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EVA AIR is the flagship carrier of Taiwan. It is a popular airline for Filipinos going on long haul flights because of its Premium Economy section and the nice food in the lounge.

Consider Eva Air for your next trip to or stopover in Taipei…

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Eva Air is in the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 1.

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They implement strict security measures. Make sure you have your passport, boarding pass, and visa ready.

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One of the unique features of Eva Air is the Premium Economy in the front section of the airplane.



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This section is very popular among travelers…

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…because of the comfortable seats…

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…and spacious leg room.

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Service is pleasant.

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They have a menu signboard, which makes it easier to choose.

Enroute to Taiwan-9.jpgFood is OK for a short 2-hour flight to Taipei.

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The flight attendants are friendly and can speak English.



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Unlike NAIA, the Tao Yuan International Airport looks nicer and more high-tech. It’s also filled with Chinese tourists.

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Asian travelers look forward to The Infinity Lounge of Eva Air. Make sure you check in early to enjoy the lounge.

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It’s a serious lounge for people on the go.

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I was excited to try the breakfast selection in the buffet.

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The best items are the siomai, buns…

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…Taiwanese congee…

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…and this Taiwanese beef dimsum with chili.

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Indulge in (and hoard) the milk tea, fresh milk (bottom right), and the sago gulaman-like drink in a green and white bottle (beside the red Schweppes). 

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An awesome lounge snack to end an awesome stay in Taipei.

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The Manila-Taipei trip is a bit short at about 2 hours, but I still recommend the Premium Economy section of Eva Air, especially for your long haul flights to the US and Europe.

Don’t miss the chance to enjoy the Infinity Lounge if your ticket or frequent flyer membership entitles you to it.

23rd Fl., LKG Tower 6801 Ayala Avenue, Makati City, Philippines
Telephone: +632 7531380 ~ 82
Reservation Number: +632 864-3800
Airport Telephone: +632 879-6250 ~ 1
Website: http://www.evaair.com/

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Disclosure: Our Taiwan Fam Trip last June 2014 was courtesy of the Taiwan Visitor’s Bureau, Eva Air, and Jeron Travel. Read Our Awesome Planet Complete Disclosure Policy here.  

P.S. When exchanging Taiwanese NT, best to exchange in the Airport and use Philippine Peso for better exchange rate than converting it to dollars.

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  1. Hello, Firs of all, thanks for such a good blog. this article about EVA AIR is very informative. even people who do not want to travel, this article will inspire them definitely. Travel buy High quality airlines is the best thing what you should do when planning to go somewhere. one thing I would added to this service is Check in online, where people would be enabled to gain some kind of discounts, this cut queues to cashiers also, for example like AA JetNet do.
    Good experience, thanks

  2. Hi ! I’ll be flying soon with EVA Air, and It’s my first time ive got the economy/coach , you mean that you’ll get the chance to experience the INFINITY LOUNGE in taipei if you are their member ? Is it for free ? i hope it also has the access for first time flyers of EVA air 🙁

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