup. We like mixing the old-fashioned Maple syrup with their signature Butter Pecan.

IHOP Manila-36.jpg
★ Chocolate Chocolate Chip Pancakes (P255). Two rich, chocolate batter pancakes filled with chocolate chips and topped with powdered sugar and whipped topping. Buttermilk pancake version also available.

If you want to try a signature IHOP pancake, go for the Chocolate batter pancakes that are shaped like big chocolate cookies but have the consistency of brownies. The insides are moist (like chocolate cake) and the chocolate chips are delicious. A must try!

IHOP Manila-39.jpg
We met up with our friend Janice, and she was the one who ordered the Chocolate Chocolate Pancakes. It was able to turn around our negative first impression about IHOP’s pancakes.

IHOP Manila-24.jpg
Stuffed French Toast Combo (P365). Cinnamon raisin French toast with a sweet cream filling, crowned with whipped topping and your choice of cool strawberry topping, warm blueberry compote or cinnamon apple compote. 

It was a toss-up between a Waffle or the Stuffed French Toast — we decided to go for what’s unique to IHOP.

The Stuffed French Toast was good, but we realized it was too rich with the sweet cream filling. We’re glad we ordered the blueberry instead of the strawberries.

IHOP Manila-26.jpg
★ Served with two eggs, hash browns, your choice of two bacon strips or two pork sausage links. 

The bacon, sausage links and hash browns were almost perfect in taste, crunch and texture.

Make sure to order them as add-ons to your pancakes or French Toast. 

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Nutella® Crepes (P245). Two egg batter crepes filled with “the original creamy, chocolaty hazelnut spread”™ Nutella® and fresh slices of banana. Crowned with cool strawberry topping and whipped topping.

For dessert, we ordered their signature Nutella Crepes. They were good but could use more Nutella. Also, the mushy strawberries were a letdown.

IHOP Manila-44.jpg
Overall, IHOP is a nice place to hang out for a leisurely breakfast, especially with the family. We love their Big Steak Omelette, Chocolate Chocolate Pancakes, the Butter Pecan Syrup, and Free Refill option. Hopefully, they can improve on their uncool strawberry toppings and other pancakes.

I appreciate the fact that the menu prices are affordable, and the serving size is meant to be shared. Budget P400/person. Make sure to go early during the non-peak times (10am or 2pm on a weekday), or just wait for a while when the lines disappear.

Congratulations, IHOP, on your successful opening week! Good luck in your expansion in Manila!

IHOP Philippines
W Global Center, 30th St. corner 9th Avenue Bonifacio Global City, The Fort Taguig City
Telephone: +632 808 9589
Email: marketing@globalresto.com
Facebook: IHOP Philippines
Twitter:  @IHOP_PH
Operating Hours:
Sunday to Thursday: 6am to Midnight
Friday and Saturday: 24 hours 6am to Midnight

★ – Highly Recommended 🙂

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The Best of ALL-DAY BREAKFAST Craze:

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P.S. It’s definitely pancake heaven for the kids, but I’m sure they won’t appreciate the long wait to get a table, especially during breakfast.

44 thoughts on “IHOP Philippines: Manila Goes Crazy Over IHOP? @IHOP_PH

  1. I totally agree with your assessment that their service leaves a lot to be desired. A friend and I had breakfast there this morning and our order of the new york cheesecake pancake took 30 minutes to arrive! If I hadn’t followed up our order, the server (Gelo) would probably have never given it to us! No wonder the queue is soooo long: the customers stay a long time bec. their orders take forever to arrive!
    And when our pancakes did arrive, it looked really pathetic. It was small (around 5-6″ in diameter) tasted like instant mix and the strawberries looked tired (just like in your photo).
    I also agree that their coffee wasn’t really that good.
    I talked to our server and told him that 30 minutes to deliver 2 pcs of pancakes was unacceptable. Shortly afterwards, an executive from a table beside us went over and told us he overheard what I said. He told me that he also got lousy service and mundane products and that this local branch paled in comparison to their US branches where (the executive said) three middle-aged waitresses manned a branch as big as the one in BGC and were able to efficiently service all the customers, compared to the more than a dozen servers in IHOP BGC who fail so miserably at their job.
    Believe it or not, when I wanted to change my order of bottomless coffee to orange juice, I got the attention of a random female server there who told me that she’s not the one assigned to our table and asked if I knew the name of our server so she can call him so we can tell our server ourselves the changes we wanted. Ano baaaa? Pahirapan naman dito. I told the waitress I wouldn’t change my order na lang.
    This is my PERSONAL experience at IHOP. I’m aware other people might have had a better experience at this store. I hope that IHOP Manila improves their service and the quality of their products. In the meantime, I’ll just get my breakfast at nearby Malcolm’s Deli where the food is good, service is efficient and you get real value for your money.

