SPIRAL BUFFET: Our Top 10 Favorites in SPIRAL Sunday Brunch, the BEST Buffet in Town! @SpiralManila @SofitelManila

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SPIRAL is the gold standard for the most extensive and interactive gourmet dining buffet in Manila. A year after it was launched, it continues to be hailed by foodies as Manila’s BEST buffet. 


Here are our Top 10 Favorites in SPIRAL – the BEST buffet in town…

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The best time to go to SPIRAL is to experience their signature Spiral Sunday Brunch, where they have more gourmet food offerings with wine tasting.

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Sunday Brunch is also the best time for kids because they have interactive entertaining activities to keep your little ones preoccupied.

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Best to reserve in advance because it’s always full on Sundays. 

Check out this guide on where to sit: SPIRAL BUFFET: Guide to Asia’s Most Dynamic Interactive Dining @ Sofitel Manila!


Let’s start the countdown of our favorites and must-eat experiences at SPIRAL’s Sunday Brunch:


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The Cheese Room is still our favorite because of the many available cheeses…

Sofitel Spiral Buffet-23.jpg
…the cured meats and ham…

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…and the gourmet condiments, nuts, and other pica-pica to choose from.


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Start the buffet with your own mix of caviar for appetizer.

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I love that you have the freedom to experiment with tasting the different caviar.

Sofitel Spiral Buffet-19.jpg 
The Shake and Go salad is a good choice to start your buffet. 


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Spiral also has the most extensive selection of drinks, from your own choice of fresh fruit and vegetable juices… 

Sofitel Spiral Buffet-7.jpg
…Juice of the Day… 

Sofitel Spiral Buffet-10.jpg
…freshly squeezed Dalandan Juice…

 Sofitel Spiral Buffet-13.jpg
…creamy Hot Chocolate…

Sofitel Spiral Buffet-77.jpg
…drink-all-you-can flavored Mojitos (especially the Strawberry)…

Sofitel Spiral Buffet-70.jpg
MOET ET CHANDON, BRUT IMPERIAL (P4,600). Brut Imperial embodies the Moet & Chandon style. It is a complete generous and dynamic Champagne. 

… and overflowing Champagne! 🙂 


Sofitel Spiral Buffet-20.jpgWe love their fresh seafood…

Sofitel Spiral Buffet-73.jpg
…especially our recent favorite, oysters from France. 🙂 


Sofitel Spiral Buffet-55.jpg
During Sunday Brunch, they serve eat-all-you-can Foie Gras! 🙂

Sofitel Spiral Buffet-29.jpg
You can have it cooked any way you want and have as many as you want. 🙂

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They always have interesting French dishes to choose from, fresh from the open kitchen. 

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We also love the pasta, especially the ravioli with truffle.  


Sofitel Spiral Buffet-16.jpg
Their Chinese dimsum is also really good. 

Sofitel Spiral Buffet-47.jpg
Our boys are Hakao monsters, so they order as many as they want.

Sofitel Spiral Buffet-17.jpg
We also like their available choices of noodle soup.  


Sofitel Spiral Buffet-57.jpg
Don’t miss the Teppanyaki section.

Sofitel Spiral Buffet-61.jpg
Our favorites are the shrimp, salmon, and beef in teppanyaki sauce. 🙂

Sofitel Spiral Buffet-52.jpg
The Tempura is also always a hit. (I just wish they had a live cooking station for the tempura)


Sofitel Spiral Buffet-81.jpg
Spiral’s meat carvings section beats that of any other buffet in Manila.

Sofitel Spiral Buffet-67.jpgWe personally like the Bulgogi and Korean Barbecue section. 

Sofitel Spiral Buffet-24.jpg 
We also like to get bits and pieces of Jamon Serrano that go well with the dishes we eat. 


Sofitel Spiral Buffet-33.jpgDuring the Sunday Brunch, make sure to pass by the tasting room to sample the different flavors of wine.

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You’ll get to know about French wines and appreciate the different regions they come from.

Sofitel Spiral Buffet-44.jpg
PASQUIER-DESVINES, CHATEAUNEUF DU PAPE (P3,300) A spicy aroma with fragrances of nutmeg.

Sofitel Spiral Buffet-41.jpg
There’s a platter of cheese, fruits, and cured meats to pair with the wine.  

