PALAIS DE CHINE HOTEL: Chinese Sophistication x French Elegance near Transpo Hub in Taipei!

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From Taiwan’s L’Hotel de Chine Group comes PALAIS DE CHINE, a 5-star hotel inspired by the sophistication of Eastern Palaces with the elegance of their Western counterparts. It’s a visual treat to stay here. Best of all, it’s located in the heart of the transport hub in Taipei. 🙂

Here’s a photo essay of our stay in Palais De Chine…

PALAIS de CHINE Hotel Taipei 
No. 3 Sec. 1 Chengde Road Taipei 103 Taiwan, R.O.C.
Telephone: +886 2 2181-9999 

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Palais de Chine is located at the corner of Chengde Road and Civic Boulevard.

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It’s situated in the same vicinity as the Q Square Mall and Taipei Bus Station. 

Ximending Market-29.jpg
It’s minutes away from the Taipei Main MRT Station. It’s also near the Taiwan Railway, Taiwan High Speed Rail (HSR), and soon, the Tao Yuan International Airport MRT. 🙂


CONCIERGE (Ground Floor)

Palais de Chine-52.jpg
A horse made from 100-year old wood with real hair welcomes you by the entrance to invoke your sense of travel and adventure.

Palais de Chine-13.jpg
There are 17 floors in total, with the main lobby on the 6th, and the executive floors from the 14th to 17th.



Palais de Chine-18.jpg
The main reception is inspired by the cobblestone halls of a European castle, with a time-worn look and aged mirrors.


LE ROTISSERIE: Grilled Steak & Semi-Buffet (6th Floor)

Palais de Chine-17.jpg
Le Rotisserie is the main restaurant, known for its roast + grilling + semi-buffet lunch/dinner. This is where breakfast is also served.

Palais de Chine-20.jpg
The ceiling is adorned with circular mirrors in cloud-like formations.  The mood is dark but elegant.

Palais de Chine-21.jpg
The buffet is a visual feast with carefully packaged food, colorfully presented to stimulate the appetite.

Palais de Chine-23.jpg
The seafood spread invites you to feast on the fresh catch of the day.

Palais de Chine-24.jpg
The sushi and sashimi bar is one of the highlights of the buffet.

Palais de Chine-25.jpg
The chocolate dessert spread is hard to resist.



Palais de Chine-33.jpg
Le Bar is probably the only bright area of the hotel, with an al fresco setting for sunset cocktails and Thai BBQ. 


ROOM 1207 Superior Room (12th Guestroom Floor)

Palais de Chine-7.jpg
Upon entering your room, you are welcomed by a deconstructed toilet with an oval shaped bathtub, and art nouveau mirrors.

Palais de Chine-3.jpg
The bed and pillows are very soft and a delight to sleep on. Forget the TV and just savor the tranquility of the room.

Palais de Chine-9.jpg
I love a big study table where you can work comfortably on your computer and still have enough space for your files. 

Palais de Chine-8.jpg
This bathtub would be perfectly romantic with the right partner.

Palais de Chine-11.jpg
Love the subtle fragrance of the toilet amenities and their well-crafted packaging and presentation.

Palais de Chine-10.jpg
The highlight of my stay is the high-tech Japanese throne, with heated seats and automatic washer.

Palais de Chine-12.jpg
It’s fun just wearing a bathrobe and taking the time to indulge in a nice bath and freshen up in style.


ROOM 1421 Executive Suite (14th Executive Floor)

Palais de Chine-34.jpg
Our host showed us the executive area on the 14th floor. There are different featured artwork per floor.

Palais de Chine-39.jpg
The bookshelf near the room’s entrance with a mix of wood and steel shelves.

Palais de Chine-40.jpg
The suite’s roomy sala.

Palais de Chine-36.jpg
King bed and a large study table.

Palais de Chine-37.jpg
The elegant and spacious bathroom, with stand-alone bathtub — just like the ones you see in the movies.

Palais de Chine-41.jpg
Each detail of the room is thoughtfully put together for the pleasure of the guest.


