VICTORINO’S: Sunday Lunch @ Authentic Ilocano-Filipino Homey Restaurant in Quezon City :)

VICTORINO’S is a homey restaurant in Quezon City specializing in authentic Ilocano-Filipino dishes with signature cakes by Heny Sison.

It is owned by DV Savellano, the vice governor of Ilocos Sur, his sister Queenie Paras, and family friend Chef Heny Sison. It is a tribute to their father and patriarch of the Savellano’s of Ilocos.

Finally, we now have a really good Ilocano restaurant in the Metro Manila.  Also, I’m glad that one can savor Heny Sison’s creations in a warm homey setting 🙂

Here’s our Victorino’s Sunday Lunch experience:

The Homey Cafe Restos of QC:

If you are coming from E. Rodriquez, turn into Tomas Morato and turn right into Scout Rallos St. before you reach the rotunda. Victorino is located on the far end of Sct. Rallos corner 11th Jamboree.   

You enter a house turned into a resto with warm interiors,  perfect for a family dining affair.

Victorino’s Menu: Salad, Appetizer, Soup, Beef, Pork | Chicken, Seafood, Vegetables, Rice, Merienda, Panghimagas | Beverages

I love Ilocano food and the menu gives you a tour of the true flavors of Ilocos.

On Sunday, they have a buffet but the selection was a bit boring so we decided to order ala carte.

There’s a staircase that leads to the 2nd floor function rooms.

There are 3 functions rooms that can accommodate various groups, but I like the main function room above with Filipino-style interiors equipped with a TV.

★ Lomo-Lomo (P220 +10% service charge). A delectable Ilocano soup topped with chives

This is our favorite Ilocano soup, which is a light beef broth with meat, liver, bits of fat and egg 🙂 It tastes like a clear beef soup but with egg flavors. Best to consume while it is hot.

Order this because you can’t find this in any Filipino resto in the Metro. 

Adobo nga Baby Pusit (P290 +10% service charge). Everybody’s Favorite

The sauce was good but the squid was a bit tough and  tasted like it was reheated. We had to return this and if you decide order this, next time ask them to cook it from scratch.

★ Poqui-Poqui (P150 +10% service charge). Grilled Eggplant sauteed in onions and tomatoes

This is another Ilocano favorite — grilled mashed eggplant served in Ilocano style. It’s always fun to order this because it puts a smile on everyone’s face. It was very good but the tomato taste was too strong and it did not match with the other dishes we ordered. 

★ Bagnet (P320 +10% service charge). Lechon kawali Iloco is famous for with KBL

A really good Bagnet with crispy chicharon like skin, and crunchy meat. Best to eat with the Kamatis (tomato), Bagoong (Shrimp Paste) and Lasona (small red onions) or KBL for short.

It’s a bit expensive though for its serving size and considering there is lots of fats.

★ Kinirog (P180). Rice with bagoong, longganisa egg and pindang.

This was really good too with generous toppings of crispy salted fish. A good combination with the bagnet.

Every Filipino meal deserves a satisfying dessert ending 🙂 You won’t go wrong with ordering any of Chef Heny Sison’s cake creations 🙂

★ Mango Chocolate Tort (P220 +10% service charge).

We tried the Mango Chocolate tort which was served with a big slice good for sharing. We love the dark and white chocolate highlights with fresh mango, mango mousse, and different crunchy layers.

★ Cashew Sansrival (P110 +10% service charge)

We love this too with more meringue layers than butter and enough pieces of cashew to make sure you can enjoy this until it is finished.

Don’t forget to check out the market store offering authentic delicacies and products from Ilocos.

You can also buy special products like Mango Jam created by Chef Heny Sison for pasalubong.


Overall, I’m happy that we now have a really good Ilocano Filipino restaurant in the Metro that offers the true flavors of the Ilocos region. Make sure to order the unique Ilocos dishes like Lomo-Lomo, Poqui-Poqui, Kinirog and the popular bagnet with KBL. Best of all, you can end your meal with Chef Heny Sison’s cakes 🙂 Budget P500/head.  

It’s a great family bonding place, and perfect if you are treating out a balikbayan. Make sure to reserve because they are always full on weekends.

Congratulations Chef Heny Sison, Queenie Paras and DV  Savellano for a well executed Filipino resto concept!

11th Jamboree St cor Sct Rallos Laging Handa, Quezon City
Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday 11.00am to 10.00pm
3.00pm to 5.00pm for Merienda Only
For reservations, contact Queenie Paras +63 917 833-4148 

The Homey Cafe Restos of QC:

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P.S. Don’t go for the buffet, better to order Ala Carte.

8 thoughts on “VICTORINO’S: Sunday Lunch @ Authentic Ilocano-Filipino Homey Restaurant in Quezon City :)

  1. i love reading your site anton. is there any filipino restaurant that i can order (for my friends and relatives there in the philippines) deliver and pay online? im here in the US by the way. salamat !

  2. I lunch here on March 21, 2014.
    The place downstairs was almost full but we managed to get a table right in the middle. Behind me was a doctor and couple of tables down were also doctors whom my friend recognized. Behind my friend was a table of five Ilocanos talking about chicken fight. Right next to our table was a couple talking about movie production.
    By the demeanor of the customers, the place was not an ordinary restaurant.
    My friend was sipping her watermelon shake and I settled for a Diet Coke, while waiting for our Sinanglao. The soup was served in a small ceramic banga with a fuel candle underneath to keep it warm. It was divided by our server into two bowls with some left in the banga which was good for another serving. The intestines tasted clean with no smell. It was a hearty soup. For the main dish, we had Dinengdeng, Bagnet, Sinarabsb, and tinuno nga Bangus. The Dinengdeng’s soup was just mildly salty considering that it has bagoong. Vegetables were cooked just right with crunchiness. I love the Bagnet . The Sinarabsab was a grilled pork chop with the sauce of Dinardaraan for its dipping sauce. i found this too rich. i requested for vinegar instead to dip it in. the Tinuno nga Bangus was a little bloody so we requested for it to be cooked some more.
    The dining area and the bathroom were clean. The place is homey. It reminded me of our ancestral home in Pangasinan.
    The service, however, was a different story. Few minutes after I was told that there was no Classic Coke. A can was served to a guest just steps away from our table. The server did not even offer to change my Diet Coke. Halfway through the Dinengdeng, a fly started hovering our table. I kept chasing it away and the server was just looking and seemed to be amused. I had to call another server to take off the rest of the Dinengdeng and replace our dining plates hoping to get rid of the fly. I could go on a few more in regards to their service but that would be unfair.
    Overall experience was good.
    There is more to Fine Dining than just the location, decor, and pricey foods. This one is a high-end Casual Dining.

  3. Extremely poor customer service on a Sunday lunch.
    Food is served at least 30 minutes when they promise to have it served in 15-20 minutes.
    If you’re going for a desert, wait for another 30 minutes for them to serve a slice of cake.
    Then another 30 minutes to process you bill.
    That’s our first and last visit to this place…
    We’ll just visit our relatives in the north to eat authentic IO

  4. the entire place was uncomfortably warm! of course, not even the good food could distract one from the irritating heat! a 2nd a/c was switched on only during our dessert: quite inconsiderate! it’s such a big place that deserves the improvement & installation of additional ventilation appliances.

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