  2. First come first served system isn’t followed at all. We were willing to wait for an hour in line but they wouldn’t take down our names. Sabi nila kailangan muna ubusin yung mga pangalan nung nauna so I patiently waited for them to “open up” the waiting list again. We waited for 30 minutes then I checked again if we could have our names listed but they said no. I asked the receptionist, “pano malalaman kung pwede na magpalista?” She just said that they wouldn’t know. Because of that, I waited inside so we can have our names listed in the waiting list as soon as it opened. But when I noticed that they were writing down other peoples names and were rejecting others, that was it. I stormed off. It’s ok for me to wait. Just be fair to everyone. Very disappointing IHOP! I hope you get to read this. Your receptionists are VERY discriminating.

  3. I’ve tried IHOP in the US so I’ll wait it out for 6 months before I visit the place.
    Don’t want to wait for 2 hours for a table to eat pancakes.
    I do hope the expand right away and also set up stand alone stores and not concentrate them in malls. Maybe 1 or 2 in each city and municipality in the metro except for a few.

  4. In fairness to IHOP, it being their opening week, compared to another pancake restaurant- Flap Jack’s in TechnoHub and Green Hills that’s been open for years now… Flap Jack’s has always been sooo slow – from taking your order, getting drinks/refilling them, getting food to your table – but I noticed what they are quick to giving the bill.
    Kudos to IHOP for a great opening week. As long as you train your servers well – and the servers are willing to adapt to effective service, and as long as you don’t downsize the food portions (like what FlapJack’s did) … you will always have people lined up to eat your pancakes.

  5. Even in the US, IHOPs in really high volume areas do get 30+ mins wait time. Example is the one on Sepulveda Blvd near LAX. Even on weekday mornings it’s almost always full with a 15-30mins wait. IHOP coffee was never good, and I’ve never thought their pancakes out of the ordinary. For my money, best American breakfast of any chain is still at NORM’S in Orange County CA.

  6. the pinoy tast for finer food has change a lot in the last decade. no more tubong lugaw.people are looking for quality food with style

  7. The crepe I ordered, Nutella banana crepe, was burnt! just like the one in your photo. Have you complained about it? I tried to return it, said that crepes dont usually have burnt ends and not that hard to chew, but they told me if ever i return it, they will just be giving me the same quality of crepes. Ugh. Such a disappointment.

  8. such a disappointment. Chocolate chocolate pancakes doesnt LOOK and taste chocolate at all. Light-colored brown pancakes and a dollop of whipped cream? Ugh. New york cheesecakes Re 4-deckers in the US

  9. If I’m not at Applebee’s I’m at an IHOP! You can imagine how excited I was at seeing this bit. BUT….
    ….. doesn’t look very encouraging though. The photos of those pancakes look really sad. Those wouldn’t even pass for really bad roadside diner pancakes. Just doesn’t look anything like real pancakes. They look tiny too.
    If the service is anything like what’s been said in the feedback, then yeah, it isn’t IHOP. It isn’t the number of feet and legs running around that makes the difference! Yep, I’ll agree with one of the comments above… my IHOP is run by 4 warm, friendly and very efficient women (it’s a regular-sized store). My drink glass never runs out, and I don’t even have to call anyone’s attention. I miss IHOP…even on cold winter mornings with the snow falling like crazy, I get fast and warm service at an IHOP, and the coffee is best served with a bit of friendly conversation. Nothing too long, just enough to let you know they appreciate your business. Was never ignored or treated like a number at any IHOP.
    I hope the local IHOP gets what it’s all about real soon. It’s not just the pancakes and omeletes…it’s about having a place to keep coming back to. It’s about everything you love about breakfast.
    Hope they get to that part where they can add my usuals. ( 2x2x2, the Breakfast Sampler… Sirloin Tips and eggs for when I need something meatier…or even the T-Bone and eggs for when I’m hungry for steak).
    Follow-up article in a month or two? Please….6 months may just be too long. They either get it soon or there goes IHOP in Manila.

