EMILIO MORO: Best Tinto Fino (Pure Tempranillo Spanish Grape Variety) Wine in Manila! @RAMBLAPH @jmoroes

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EMILIO MORO Winery was established in 1891 in Northwest Spain. Now run by the 3rd generation of Moros, José & Javier, they produce one of the best Tempranillo (Spanish grape variety) Wines in the world. 

José Moro was in Manila for a visit and created a beautiful 4-course Spanish meal with wine pairing at RAMBLA.

I’ve started to appreciate wine because it adds a different dimension to my meal experience. I also love hearing the story behind the wine because I get to know more about the passion and culture of the family who created it.

Here’s a photo essay of our Rambla x Emilio Moro dining experience…

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RAMBLA is one of my favorite hip Spanish Restaurants in Manila. (RAMBLA Rockwell: Spanish Mediterranean Cuisine by Chef Pepe Lopez)

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I was a bit nervous but happy dining with celebrated chefs, distinguished restaurateurs, and respected foodies. 

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Details of our 4-course Rambla x Emilio Moro Spanish wine pairing meal.

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We tried the Emilio Moro wines according to their age and minerality — from the youngest to the oldest (and sexiest) wine. 

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Once the first wines were served, my nervousness was washed away and I started to enjoy the company.

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✮ Spherical Olives marinated in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This is one of my favorite appetizers in Rambla. I’m always intrigued by how the olive is formed and the way it pops in your mouth when you eat it.

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Bread with Tomato & Iberian Ham, Puréed Bellota

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Although popular in Spain and ideal for Manila’s warm climate, I still can’t appreciate cold soup and drinking it from a glass.

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✮ Foie Gras Mousse with Caramelized Apple & Coffee-Baileys Foam

A highly recommended flavor combination of foie gras, apple, grape, and coffee-Baileys. I love the presentation. It’s like eating a colorful and playful mini garden of varying heights and textures.

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Finca Resalso 2012. This served as a teaser to the Tempranillo wine. You can taste how young the wine is. 

Here’s an introduction of the wine, courtesy of the Emilio Moro owner himself — José Moro.

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The wine was good, the type we would typically order because it matches well with the food.

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US Prime Tenderloin “Steak Tartar”. The raw meat was good without the lansa taste. You can mix and match the steak with the different flavors scattered on the plate.

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✮ Emilio Moro 2009. I love the deep red cherry color, the full-bodied ripe black fruit flavor, and the long finish.

It’s a real treat listening to José Moro explain terroir, minerality, and respecting the wine. A must watch! 🙂

Emilio Moro 2009 

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The wine was a great pair for the meaty appetizer. Choose this Emilio Moro 2009 (700,000 bottles produced each year) from the wine list if available.

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Most Awesome Dining Experience Formula: Yummy Food + Great Wine + Awesome Company + Lots of Laughter. 🙂

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I love Spanish people! Thanks to them, I’m starting to discover our rich Spanish cultural roots. I think we inherited the “fun genes” from them. 🙂

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✮ Veal Cheeks Confited in Vanilla Bourbon & Bone Marrow Rissotto

So delicately yummy! Very soft and tasty, as long as you don’t think about where it comes from — baby cow’s cheeks. Perfect with the bone marrow creamy risotto. 🙂

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✮ Malleolus de Valderramiro 2008. This was the most explosive wine we tasted that night. They only produce 7,000 bottles each year.

José Moro explains why this is the most sensational wine produced from the 90-year old pure terroir.


Melleolus de Valderramiro 2008 

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The wine was very intense. It can overpower the food, especially if it isn’t as yummy as the veal cheeks.

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The wine flavor explodes with both spiciness and sweetness. 

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This is the first time I’ve tasted wine this great. Now I understand why people go crazy about wines once you’ve tasted the best ones.

Emilio Moro x Rambla-44.jpg
Slow Crispy Suckling Pig with Pumpkin Cream & Baby Vegetables

This was good but the lechon piece was a bit overcooked.

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The sexiest and most sensual wine was reserved for the finale.

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✮ Clon de la Familia 2009. The most pleasurable wine I’ve tasted and they only produce 1,000 bottles each year!

José Moro explains why this is the most loved wine in the Emilio Moro empire.Emilio Moro-Clon de la Familia 2009

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Three words to describe this wine: Malandi, Elegant, and Orgasmic.  

Emilio Moro x Rambla-54.jpg
Love the company. Thanks for this Emilio Moro x Rambla dinner collaboration!

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Chocolate Lovers & Churros. A fitting sweet ending to a great Spanish food and wine pairing experience.

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We had to savor the wine until the last drop…sobrang sarap! 🙂 You can’t help but close your eyes in apprecation of its elegance.

Emilio Moro x Rambla-66.jpg
I just had to get my signed Emilio Moro Clon de la Familia bottle from the winemaker himself! 🙂

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The origin of the winery dates back to 1891, the year its founder, Emilio Moro, was born in Pesquera de Duero (Valladolid), a privileged enclave in the Ribera de Duero surrounded by vineyards. Emilio Moro, grandfather of the current owners, imparted to his son the love of winemaking, and he in turn passed it on to his children. Three generations later, José & Javier Moro take care of the winery that currently owns 200 hectares of its own vineyards, planted and grafted with an excellent tempranillo clone recovered from their oldest vines. Some of their best-known vineyards are:

  • Resalso, planted the year Emilio Moro was born (1932), with deep, cool soil;
  • Valderramiro, with the winery’s oldest bush vines and birthplace of their great single-estate wine Malleolus de Valderramiro;
  • Sancho Martin, with excellent ripening conditions, providing tannic wines with a marked acidity, ideal for ageing; and
  • Camino Viejo, where Malleolus was born.

The Moro family also owns the Cepa21 winery (also in the Ribera del Duero) and D & D in the Douro region (Portugal).

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Cheers to Emilio Moro and Rambla! 


Live an Awesome Life,

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Disclosure: Our meal was courtesy of Uri of Rambla. 🙂 Read Our Awesome Planet Complete Disclosure Policy here.  

P.S. Special thanks to Cheryl Tiu for inviting me to this memorable dinner event! 🙂

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