LE PALAIS: Cantonese & Dim Sum Restaurant (17th Floor)

Palais de Chine-44.jpg
The Cantonese Restaurant on the 17th floor feels like a Noble Chinese home.

Palais de Chine-45.jpg
I love the fusion of Chinese and European styles. I regret not having tried the food.


VITE GYM (17th Floor)

Palais de Chine-47.jpg
Vite is French for fast, quickly, soon.

Palais de Chine-50.jpg
The ROM time machine is the most efficient (and expensive) exercise trainer in the world, exclusively available in the hotel.

Palais de Chine-49.jpg
Eight minutes on the ROM is equivalent to a 45 minutes of aerobic exercise. Best to schedule with a trainer a day before if you want to use it.



Palais de Chine Breakfast-33.jpg
I would have to agree that they have “the best Chinese and Western Breakfast buffet in Taipei”. 🙂

Palais de Chine Breakfast-21.jpg
When in Taipei, eat breakfast like the Taiwanese do.

Palais de Chine Breakfast-5.jpg
Taiwanese breakfast is healthy, starting with Taiwanese Rice Congee…

Palais de Chine Breakfast-4.jpg
…with toppings of vegetables, meat floss, egg, and shellfish.

Palais de Chine Breakfast-3.jpg
You can add sausages and bacon for a fusion breakfast.

Palais de Chine Breakfast-7.jpg
I personally like to add Japanese toppings such as seaweed and furikake.

Palais de Chine Breakfast-8.jpg
Breakfast includes a fresh selection of vegetables for salad…

Palais de Chine Breakfast-10.jpg
…delicious fruits…

Palais de Chine Breakfast-9.jpg
…and a good curated selection of cheese, nuts, and preserved fruits.

Palais de Chine Breakfast-11.jpg
You can have yogurt in cute bottles with your desired jam toppings.

Palais de Chine Breakfast-12.jpg
A wide selection of milk and cereals…

Palais de Chine Breakfast-13.jpg
…pancakes with wild honey…

Palais de Chine Breakfast-14.jpg
Various yummy French breads.

Palais de Chine Breakfast-15.jpg
You can also indulge in the different juices available.

Palais de Chine Breakfast-17.jpg
This Japanese mini-bites section with dilis and scallops is also a winner.

Palais de Chine Breakfast-16.jpg
You can try the Japanese handmade rice balls, but most Asians prefer the plain rice.

Palais de Chine Breakfast-18.jpgYou can have smalls plates of vegetables and noodles.

Palais de Chine Breakfast-20.jpg
On other days, try the clay oven rolls for a different breakfast experience. 

Palais de Chine Breakfast-22.jpg
You pair the rolls with western style beef stew.

Palais de Chine Breakfast-31.jpg
If you’re feeling adventurous, try the tea eggs…

…or the laksa for a spicy kick to your breakfast.

Palais de Chine Breakfast-28.jpg
There’s also a meat carving station…

Palais de Chine Breakfast-29.jpg
…and a limited basket of dimsum.

Palais de Chine Breakfast-32.jpg
We all looked forward to our breakfast and made sure we alloted sufficient time (60-90 minutes) to enjoy the buffet.

Palais de Chine-55.jpg

I love the East x West Ambiance, the pampered rooms, the Chinese x Japanese x European yummy breakfast, and the ROM Exercise trainer in the Vite Gym.

While it’s indeed romantic at night, it can get a bit dark and gloomy during the day.

Thanks to Palais de Chine for our awesome accomodations in Taipei!

PALAIS de CHINE Hotel Taipei
No. 3 Sec. 1 Chengde Road Taipei 103 Taiwan, R.O.C.
Telephone: +886 2 2181-9999 

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Room Tariff Rates:

Superior Room – NT$13,000
Deluxe Room – NT$14,000
Family Twin – NT$18,000
Executive Superior – NT$16,000
Executive Deluxe – NT$17,000
Junior Suite – NT$20,000
Executive Suite – NT$23,000

Trip Advisor Review: Palais de Chine 

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