  10. You said that it is 24hrs on weekend. My friend and I came all the way from tagaytay only to find out that u are closed!!!

  11. Please verify the facts before publishing this article…this is misleading..its not 24 hours…after my gimik went there but its closed saturday 4am…hmmp!

  12. I don’t think it was Anton’s fault re: 24 weekend schedule of ihop; that was actually what was posted on ihop’s facebook page so Anton (and a lot of other bloggers out there) just copied it.

  13. Give IHOP another chance guys. They barely just opened.
    They are not a juice bar that can easily correct their birth-pain mistakes in a matter of days even though if they had simulation training. It’s really different when real, plentiful and all-types of customers come to your store door.
    From my experience of opening a restaurant, it takes 3 weeks to eliminate 90% of problems including speed and quality of service.
    The other 10% would take more than a month – redesign of kitchen after learning what’s lacking, add equipment, improve plumbing and maybe even eliminate/replace bad service/cook staffs.
    Having a soft opening tremendously helps in eliminating these problems as customers are more forgiving – the trade off is news about the restaurant opening won’t be as sensational (according to marketers I know).
    FYI, I’m not in anyway connected with IHOP.

  14. Those tired strawberries you see actually taste better than fresh strawberries – and consistent.
    Taste of fresh strawberries are inconsistent – many taste sour.
    Juice bars get away with this as they add sweet syrups to their juice blends.

  15. I personally think this new fod chain is overrated and overhyped. I like pancake house bertter. Their veg salad is not as fresh, the coffee is like jollibee or tropical hut. Though the colorado omelette is really good but other than that everything is ordinary.You were right not to order thar pancake with strawberries it didn’t just ruin my meal but it did ruin my day. I hope thay can 8mprove the freshness of their menus. In all fairness, I see a lot of potential. Will be back for another try…or not.

  16. came at 11pm expecting to eat pancakes. left happy that we ate pancakes at 11pm 🙂
    stuff can be improved but i dont see those pancakes on any pancake house menu. go ihop
    might be a perfect after gimik place to eat at 3am in the morning once they are 24 hours

  17. Hi Anton!
    I love trying new restaurants and almost always have to check your blog for your recos. I have brunch with my tita and my nephew — and was just wondering whats better for you? Maple or iHop? iHope certainly looks more appealing for kids, but quality and taste wise?

  18. Anyone who says that sugar-soaked, tired looking fruit “tastes better than fresh strawberries” has lost any and all culinary credibility as far as I’m concerned.

  19. IHOP is such an old, old chain! My American friends can’t even understand why Pinoys are making such a big fuss over it. To them, IHOP is staid and old.

  20. Better not be fooled with this IHOP craze. I was there this afternoon with 3 of my business partners and it was a disaster. I was even with 2 British guys and was bragging that it was good we had a table as my kids and I have been wanting to try it for weeks. I don’t blog nor read blogs but I had to do this and wanted to share a bad experience to my co-crazy pinoys. Two of us ordered pancakes and they were bad. They were crumbly and the taste was blah. Different from the IHOP pancakes in the US. What ever happened? Our local Pancake House’ are way even better! Mark, one of the two British guys, ordered fried chicken and our smart-aleck waiter said ‘Sorry, we ran out of chicken’. Andrew, the other B, ordered grilled chicken sandwich and our waiter said “Sorry, we ran out of that chicken also’. Same thing when I ordered caesar salad with grilled chicken. Andrew had to change his order to pot roast melt sandwich on sourdough bread. He wanted onion rings with his sandwich and the waiter said, “Sorry, we only have french fries”. Mark, on the other hand, ordered a burger instead. The waiter even had the guts to joke and say “Sorry to say… that we have those”. Funny!!! We waited for our orders for 15 minutes and our lousy pancakes came out first. After 15 more minutes, the pot roast melt sandwich was out served on white bread that looked Gardenia to me!!! Didn’t see any sourdough bread anywhere. Maybe the waiter was already scared to say his favorite line “sorry we ran out of sourdough bread”. After another 15 minutes, we followed up Mark’s burger. Our smart-aleck-now-scared waiter didn’t come out but his Manager did and said “Sorry we ran out of burger buns”. Whoah! And the burger on white Gardenia bread came out! Sorry I was not able to take a picture for everybody to see. Like what I said I am not a blogger and never thought of taking pictures of what I eat. It was such a pathetic sight! I was so frustrated that my foreign guests had to experience this kind of food and service. I kept my cool and lovingly told the waiter that they should give us discount for the bad experience we had. Our waiter came back and was happy to say that they will extend 5% discount. Well… it was better than nothing… So it was time for us to go as my partners had another meeting to run to. We asked for the bill and waited. After 10 minutes, we followed up and our waiter said, “sorry for the delay bec the managers are still meeting with regards to the 5% discount”. Wow. Big deal! So I told him to bring the bill and forget about the discount as we needed to hurry. I paid P2,400 (4 pax) for the lousiest lunch and service I ever had in my entire life!!! I will never go back to that IHOP! The queue you see outside is just a hype. So overrated. Give them a chance? No way!!! IHOP Intl should QA and set the standard and the local owner has been in the food business for so long! Just like CPK, pricey lousy food. No excuses for bad food and service. Saving grace for the day, we didn’t fall in line to get a table! We entered smiling and went out robbed of P2,400.