Sofitel Spiral Buffet-43.jpg
It’s also a great way to meet other people who love wines. 🙂  


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They have a good selection of Filipino desserts, from Puto Bumbong, Bibingka, and pies.

Sofitel Spiral Buffet-50.jpg
The kids always hunt down the gummy bears and candies. 

Sofitel Spiral Buffet-32.jpg
I personally like the different types of cookies and chocolate in their dessert spread.

Sofitel Spiral Buffet-51.jpg
The boys also love these chocolate rocks and the fondue.

Sofitel Spiral Buffet-90.jpg
Of course, what’s dessert without BUCHI? 🙂

Sofitel Spiral Buffet-64.jpg

I must commend the Spiral team’s dedication to keep on improving their buffet by incorporating the best of what the competition has to offer, while still introducing new experiences like the Wine Tasting room.  

Admitedly, the buffet could get overwhelming, so we always just go for our favorites. We also like asking the staff or other foodies about their own favorites and try those, too. You need to have a strategy on how you want to enjoy this extensive gourmet buffet.

Budget is about P4,000/adult for Sunday Brunch, but the buffet can cost as much as P6,000/head during special occasions. The budget is P2,000 for kids 5-11 years old.

TIP: If you have a companion who wants to join you but does not want to eat at the buffet, they can choose from this SPIRAL Ala Carte Menu: 

You can also order from the LE BAR Ala Carte Menu: 

Check out: LE BAR: Romantic French Dinner with Wine Pairing

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The country’s premiere dining destination can only get grander for the most festive time of the year. Sofitel’s landmark centerpiece, the sparkling spiral staircase, takes on a whole new look and meaning this season as it gets decked with Christmas décor. But the holiday cheer definitely doesn’t stop there, but revolves all around the buffet area, from the holiday specialties to the free-flowing beverages. Diners will also be treated to an auditory feast with beautiful and talented chanteuse Tricia Garcia and Sofitel’s own Hotel Choir regaling guests with merry carols.

As if it couldn’t get any better for them already this time of the year, the little ones will have a special Festive Dinner Buffet for Kids at the Davao / Boracay rooms on the 24th of December.  Balloon twisting artists and magicians will also be popping up, and maybe a certain jolly red-suited gentleman as well, so make sure not to let your children miss out on all the fun.

Rate starts from Php 2,100 +++ per pax inclusive of free flowing iced tea, soft drinks, beer, wines, champagne and sparkling wines on select dates.

A special dinner buffet for kids 5 to 11 years old will be held at Davao/Boracay function rooms on the 24th of December, 5:30 to 7pm. Rate is set at Php1221+++ per child. Interactive entertainment such balloon twisting, magic show, and meet and greet with Santa Claus and the elves are scheduled.

On New Year’s Eve, a festive international buffet spread with one (1) glass of champagne is available at Php 5250+++ per pax.

Prestige option with free-flow of Dom Perignon is set at Php 30,000+++ per pax. 

Buffet opens from 6 to 10:30pm. World-class entertainment, New Year countdown, and balloon drop are slated.

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    Anyway, re the buffet the price is just too expensive. So it might be a good idea to get a sofitel membership card so you can avail of the 50% off or to look for friends with a card.

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  3. Hello! I’ve been wondering if you could help me choose where to celebrate my sister’s birthday, this coming saturday night August 9. I just had my own birthday celebration at Spiral and since we love Heat and Cafe Ilang-ilang already, we would like to try something new. Thank you and have a good day!

  4. Hi, Anton how are you? This is a real 5 Star hotel! I like the place so much. I know that the cost of buffet per head is really expensive. The Sunday Brunch is PHP 4,000/43.66 = $91.62 and the Regular Buffet is PHP 6,000/43.66 = $ 137.43.
    I understand that the most of the foods like cheeses, caviars, seafoods, hams and preserved meats, and wines are really expensive because most of them are imported from Europe like Italy, France, Spain, and United Kingdom. Thanks for your post. Have a nice day always.

  5. Informative post! I’m looking for buffet suggestions to try out with the family. Are the assorted drinks (fruit juice, hot choco, etc.) part of the buffet? Or are they charged extra? Thank you! Just wanted to clarify. 🙂

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