  21. I HOP back to Pancake House after trying IHOP Manila! Lousy food and bad service! Arrogant guest relation staff in-charge of the queue… Bad experience, will not go back.
    @ teddy bear – u are from ihop? How can a tired strawberry be better than fresh ones?
    The long queue is caused by their inefficient service and willful desire to create a long wait TO Stir curiosity — to create iHype.

  22. IHOP is pathetic. Even in the States. Seriously, overrated and overpriced for the quality. I don’t care much if service is bad, but if the food is substandard it really gets on my nerves. There is nothing special about IHOP, just the brand. Trust me, Pancake House is better. Heck, Denny’s is better. The only other known chain of the same vein in the States that is of consequence is the Original Pancake House. IHOP is no better than a regular neighborhood diner.

  23. Okay food, but oh boy, what a terrible service.
    So we went here for an early working breakfast. Line wasn’t too bad. But it took ages for the food to arrive. The waiter kept interrupting us “By the way, I am XXX, please let me know if you need anything else”. Well, how about getting us those waters we asked you for 15 minutes ago?
    My friend asked for a hot tea. They….ran out of tea! Are you kidding me?
    She ordered egg whites and asked politely to leave off the whipped cream from her pancakes. Guess what she got? Normal eggs, no egg white in sight. Pancakes with whipped cream all over them.
    She ordered 4 orders of pancakes to go and then had to repeatedly ask the waiter to please include some syrup (he gave her a mini mini tub with syrup. Which would barely be enough for 1 order of pancakes.
    I ordered an omelet with vegetables. Onions were still raw, eew. Asked if I could please have toast (even omelets are served with pancakes). Nope, not possible, it had to be pancakes.
    On top of the bill you also have to pay some 10% bgy charge, which I think would be a barangay charge? This by the way on top of the service charge.
    And then those interruptions; they all started with: “By the way…. [how is the taste of your food] [do you need anything else]” etc. etc. It drove us nuts.
    IHOP in Manila? Never again!

  24. For those who rants in waiting for their food to be served, go to Jollibee or Mcdo. This ain’t a fastfood. If you don’t like the food you order and felt that you pay too much, maybe it is your fault for not choosing the food that you expect. Not all in the menus not even the most expensive dining places would taste great or satisfy you. For me, I eat what I want and not regret anything about it. Its your decision to go and eat there. So be responsible to your decisions and stop complaining.

  25. To hormels_gun. You, Sir, have the lamest, most pathetic comment in this thread. This is why:
    1. Waiting 30 minutes for your food isn’t acceptable at all even if it’s not a fast food restaurant
    2. “maybe it is your fault for not choosing the food that you expect” –> wow, what kind of logic do you have? you get a certain expectation based on the pictures that you see on the menu and the price that you will be paying for it
    3. “not even the most expensive dining places would taste great or satisfy you” –> agreed but for the price you’re paying for PANCAKES, you better expect that they’re damned good
    4. “So be responsible to your decisions and stop complaining.” –> yes, we are responsible for our decisions that’s why we’re never going to IHOP again. The reason we’re complaining is 1) so that others won’t be fooled by this ridiculous, overpriced restaurant and 2) so that IHOP can get their act together.

  26. IHOP Manila’s pancakes remind of of “puto sa bilao” – same texture, same rubbery feel.. in fact puto is better with its salted egg and cheese – LOL
    I wonder if these are pre made and just microwave these pancakes before serving since they serve it with warm-hot plates.

  27. i’m sorry but imo, their food is extremely overrated. and no, they are not cheap. the texture, consistency and taste of their pancakes — they’re all bad. everyone’s just caught in the hype.

  28. Wow based on what I read looks like I’ll not go to ihop! I don’t want to be treated like that , it ticks me off to know that their servers are like that on top of that bad food ! And you are willing to pay but still treated like that. 🙁

  29. it is not true that they are open 24 hours on fridays and saturdays. well, at least not yet. spoke with employees there around 1:30 AM today and they said 24-hour operation will begin next month

  30. IHOP food sucks big time. I was expecting floppy delicious pancakes and what i got was the worst pancake. McDonalds pancakes tastes better. The splashberry juice sucks. The omelette as well as sucks its bland. If you like to have pancakes better go mcdonalds or better make ur own pancake using maya mix.

  31. yeah, I second everyone’s opinion here! Their service, food and ‘coffee’ are terrible. To pay a hefty amount for something not even close to mediocre felt like being cornered and mugged in a dark alley na walang kalaban laban.
    PANCAKE HOUSE is waaaaay better than the crp they serve here.
    This reminds of that craze with this very lousy ice cream bar called Magnum. Social media and peer pressure to conform with what is uso, is the one to blame.

  32. Ive been anticipating sooo long for a chance to done at IHOP. And finally… after montgs of anticipation….
    … disappointment. The steak omelette was sooo dry. The pancakes were like.. meeeh.
    My standard for good American style reakfast was and still is the old Country Waffles. Too bad they closed.

  33. hahahahha. I can cook the same texture of pancakes at home. I was soo disappointed that it actually ruin my day. I was excited actually. too pricey for its value. I can just buy mcdo pancakes and just put cream and voila… I can have the same taste!

  34. We ate here a couple of days ago since my dad was so curious what this IHOP craze is about. He ordered the pancake combo, my mom had the simple and fit waffle combo while I had the stuffed french toast combo. My bro ordered the kraft mac and cheese and the fried cheesecake. We had turns tasting everything.
    The highlight for me was the stuffed french toast topped with the strawberries. The rest was simple blah. The pancakes were not fluffy at all. They were crumbly and soggy. I suspect they’ve been sitting on the counter long enough for the compote to soak through before these were brought to us. Eggs were not thoroughly cooked (the whites have not even congealed that well) and the bacon strips were soggy. We could have done better hash with a box grater. As for the kraft mac and cheese, our expectations were absolutely not high since we were expecting it came out of the box but they could have at least cooked it properly. We left most of it untouched. The fried cheesecake – well the exterior was crispy but we cant recognize what was in it. Did not taste anything like a cheesecake. We ended up picking the strawberries from it instead. If not for my dad’s senior card we would have ended up paying 2200 for the meal. Price-wise it’s not bad for the serving portions but the taste of the food does not justify the cost. Will probably go back for the splashberry and stuffed french toast but wont be going there if I can help it.

  35. I initially thought that I-Hop will eventually conquer the Filipino taste due to our love affair with the American culture.
    But after trying it out twice, I think Pancake House and especially their more upscale Maple, will continue to dominate the pancake battle.

  36. Grabe, i should have read the comments first before going to ihop. it was PURE HYPE, a big disappointment and a total waste of money. My friend and i went there about 2wks ago. I had the omelette with cheese and bacon, it was so ordinary and overpriced and the serving was so small – not even enough for one person. Their pancake is soggy and crumbly. I also ordered for an iced coffee, it was also not worth the price even if it has free unlimited refill. My friend had the breakfast sampler. she requested for the eggs scrambled – they were cooked terribly, the eggs were not fluffy, and the serving was too small which makes it look like only one egg was cooked, instead of 2. The sausage links were greasy, the ham’s texture is a bit dry and the bacon strips were a bit rubbery. Total bill was around 1200. Will never comeback, i’d rather go to pancakehouse.

  37. IHOP is actually good! Kung burnt ang food nyo kasalanan yon ng cook baka hindi pa masyadong trained. Also, how funny na yong strawberry daw sa pancake is “tired from being frozen” lol ganon talaga yon no! Dito sa US ok ang mga nakakainan kong IHOP..ang may problema dyan crew ninyo.

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